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Are you ready to be happy?

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Hello Amal

Am I happy? ‘Yes’. Went to your website but can’t recommend it for 3 reasons.

(1) One can be happy yet deceived. Islam does not teach the truth about God. ‘Allah’ is not God. Allah is the name of an idol which was worshipped as a moon god.

(2) Islam does not seek happiness for anyone, but demands submission.

(3) The more Islamic one becomes the more like Mohammad one should become. His crusades demanded conversion and submission to his teaching or death. Hence the reason Islam breeds terrorism. How can you happily promote a blood thirsty religion?

Disagree, I’m happy to discuss further. And explain why truth matters more than happy feelings.
Kind regards

Hello Amal,

>>Dear Mark, Thank you for your email, and I'm glad to know you're happy. I'm surprised to read your comments about Islam, you're obviously don't know much about Islam; yet you claim so many wrong things about it. Your name is Mark, so I assume you're not a Muslim nor Arab, so let me talk to you about Islam from the point of view of a Muslim and Arab too. 1. Allah is God, and God is Allah ... Allah is the Arabic translation for "God" in English, so this means there's no moon god or anything like that in our religion.<<

Allah is certainly not the God of the bible. The word (Al-ihal Arabic) pre-dates Islam. Allah is the pagan Sabaean Moon god (and near Marib, in Yemen the ancient pillars of this temple still stand & excavated at Hazor in Palestine in 1950). The idol 'Lord Moon' is worshipped by the Sabean’s in Arabia, and by cycles of the moon. Allah is simply an idol that had the crescent moon shape on its chest. So today the symbolic crescent moon appears on Mosques and flags of Islamic countries, it is everywhere in Islam.

>>2. As Muslims, we all submit to God because he is our creator and he's the one who sets the rules for our happiness. And if like you said there's no happiness in Islam, why do you think there are still so many Muslims to this day? And why would many embrace Islam if it was a religion that doesn't seek happiness to it's followers!<<

I did not say “there’s no happiness in Islam”. But ‘One can be happy yet deceived’ and “truth matters more than happy feelings.” Is ‘happiness’ the test of what’s true? “So many” claim happiness in believing nothing, or taking drugs. If we have a misunderstanding about God we will have a misunderstanding about happiness and everything.

>>3. You know better who the crusades were, it was the Christians who invaded our lands and formed colonies for so many years and we still suffer the consequences! When Islam was spread throughout the world (large parts of Asia, Africa and Europe too), the Islamic Empire was the most ideal and civilized, and everyone enjoyed prosperity and good education ..Unlike the crusades who killed innocents, Islam never fought or killed anyone except during the time of war .. but besides that no one laid a hand on innocents. Maybe you should read the history of the Islamic Empire to know it better, because it will take me forever to write about it here.<<

But one can discover the truth about a religion by its founder. The goal of a good Muslim is to be like Mohammad, after whom they rename themselves. When Muslims do violence, they do what the Qur'an teaches which justifies Jihad (Surah 8:12-14, 60, 9:5 9:14,29). If Christian’s do violence, they act contrary to Christ’s teaching, "Peter put up your sword; those who draw the sword will die by the sword." Mohammad did not say that. He was known to have conducted 27 battles and planned 39 others. We might call him the first Islamic terrorist.

>>Mark, you know that till this day there are countries that claim to be civilized and democratic, yet they invade and occupy other people's land. I'm sure you're following the news about Iraq .. it's sad and so inhuman what the Americans are doing there to the people!<<

Why did Islamic armies invade North Africa, Spain, France, India, Persia, Syria, Anatolia and the Balkans? These countries all had previous civilizations more sophisticated than Islam, yet all (but France) fell during conquest in the first few hundred years, while their cultures were eradicated. Islam does not seek freedom but submission of people.

Americans removed a murderous dictator who invaded countries and killed his people. For 12 years, he pursued chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. American’s (at cost to themselves) laid down their lives for the peace and freedom of others, and to rebuild Iraq for Iraqi’s to enjoy. American’s don’t sneak into markets places and blow themselves up killing many as possible in the name Allah.

>>Islam is nota blood thirsty religion, Islam literally means "peace" and it has always been known for that, and history knows better .. so that should be the truth you look at before you prejudicially judge things. Best Regards<<

Amal your website says “The word "Islam" is an Arabic word which means "submission to the will of God"…The word “Muslim" means one who submits.” Numerous Islamic countries kill Christians and jail them for their faith. In the last 14 centuries, Muhammad’s followers have killed more than 38 million Christians, forcibly converted another 42 million, and destroyed the Christian church in Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Nubia, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Albania, Persia, Afghanistan, and Central Asia.

Islamic laws are against Christians. In Western countries all have freedom to worship, preach and live their faith, but in Islam countries only Muslims have such freedom.

So why am I happy? First the bad news. Adam and Eve were the first sinners and now all are tarnished by sin. God hates sin. But the good news - God visited earth in His Son and paid the penalty for our sin to redeem us back to Himself. Jesus died to remove sin so we can be clean before God and fit for heaven.

When you realise you are a sinner in God’s sight deserving punishment and accept Christ as your Saviour, you will understand how wonderful God is. God has proven He loves each person and offers peace and salvation. Divine love is a concept missing from Islam yet essential to human peace and happiness with God.

You must forever work to please Allah but never be sure of heaven. Even Mohammed did not know what Allah would do to him on judgment day (Burkhari vol.V no.266). Hence I’m happy with God’s grace, but you lack that happiness.

Kind Regards, Mark

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