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Hi Osama

I’ve just been reading your anti-Christian website –

Hope you don’t mind my comment. I can’t accept your views for 3 reasons –

(1) They don’t do justice to the truth & the bible. They ignore a proper reading of the bible and the principles of understanding literature.

(2) Islam is an oppressive religion. It cares not for freedom. Its fundamental principles - ‘convert, submit and obey’. Not respect for freedom of religion or conscience. Its fosters unreasonable hatred of both Jew and Christian.

(3) Its views are anti-God. It destroys God’s nature. God becomes an evil, far off, uncaring monster. Yet ‘Allah’ was a pre-Islamic pagan deity. The Sadaean moon-god idol with the crescent moon shape on its chest. Excavated at Hazor in 1950. This ‘Lord Moon’ was worshipped by the cycles of the moon.

Your website is an example that ‘the mind justifies what the heart has chosen’. No? Explain why. After all, ‘a faith not worth defending is a faith not believing’.

Kind regards,
Mark Purchase

Hello Osama.

Yes I can’t accept your views about the bible because they don’t do justice to truth or a proper reading. You reply,

>>Answer: We've provided ample proofs that the Bible is corrupt, it is not one book, nor its authors were even known. We also amply proved that the Bible is full of contradictions and false accounts.<<

Can you list examples in your reply? Your ‘proofs’ add words to the bible which are not there. Those claiming contradictions usually don’t read careful or want to believe otherwise.

Islam is an oppressive religion and demands ‘conversion, submission and obedience’ with no respect for freedom of religion or conscience. Its fosters hatred of Jew and Christian. You reply,

>>Answer: This is a point that the queers of Judaism and Christianity and the Pagans always bring up. As if before Islam they themselves allowed for freedoms that opposed their core views. The most bloodshed happened by those who profess to be Christians. So what is your dumb point here? That we're not supposed to implement GOD Almighty's Divine Law (the Shariah), which is full of Mercy and Justice to all of Mankind, on earth? If you don't approve of it, then take it to GOD Almighty and then be routed to Hell after that. It's your problem not mine.<<

I’m not a queer or professes Christianity. The point is, the lack of freedom is everyone’s problem, yours too. Islam does not seek freedom but submission from people. There is no place for anything but Islam. It not only seeks control of one's private life but society. So if you are a Christian or Jew in an Islamic society, life is difficult. The more extreme version of Islam your country has the less freedom people have.

You assume Islam is correct and good religion so all must obey. You assume Allah is God. If I disagree, Muslims are happy to strap explosives to their own body to kill me. As Surah 5.36 says Muslims must fight and kill the infidel or unbeliever. Islam's ultimate demands are convert or lose your possessions and heads. Just like Pakistani Salman Taseer (critic of Islamic blasphemy law) was killed by his police guard. The guard hailed as a hero by Muslims because it’s good to kill blasphemers. Islam tolerates violence and murder to achieve submission - how Muhammed spread his religion.

Any who kill for Jesus are disobedient to His commands to ‘love one another’, forgive, turn the other cheek. In fact, he taught lay down your life so your neighbour may live.

I mentioned ‘Allah’ was a pre-Islamic pagan deity. The Sabean moon-god idol with the crescent moon shape on its chest, worshipped by the cycles of the moon. You reply,

>>Islam came to restore the original Faith. I am writting a big article on this and look out for it in the next site update. Did you know that the original Believers, such as the followers of Noah, Abraham, and all of the Prophets were called Muslims? You invted the trinity lie to appease the Roman Pagans. And as to the "moon god" lie of yours, we do not believe in any moon god. Visit: www.answering-christianity.com/moon_god.htm . Osama Abdallah <<

All religions claim the ‘original Faith’ but faith should be in God, not religion. Noah, Abraham and bible prophets put faith in God not religion. They didn’t trust Islam and Muhammed and knew nothing of these. If you knew what the bible says, you would know the trinity doctrine comes from within the bible. The Roman authorities put Christians to death who believed Jesus was Lord (God).

I ‘visited’ your link. Muslim observance directly relates to the moon god Allah, worshipped with cycles of the moon. Just as the ‘fasting month’ Ramadan directly relates to the moon. When Muhammed conquered Mecca in 630 AD he cleared Ka’ba of all idols, choosing Allah, the moon god to be the only god of the new religion and declared himself to be Allah’s prophet. So Allah is only an idol. And Muhammed was not the last prophet and the last Jew will never by killed (so give up trying).

The bible and the Christian you hate so much, cry out to come to the One True God on His terms. God was in Jesus and said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by me”. Jesus died on the cross and was raised again to met God’s justice for yours and my sin. Only by accepting Him as Saviour brings salvation. Mohammed did not know what Allah would do to him on the judgment Day. He said, “By Allah, even though I am the Apostle of Allah, yet I do not know what Allah will do to me” (The Hadith Burkhari vol. V, no.266) He had no assurance of salvation, how much less for you.

Kind regards,
Mark Purchase

Reply -

…..Go learn before you spew your ignorance and waste people's times. More and more you are proving to be too ridiculous and ignorant. ….Also moron, what is so paganistic about determining when a month starts and ends using the cycles of the moon? Get lost to Hell where you and your pagan polytheist trinitarians belong and quit bothering me. This most likely will be my last reply to you, because you continue to show extreme ignorance. To answer your silly and too-shallow point (and I can tell your thinking is just as shallow and ridiculous),…. Now silly head, just because Arabs worshiped the moon, the sun, animals, and even women's vaginas (a minority of them did), it doesn't mean a thing to the original Faith. LISTEN TO THIS SILLY HEAD…. get lost to Hell where you and your polytheist trinitarian pagans belong. I am going to block you. Osama. www.answering-christianity.com