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Concerns about Islam.

The word "Islam" means 'submit'. Fundamental principles in Islam are convert, submit and obey. Islam began in AD.610, some scholars don't call it a 'religion' but a 'totalitarian ideology' comparable to 'communism or fascism'. The most common misunderstanding in the Western world is the failure to realize Islam has no respect for freedom, religion, or conscience. The West thinks a good Muslim does NOT obey the Qur'an, what are called 'suicide bombers', Muslims call 'Martyrs'. Hence its impossible for the West to offer a solution to the Jewish-Israel, Palestine problem, when the driver is Islam. And impossible to defeat "Islamic terrorism" when the religion is ignored.

Islam does not seek freedom for, but submission from people. Within there is no place for anything but Islam itself. Not only seeking control of one's private life but society as well. Legislation based on Sharia Law imposes restrictions on rights and freedoms, especially freedom of conscience. Challenging Sharia Law is challenging Islam as a religion. So if you are an atheist, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew or non-religious in an Islamic country, life is difficult. The more committed to Islam your country, the less freedom you have. In no country you will be condemned to death as a Muslim, but not so for a Christian in an Islamic country. Eg. Celebrating Christmas is illegal in Brunei and punishable up to 5 years prison. Christmas is said to be anti-Islamic (for Muslim and non-Muslim). It "could danger the aqwuid aqidch" (beliefs) of the Muslim community (65% of Borneo population). Yet Prince Jefri (Borneo) has his own harem of Western women and luxury yachts (p.27 Courier Mail. Aust. 23/12/2015).

Every form of Islam (recognized as authentic by Islamic authorities) teaches Islam must wage war and subjugate unbelievers. Burn copies of the Quran? All sincere Muslims will riot, burn flags, shout 'death to America', death to 'Israel', or "France". When they cry out for 'death', they mean it. Its no "religion of peace" See also

Ever heard of Muslims marching in thousands against Islamic bloodshed and violence? Or protesting against Jihad and extremism? Or campaigning against Islamic atrocities and terror? Unlikely. In fact, in Mumbai, Baghdad, Lebanon, Pakistan, etc, the sounds of children screaming can be heard during the Ashura ceremony among Shi'ite Muslims. Rituals at the annual ceremonies include children, whipping and cutting themselves with chains and knives in the street. Walking the streets drenched in blood to cerebrate the death of the Prophet Mohammad's grandson who died in battle 1,300 years ago.

The demand of Islam is convert or lose your possessions and heads, the ultimate aim is world subjection. Muslims will kill for Allah. Eg, Pakistani Salman Taseer (critic of Islamic blasphemy law) was killed by his police guard. The guard was hailed as a hero its acceptable to kill blasphemers. To some extent Mosque leaders can control violence, Islam tolerates violence (and murder) to achieve submission. According to Islamic Law, Jihad is warfare to spread the religion and is obligatory for all Muslims everywhere until "there is no more Fitna (resistance to Islam) and the religion will all be for Allah alone" (Quran 8:39). Jihad has two kinds - offensive ('Fard Kifaya') and defensive. Offensive is when Muslim fighters respond to the call, defensive Jihad is compulsory for all Muslims. True, not all Muslims are like Mohammad, but a true Muslim regard his life, wars, and killing with great respect and aspires to be like him -

Mohammad: (c. 570-632)

You can discover much about a religion by its founder. He had many wives, the number uncertain ("9, 14, 21"). One "Aysha" he married when she was "6 yrs old", he "56" (having "intercourse when she was 9"). Is this not a low view of women? (Koran 4:34). He was poisoned by a woman and died in the lap of one of his wives at 65. Strange that Islam teaches if a Muslim is killed by a woman, he will go to hell.

His life could be described as the world's first Islamic terrorist. He hated Jew and Christian because their denial he was a 'prophet'. So today where ever Islam exists there's hatred of Jew and Christian. His crusades demanded conversion and submission to his teaching or death. He was a man of war, killed many, in one battle lost his front teeth.

The Koran reflects his teaching. The more obedient a Muslim, the more like Mohammad they become, after whom they rename. In the West, what is considered 'fanatical' is not considered fanatical locally at all, but obeying what Allah demands. So Islam breeds terrorism. The life blood of Islamic terrorism is Islam. True, not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslim. The only Muslim totally sure of going to Paradise are those who fight and kill or be killed for Allah (Surah 3.195 9.111). The Hadith (Muslim Holy book - Mohammad's teachings, deeds) "the hour of the resurrection will not take place until the Muslims fight and kill all the Jews".


The word 'Al-lah' (Arabic) pre-dates Islam, it can mean 'the god' but this is NOT another name for the Hebrew God of the bible. "Allah" is the pagan Sabaean Moon god (near Marib, in Yemen the ancient pillars of this temple still stand. And excavated at Hazor in Palestine 1950). Two idols of Allah the Moon god were uncovered, proving Allah was a pre-Islamic pagan deity. An idol is sitting on a throne with a crescent moon shape on its chest. This 'Lord Moon' was worshipped by the cycles of the moon. So today the symbol of the crescent moon is the primary symbol of Islam. And seen on Mosques and flags of Islamic countries, it is everywhere in Islam. Ramadan begins and ends with the crescent moon (a symbol of darkness). Allah in Islam is said to be the true 'Almighty God' of the Jew and Christian. With all authority and power. No other religion is accepted by Allah except Islam (Koran 2:256).


One God.

Mohammad's Arab brothers worshipped 365 idols or gods of which Allah was one, the god of Mohammad's family tribe. Each tribe had their own idol. They all honoured the "House of Idols" called the "Kaaba", the large black box-shape structure in Mecca around which Moslems circle during their hajj ritual. Inside the Kaaba were 360 idols - one for each day of the year. Each idol was empowered by a spirit or demon. Allah married the Sun goddess, who gave birth to 3 goddesses - Ai-iat, Al-uzza, and Manat. All 3 are worshipped as the daughters of Allah and had their idols paced inside the Kaaba along with the others.

Yet although many Arab's believe the Jewish teaching of 'one God', Jew's refused to accept Mohammad as a prophet. How so? When on his travels Mohammad met Christians and Jews in Jerusalem he liked their idea of 'one God'. With this teaching he returned home and argued there is only 'one God', the powerful Allah (sura 59:23-4). This caused vigorous opposition to his message and his followers were persecuted often by their own relatives, so he fled Mecca in AD.622.

He claimed to his Arab brothers to have received visions from Allah while in caves. As Gabriel' spoke to him, he would foam at the mouth and shake violently (fits). Today his visions must not be questioned; but believed and obeyed.

But Why Hate Jew and Christian?

After many arguments his Arab friends rejected Mohammad's message about one God and wanted to kill him. They argued he was a 'false prophet'. But he insisted the angel Gabriel said 'Allah is god and Mohammad is his prophet'. So his Arab dissenters visited Jerusalem asking Jew and Christian if Mohammad was truly a "prophet". They denied he was. They returned home with news of this cold rejection. It so enraged Mohammad he even contemplated suicide and became bitter toward Jew and Christian.

Hence the Qur'an is hostile to Jew and Christian. "Öand the Christians say that the Messiah is the son of God; that is what they say with their mouths, imitating the sayings of those who misbelieved before.- God fight them! how they lie!"

"O ye who believe! take not the Jews and Christians for your patrons: they are patrons of each other; but whoso amongst you takes them for patrons, verily, he is of them, and, verily, God guides not an unjust people"

"I shall strike terror into the hearts of the disbelievers. Cut off their heads"
Koran 8:12

In the Qur'an he curses Jew and Christian because when he claimed to be Allah's prophet, they denied it. This hatred continues in Islam today.

Why Pray Toward Mecca?

Previously Mohammad commanded his followers to pray toward Jerusalem (sura 2:150) not wanting to offend Christian or Jew. After discovering their rejection of him as a 'prophet', he was furious. He claimed Gabriel visited again and changed things. No longer bow towards Jerusalem (as Gabriel once said) but bow towards Mecca (sura 2:125). Hence a Muslim cannot pray if he knows not the direction of Mecca.

A Violent Religion:

Although the Western media support Islam calling it a "peaceful religion", news headlines can be abbreviated:-

India................Muslims riot with Hindus
Burma .............Muslims riot with Buddhists
Nth. Africa.........Muslims riot with Animists.
Pakistan............Muslims riot with Sikhs.
Africa...............Muslims riot with Christians.
France..............Muslims riot on Streets.
Sth. Est. Asia....Muslims riot with Muslims.

No doubt there's offense and injustice on both sides. Unrest is not always easily explained. However Islam was born out of friction and raised in battle. Mohammad discovered a plot by fellow Arabs to kill him. He, his brother, wife and slaves fled Mecca. With his wife's money he financed and developed Islam at Medina. During this time he led over 65 violent campaigns with the message to submit, convert or die. Jewish clans who would not recognize him as a prophet at Medina were killed. His first raids from Medina were successful, he conquered Mecca in AD.630.

After his death the Islamic raids continued. In just 12 years raiders captured 4-5 countries. Occupying from North Africa, to the Atlantic, while Byzantine Persian armies fled. Raiders (the Moors) crossed into Spain and even attacked Constantinople (Istanbul) but failed to hold Turkey. There were raids on Persia, Afghanistan and Central Asia. And into what is known as modern Pakistan. Many of these lands were not converted immediately as the raids were mainly for booty.

That is how Islam spread. By ruling over people and insisting the cave messages were direct from Allah via Gabriel. Originally, part of his teaching was that it was acceptable to convert people by force but Mohammad was generous with his enemies and won over many. After his death, (AD 661) the Islamic state descended into civil war and Islamic armies marched against each other. A new density arose no longer strictly religious, their buildings were copied after Byzantine and Persian culture. Eventually, another civil war developed and slaughter and killing continued, new leaders had to face opposition in every new generation, with battles, and uprisings within Islam. Even after the defeat of the European invasion (741) Islamic armies still warred against each other, over the idea Mohammad's family should rule, out of this came the Sinni and Shi'a divide. The Sinni (the 90% majority, community consensus) and the Shi'a (10% minority) dispute whether anyone can succeed Mohammad in his nature and quality as a prophet.

Qur'an (or Koran)

The early part of the Qur'an is different from the later part today. Mohammad often violated the Qur'an. Conveniently the original Qur'an is claimed to be in heaven, and the Qur'an today (it's claimed) can only be read and understood in Arabic. So most can't read it properly. Yet it does say, husbands can beat their wives, and violence towards unbelievers is acceptable.

If we ask, "Was Jesus the Son of God?
Islam replies "no"
So... "How does Islam know that?
Islam replies "It's in the Qur'an"
So.... "How do I know that's telling the truth?
Islam replies "Are you absolutely fluent in the Arabic of the Qur'an?"
We reply, "no"
Islam laughs "Then you cannot possibly be critical or understand"

So with most contentions Muslim's insist we are not able to understand the Qur'an. To disagree with that is an insult. To insult the Qur'an or Mohammad can result in death. The truth is no one truly understands true Islam, neither Muslim scholars nor Muslims in general. Hence parts of the Qur'an are occupied with denouncing Christian belief. Four basic teachings of Christianity contradict Islam-

(1) Acceptance by God by faith in His Son Jesus Christ.
(2) Through grace and mercy.
(3) Belief that Jesus is the Saviour of the world.
(4) God is knowable. (In Qur'an Allah reveals his will, not himself)

Islam: Opposite to Christianity:

"One loves its enemies. The other murders them.
One frees women and children. The other binds them.
One welcomes conversion. The other compels it.
One suffers persecution. The other inflicts it.
One is truth. The other a lie.
One offers eternal salvation. The other, damnation.
Islam is the poison. Christ is the cure.
" (1)

If so called professing "Christian's" use violence they contradict Jesus Himself,

(1) "Peter put up your sword, those who draw the sword will die by the sword" (Mt.24:52).
(2) "No greater love has a man than this, than he lay down his life for his neighbor" (Jn.15:13).
(3) "A new commandment I give to you that you love one another as I have have loved you. By this shall all men know you are my disciples if you love one another." (Jn.13:34-35).
(4) "If a man say, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a LIAR..." (1 Jn.4:20).
(5) "Whoever claims to live in Him MUST live as Jesus did" (1 Jn.2:6).

Jesus deplores violence even against those who rightfully could be considered His enemies. He disassociated Himself from violent rebellion (Lk.22:49-52). Neither Mohammad or the Qur'an teach this. If Muslims 'draw the sword', they obey the Qur'an which justifies Jihad (Sura 8:12-14, 60,9:5 9:14,29).

In Western countries all have freedom to worship, preach and practice their faith, but in Islamic countries only Muslims have freedom to worship and preach. The Law in some Islamic countries allow a death penalty or jail for Christians. Moderate Islamic countries don't condemn these laws but also have laws discriminating against Christians. Christians can't build a church 1,000 meters from, or higher than a Mosque. Muslims not allowed to convert to Christianity without the threat of death.

In the last 14 centuries, Mohammadís followers have killed more than 38 million Christians, forcibly converted another 42 million, and destroyed churches in Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Nubia, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Albania, Persia, Afghanistan, and Central Asia and Africa.

The Muslim mantra recites - 'Allah is god and Mohammad is his prophet' and "There is no god but Allah"!! (the Shahadah). Muslim attackers shout "Allahu akbar" meaning ("Allah is great"). So when the simple minded Western news media report on Islamic terrorism, they should use the intended word "Allah", not "God". This would deter untold Islamic violence committed in Allah's name. Allah is not the God of Jew or Christian. It would be obvious who really is the 'great Satan'. Alas the Western media are less than honest.