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Hello Amal

Perhaps you are not answering emails so I thought to kindly reply to the rest of your email. It was good of you to write in the first place.

>>Hello Mark, I know the history of my people, and it's a well-known fact that polytheism was spread in the Arab world before Islam came along. And the correct word for that is Aa'lehah (which means several gods), but Allah means "God" and you can argue with me about that only if you know Arabic, which happens to be my mother tongue.<<

It’s convenient the original Qur'an is claimed to be in heaven. And can only be read and understood in Arabic. So I can't read it properly, and with every contention, will simply insist I'm unable to understand.

The story I have is that Mohammad met Christians and Jews in Jerusalem and liked the idea of 'one God’, his Arab brothers were polytheistic. So he returned home to them arguing ‘only one God! But he came to hate Jew and Christian because they denied he was a prophet.

>>Islam is one of the Abrahamic monotheistic religions, which includes Christianity, and Judaism too, and they all pray to the same God .. I'm a Muslim and I know what I'm worshiping!<<

But Allah is not the God of Jew or Christian. Allah is unapproachable by sinful man, so perfect and holy he can only communicate through angels and prophets. A god of judgment and wrath, not grace or love. You must submit to the point he might hold back judgment and then he might give you an eternal life of gluttony and sexual gratification [not the biblical God].

>>The crescent flag was only introduced later in the Islamic world, most probably when the Ottomans ruled, and it represents no moon god whatsoever because it's a symbol for the Islamic astronomy; in particular the Islamic calendar which counts the moon days.<<

Muslim interest in astronomy is unique. Its calendar based on a lunar system and the arrival of the new moon marked the beginning and end of each month - which reflects the idol worship of Allah [‘moon god’]. Muhammad selected the god of his tribe as the ‘one true God’. The evidence seems good [you might investigate] - http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/moongod.htm

>>Islam calls for a fight only if someone attacks you first, and by no mean it says "go and kill people" like you claim .. in fact it's a big sin in Islam if someone kills another person. "And do not kill any one whom Allah has forbidden" Quran:Al-Israa [017.033] <<

The Islamic invasion of Nth Africa, Spain, France, India, Persia, Syria, Anatolia and the Balkans had little to do with Muslims ‘attacked first’. And is killing ‘a big sin in’ Islamic countries? It happens daily world-wide, Muslims kill Muslims, even if Allah “forbids” - “The punishment of those who wage war against God…is execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides” (surah 5:36).

>>The verses from the Quran that you quoted were for a specific battle that the early Muslims fought, at that time they faced great hostile from the non-believers who didn’t' give the freedom to the Muslims to worship God (8:12). For example, (8:12) was a permission from God to the early Muslims to fight back those who attacked them and broke their truce.<<

But they are taught in Mosques today as “permission from God” for Jhiad and recited repeatedly. Teaching in Mosques is so hostile we see why terrorists don’t flinch at causing the atrocities they do. It’s hard to convince me the atrocities are the acts of extremists when in the beginning Mohammed advocated a ‘convert or die’ regime. Qur’an - “If they attack you, you may kill them… you may retaliate by inflicting an equitable retribution.” Islam is a religion that kills for reasons it considers proper. Was that your criticism of the crusades?

>>You might want to read the whole Quran instead of quoting few verses that doesn’t give the complete and true picture about the reason why they were part of the Quran. Read the whole story because otherwise you know half the truth.<<

Yes context is important. But perhaps the real problem is that Muslims don’t understand them? But the context of these allows an application today -

Sura 9:5, "But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay those who join other gods with Allah wherever you find them; besiege them, seize them, lay in wait for them with every kind of ambush..."

Sura 47:4, "When you encounter the unbelievers, strike off their heads, until ye have made a great slaughter among them..."

Sura 9:29: "...Make war upon such of those to whom the scriptures have been given as believe not in Allah, or in the last day, and who forbid not what Allah and his apostle have forbidden... until they pay tribute..."

Sura 8:39, "And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression. And there prevail justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere; but if they cease, verily Allah doth see all that they do."
(see also sura 2.190,191,193,216. 3.195 4.84,89-91 5.36,41 8.12-17 9.5,14,111 48.16,22)

>>Aren't you forgetting all the ruthless Crusades, weren't they the ones who terrorized the Muslim world and killed innocents?<<

The "ruthless Crusades" were Islamic crusades too, all part of a conquest for Allah. (See footnote) Sure, cruel Roman troops marched down to the Holy Land to "free Jerusalem" or protect Palestine from Muslims - the Saracen forces that captured it. [A.C. Krey. The First Crusade: The Accounts of Eye-witnesses and Participants. (Princeton: 1921), pp. 256-262].

Even in those days, Islam caused a heightened level of security and fear because of Islamic terror. But biblical Christianity is not a religion that spreads by force. History has shown many who died under the ‘Christian’ banner were anything but biblical Christians. Not all who call themselves ‘Christian’ belong to Christ, the crusaders went under a false name to achieve their agenda. Jesus said, “I say unto you, love your enemies, and pray for them that persecute you”. [Mt.5:44]

>>It's funny how you say that Islam eradicated culture; where the whole world praise and gives credit to the Islamic Civilizations for many inventions and great scholars that helped maintain great culture and ideal societies! If you really want to know who eradicates culture, maybe you should read about the fall of Spain, and how the so-called Christian angles killed and extinguished an entire nation of Muslims. The Mosques that Christians destroyed outnumbers the churches that were destroyed! Spain is a very good example, you should read the history of the Moors.<<

Correct me if wrong but the name ‘Moor’ pre-dates Islam and applies to a black people of a region. Not until they converted to Islam did they invade their neighbours to subjugate them under Islamic rule. After invading Spain (in AD 711) Moors did develop ‘inventions’ and scholarship but they were also cruel. Life became hard for non-Muslims, even during the tolerant periods. One could be martyred for practicing Christianity. Ie the 48 Christians killed at Córdoba. These deaths played out, not in a single spasm of religious unrest, but over an extended period of time. Non-Muslims were fully aware of the fates of their predecessors and chose to protest against Islamic rule. By 976 the situation worsened for non-Muslims.

Muslim persecution occurred against Jews in Córdoba in 1011 Jews were decapitated for religious offences against Islam. But the first major persecution occurred in 1066 when Jews were expelled from Granada and 1500 families killed when they did not leave. It was the Catholic Ferdinand and Isabella who conquered and drove out both Jew and Muslims from Spain.

The Catholic church of that century was not biblical Christianity. The Inquisition was Catholic cruelty also against Christians (non-Catholics), Jew and Muslim -

The ‘fall of Spain’ relates to the failed Spanish invasion of England, Spain became bankrupt (not a Muslim event).

>>and what happened in Kosovo is ot a far example too!<<

Kosovo? European forces intervened for Muslims. America also supported this, as we all believe the ethic and religious genocide was disgraceful.

>>Americans are not angles to, their history is covered with terror and their hands are covered with blood .. Hiroshima and Nagasaki?!! And what they're doing in Iraq right now is far worse .. Abu-Gharib is just a tiny sin in their black file!<<

The bombing of Japan likely saved thousands of lives and shortened the war. Millions of Americans died fighting dictators so you can ‘worship’ Allah, not a Japanese Emperor. What America is “doing in Iraq” is establishing a free Iraq from oppression and lawlessness. There are people outside the law (Muslims) killing innocent people. American's believe in the right of freedom and peace for all.

>>By the way, those who bomb themselves .. well, you should know there story first .. it's people who's land was raped, I don’t recall a state called Israel was there before! Now tell me, If someone took your home, what well you do; you'll fight back of course .. and that's what's happening in Palestine!<<

So you blame Israel for murderous Islamic terrorism? What about the innocent people terrorists kill? We certainly don’t worship the same God.

Palestine is a classic example of revenge and retaliation, [ie those Quran verses]. Tell me, when was Palestine founded and by whom? Where was its borders? What was the capital? What was their major city? What constituted the basis of its economy? What was its form of government? Can you name one Palestinian leader before Arafat? Was Palestine ever recognized by a country whose existence, at that time or now, leaves no room for interpretation? What was the language of the country Palestine? What was the prevalent religion? What was the name of its currency? Have the Palestinians left any artefacts behind? And, since there is no such country today, what caused its demise and when did it occur?

>>I'm right about what I said about Islam, and the world Islam is also derived from the word "salaam", which means peace ;)<<

‘Actions speak louder than words’, Islam has more to do with submission. “Islam means peace (through genocide)”. [Internet]

From the Hebrew word “Salem” (Jerusalem) comes ‘shalom’ (“peace”) a common Jewish greeting. But “The Arabic terms Muslim and Islam are derived from the Arabic cognate to shalam and imply “submission to Allah.” (Vine W.E., Unger M.F. & White W. ‘Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary’. So your response to Christian's suffering in Islamic countries?

>> LOL .. ok, I had to laugh when I read this. Who are those Christians that we killed, 38 million Christians killed is a huge number .. I didn't know the Arab world had so many Christians. And those 42 million forcibly converted, well that's a big number too, so how the hell they were converted unless they themselves wanted to embrace Islam<<

Yes Islam doesn't count its murdered. 'Convert or die' is very effective. But what’s a few million dead mean to Allah anyway? News headlines -

31st October 2005 – INDONESIA “THREE INDONESIAN CHRISTIAN GIRLS BEHEADED” On Saturday 29th October a group of Christian school-girls in Indonesia were attacked, apparently by Islamic militants. Three were beheaded and a fourth was severely wounded. Central Sulawesi, and in particular the Poso area, has been the scene of much anti-Christian violence since 1998 with Islamic militants coming to the region from all over Indonesia. Many Christian villages have been systematically burned.

20th June 2001 – INDONESIA “Another Six Christians Massacred In Ambon” Three Christians were shot and stabbed to death and at least four others wounded when Islamic extremists launched a surprise attack against the residents of Ambon’s Christian neighbourhood of Wisma Gonzalo in the early hours of 12 June. Four homes were also burnt down in the raid. Later the same day Islamic militants in speedboats riddled the hull of the vessel KM California in Ambon bay, killing another three Christians and wounding seven other people.

20th October 2003 – INDONESIA “11 Christians Killed over Two Days of Slaughter” Terror returned to Central Sulawesi as Muslim extremists attacked five Christian villages on 10 and 12 October. The raids, by far the worst for over a year, could augur another horrific wave of anti-Christian violence.

20th April 2007 – PAKISTAN “Pakistani Christian girl gang raped” -A young Christian girl in Pakistan was kidnapped on Easter Sunday and gang raped over three days.

14th May 2007 – PAKISTAN “Written threats to Pakistani Christians”: close churches and convert to Islam…

15th September 2006 – SOMALIA “Convert from Islam to Christianity killed in Somalia” …..

22nd September 2006 – NIGERIA “Cathedral and churches burned in Nigeria as angry Muslims riot in Dutse”…….

26th November 2001 – KAZAKHSTAN “Christian Leader Tortured & Imprisoned” - Christian leader Asylbek Nurdanov has been threatened, beaten, tortured and imprisoned by police in an effort to make him give up his faith.

23rd April 2003 – IRAN “Christian Life Worth Only A Twelfth That of A Muslim's”…….

Muslims, of course, are forbidden to convert to Christianity or they will be killed, a universally agreed in Islam. In the West all have freedom to live their faith, in Islamic countries only Muslims. You reply,

>>You must be kidding right .. cause you got that ALL wrong my friend! Have you not heard about the ban of Hijab in France and many other countries, now is that NOT a prove to how wrong you are about the freedom of worship in the west!<<

You must be kidding, the ban includes Jewish skullcaps, Sikh turbans, Christian crosses, but the protests came mainly over hijabs, from Muslims (worldwide).

If that violates international laws on the rights to freedom of religion and expression why be selective in whose rights? But what a POOR comparison between murder/burning property, to what HAT a person may wear? In Indonesia eg, up to 5,400 church buildings have been destroyed in the last 10 years by Muslims.

>>While in United Arab Emirates as an example of Islamic Country, Dubai one of its cities- there are more than 200 nationalities with different religions like Protestantism; Roman Catholicism; Hinduism; Buddhism...<<

Doesn’t Sheikh’s money rule Dubai? :) The world's richest horse race, international jazz festivals, Tennis-Championships, Jewellery-exhibitions, Surfing, Sailing-Championships, Golf-Classics, shopping-festivals. A country in submission to Allah or pleasure?

The problem arises when countries consider Islam the source of legislation. Then individual freedom of religious belief and practice becomes restricted and Article 18 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) is ignored. In some Islamic countries they have ‘ahl al dhimma’. The protection of people’s religious freedom is theoretically guaranteed on payment of a poll tax. However, we both know in practice, Christians are more often brutally persecuted and forced to convert.

>>Mark, I understand that we have different believes and religions, and it's ok to have those differences ... the Quran says "To you be your Way, and to me mine" [109:6] .. but I only hope you wouldn't speak of things that you're not fully aware of, and most importantly It's wrong to insult other people's religion and claims wrong things about Islam, because this is simply unacceptable. Kind Regards, Amal<<

Please explain if I am still “not fully aware”. Or have those ‘simply unacceptable’ news headlines (above) shown you claimed “wrong things about Islam”? :) If its “wrong to insult other people’s religion” is it right to kill those who ‘have differences’? Thanks for the opportunity to express my 'differences' its sad but in many Islamic countries they allow no freedom for 'differences'.

Yours sincerely, Mark.

A note on the "Crusades".

For centuries peaceful pilgrims had travelled from Europe to the Holy Land to worship at the birthplace of Christ. With the rise and spread of Islam eventually pilgrims encountered persecution. Until finally fanatical converts of Islam seized Jerusalem from fellow Muslims, then swept north into Asia Minor. Efforts to resist them there failed and so appeal was made to the pope and European princess to rescue the lost territories.

The Roman Catholic church that responded, wrongly assumed God had called it to fight the invaders. This religious organization has held back science, it imprisoned Galileo, and was responsible for the Inquisition (the torture of Christians) and Crusades. It officially rejects the authority of Genesis and instead embraces the fairytale of evolution.

Christians have tried to forget the Crusades but neither Jew or Muslim will allow them. In our Western generation of freedom it's easy to criticize the whole affair as insane religious bigotry forgetting the context in which it occurred.

The Crusaders were human beings with mixed motives, although this is no excuse for the atrocities of the heat of battle and the senseless acts of cruelty. They failed miserably Christianities highest ideals which are not possession of special places, and the sword is not God's way to extend the Christian church. Jesus said, "By this (love) shall all men know you are my disciples" (Jn.13:35) He taught His disciples to lay down their lives so their neighbour might live. True Christianity is about a relationship with a Person (Jesus Christ) and trying to live in accordance with His ideals and example. Religion has always been the enemy of the bible and true Christianity. It has also spilled the blood of Christian martyrs from the days of the bible, the Inquisition and to these modern days with its hypocrisy and terrorism in the name of God.

The crusades are no excuse for murderous deeds of radical Islamic fundamentalism today. Yet they are often mentioned to justify the murder of innocent people by Islamic terrorists. Within Islam and the Qur’an there is an acceptance and toleration of violence if its done for Allah. Islam worldwide still displays a hatred of both Jew and Christian. This began from its conception and is woven into the very fabric of the religion and so far proved impossible to remove.