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Hi Amal

Iím happy to continue discussion and answer your last email in due course. Thereís one misunderstanding to clear up - how a person can be made right with God. You follow Islam and Muhammad. I trust in Godís grace and what Jesus did on the cross. Jesus died to remove sin so I can be cleansed and fit for heaven, you replied Ė

>>I'm sorry to say this.. but this is where our Christian friends are wrong. How can one be punished for a sin that he didnít' make! How come one is born a sinner, and how come a prophet gets punished -for no reason-, and how would that saves the rest of the people!<<

Man was made by God for fellowship with Him. The earth was a paradise. When man sinned God cursed the ground and death and suffering entered the world. All men have sinned and fallen short of Godís perfect standard. So death has passed on to all men, for all have sinned. All are descendants of Adam and Eve and no one perfect. God hates sin and set-out to redeem man. Our free choice means we can accept or reject what He has done but in the end all will stand before God in judged. So whatís the solution?

God comes to earth in Jesus [not a mere prophet]. He took our punishment for we were doomed and helpless. Jesus did and said things only God could, He claimed deity. As a sinless man and God in the flesh, He qualified as the perfect sacrifice which Godís perfect justice required. The giving of the law and all those Old Testament animal sacrifices had lessons to teach but could not suffice.

Now if salvation was by submitting to law or religion, itís by our righteousness and the law. But God instead offers salvation freely as a gift based on Christís death and resurrection and His righteousness. Only this way can we be justified with God. When one becomes a Christian they pray Ė

Dear God thank you for sending your son to die for me, and that through His blood I can be cleansed from my sin. I confess Iím a helpless sinner and need your grace and forgiveness. Forgive and come into my heart, make me the person you desire, help me live pleasing to you. Amen.

This is the only work one can do to get right with God. Thereís no other way. No other prophet, priest, or sacrifice is able. No other revelation is needed and thatís good news. You reply Ė

>>Well if you want to know the good news, then hear this .. in Islam all are born pure and innocent, so no one is a sinner to begin with ;) Ö And yes God is wonderful, and in submitting to him is the best divine love there is :)<<

But thatís not really 'good news'. It canít compare to Godís love! When I wrote about Ďdivine loveí - ďFor God so loved the world that He gave His only son that whoever believes on Him should not perish but have everlasting life Ē (John 3:16). This is missing in Islam. Which you admit -

>>Hard work is a must or how else would one be eligible to go to heaven .. donít' tell me we'll go to heaven because Jesus was killed to save us! that's by no mean a good excuse for anyone to even go to paradise, because more people will do sins and count on the divine love and salvation! That idea alone breeds more sinners!<<

One doesnít become a Christian for an excuse to sin, for 3 reasons.

(1) When one becomes a Christian Godís Spirit (Godís power) takes residence in the heart. The Holy Spirit works in their life. He empowers to live in accordance with scripture.

(2) A person who becomes a Christian is a new creation. With a new heart they live to please God and uncomfortable with sin. I know this personally. A spiritual birth takes place. I once was dead now Iím alive.

(3) After knowing Godís care, grace, forgiveness and love, who can turn back on a personal relationship?

Now I might work, worship, pray, submit, give, not to get saved but because I am. I serve out of love, in response to His love. Thereís none happier than those who enjoy Godís love, Islam canít compare.

All bound by a concept of Ďhard workí to be Ďeligibleí for paradise reveal salvation is unsure, lacking or insufficient. You are bound to a demanding religion to a cold distant God.

You may reply, but if not, thanks for the opportunity to explain. Happiness is a strange thing to live for. It depends on circumstances. All have their own definition. So truth is more important than happiness (which can be deceitful).

Islam is another human search for answers and regardless in Islam you will never find the answer. Unless God personally reveals His truth, man will forever remain in the dark regarding the purpose of his life and the meaning of his ultimate existence. The answer to Islam is the same answer which Christians have found in Christ. A former Muslim Professor answers the question of every Muslim Ė

ďIf the biblical narrative about Jesus is a myth and if the Creator is other than that Divine Martyr Jesus, then He is a Creator who ought to vacate His heavenly throne for the Superior Being Jesus. But the truth is that the Eternal Creator and the Divine Martyr Jesus are one and the same Ē (Prof. David Rahibar - Islamic Dept. of Pumjab Unis. Pakistan)

Kind regards