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Are there any Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW's) out there who will defend the Watchtower? If you are going door to door with “The Awake” or "Watchtower" how do you respond to the rules below. Let me know. Thinking of joining the JW's?

The Rules -

(Abbre. WT1966 2/1 p.96 = Watch Tower / year / month / day / page.)

1. You cannot celebrate holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s day or national holidays. (Awake 11/22 p.8-10 WT1997 12/15 p.5-6 Knowledge1995 p.49-50, 126 Yearbook1975 p147)

2. You must NOT take an oath of allegiance to your country, join the military, vote, or support any political party. (WT1997 8/1 p.12-13 WT1990 8/15 p.13-15 WT1987 6/1 p.21)

3. You can if you wish collect unemployment or welfare benefits. This is encouraged if possible because you will have more time to go door-to-door with the Society's magazines. (WT1983 4/1 p.8-9 WT1966 2/1 p.96)

4. You cannot celebrate birthdays.(WT1998 12/15 p.30 WT1995 5/15 p.8,19)

5. You cannot clink glasses together.(WT1968 1/1 p.31)

6. You cannot throw rice or confetti at weddings. (Awake1973 3/8 p.5 Yearbook1986 p.77 WT1986 7/1 p.4)

7. Large gatherings are frowned upon by the Watchtower Society unless organized by them for Bible studies (Usually the Bible is not used much, their other books are claimed to be "better" (WT1999 4/1 p31 + 9/1 p.9,15 WT1992 8/15 p.15-19 WT1994 1/15 p.17 WT1981 8/15 p.28-29 WT1981 12/1 p.27)

8. You must not associate socially with anyone not a Witness except to conduct a Bible (book) study. (WT1957 4/15 p244 WT1979 6/1 p13-14 WT12979 5/1 p4 WT1992 12/15 p.16 WT1980 6/15 p.8 Insight1988 vol.1 p.200)

9. Your children must not associate with other children unless they are Witnesses. (WT1992 12/15 p.16 WT1998 2/15 p.12 WT1996 8/1 p.18 WT1993 8/1 p.20 WT1995 5/1 p.27)

10. Your children cannot join organizations such as the Boy Scouts & Girl Guides clubs, Red Cross, S.P.C.A, Boys or Girls clubs, teem sports at school or elsewhere. Time is considered better spent distributing the Society's magazines and books. (WT1997 6/1 p.4 WT1992 8/15 p.18 WT1992 12/15 p.16 WT1979 1/1 p.31 WT1973 2/1 p.73 WT1966 7/15 p.421)

11. Adults may not join groups such as volunteer fire brigades, the YMCA etc. or service, secret or sports clubs, in order to avoid "worldly associations." (WT1992 12/15 p.16 WT1997 6/1 p.4 WT1996 2/1 p.25 + 2/15 p.4)

12. A minimum of 10 hours a month is encouraged for door-to-door selling of the Society's books and magazines on contribution basis. Monthly reports must be filled in (Jehovah will apparently consult these to see if you are worthy to survive Armageddon). (WT1963 3/15 p.190 WT1992 6/15 p.25 WT1990 4/15 p.25 WT1986 1/1 p.19 WT1982 3/1 p.18 WT1971 1/1 p25 + 6/1 p.336 WT1998 4/1 p21)

13. On public holidays you must still attend meetings and sell literature where possible. (Kingdom Min.1971 8/71 p.4 WT1998 9/1 p.21)

14. You must not read literature published by Christian churches or other religious organizations. These are claimed to be from Satan. (WT1996 1/15 p.17 WT1994 8/15 p.30 WT1987 2/1 p.5 WT1986 3/15 p.12 WT1984 5/1 p31)

15. You must not acknowledge the Cross as a Christian symbol. It is considered to be of pagan origin.(WT1996 4/1 p.4 WT1996 4/1 p.24 + 6/1 p.18 WT1995 5/15 p.20) (But what about stakes/polls? 1 Kg.14:22-24 WT1997 3/15 p29. You Can Live Forever.. WTS 1982 p.45-46)

16. Jehovah Witnesses provide no Sunday school for your children. You must provide four hours per month studying with them from the Watchtower Society's publications.(WT1999 11/15 p.32 WT1990 8/1 p.3 WT1983 3/15 p.15 WT1994 12/15 p30)

17. You must make sure you have time off from your job to attend all the Watchtower conventions, held three times a year. If you miss them, it's frowned upon. (WT1995 1/1 p.17 WT1989 1/1 p.8 + 3/1 p.7-10, 14, 19)

18. There are certain rules of conduct to follow in your bedroom. You may check with the elders for more information. If you disobey you may be disfellowshipped (expelled). (Awake1995 1/8 p28 Awake1993 2/22 p9 Awake1975 1/8 p75 WT1999 1/15 p14 WT1998 2/1 p30 WT1991 6/15 p20)

19. Certain forms of birth control are unacceptable . This is not your decision, check with the elders first. (WT1999 6/15 p.27 WT1969 12/15 p.765 Awake1996 10/8 p14 Awake1993 2/22 p.8)

20. Beards are frowned on as they reflect a rebellious and independent attitude. Moustaches are okay. (WT1975 8/15 p.501)

21. If your family members are not J.W.'s you must have little to do with them. Those expelled, have NOTHING to do with them or you will be shunned too. (WT1995 7/15 p.27 WT1998 9/15 p.25 WT1988 4/15 p.29)

22. Make sure all your magazine and book studies are done each week. (WT1954 2/15 p.102 WT1995 5/1 p.19 Wt1964 1/1 p.27 WT1959 1/1 p3 WT1954 1/15 p.50) You cannot understand the bible without them (WT1981 2/15 p.19 last sentence)

23. All meetings must be attended. There are only five per week, on three different days. If you don't attend you must have good reason. Sickness is NOT always a good reason. (WT1971 3/1 p149 WT1998 10/1 p.30 WT1995 1/1 p.8,17 WT1993 iv. p292, 18 WT1998 6/15 p.21)

24. You must view all people who are not J.W's as 'worldly’ and part of Satan's organization. They will all perish at Armageddon and only JW's will be saved, so why bother associating with them? (WT1992 5/1 p.15 + 11/15 p6 WT1995 1/15 p28 WT1958 1/1 p13. You Can Live Forever.. WTS 1982 p.188,202)

25. You must not attend any 'Christian' church. All churches are considered evil and corrupt. (WT1994 3/1 p.9-11 WT1991 6/1 p19-20 WT1995 12/1 p5 WT1983 6/15 p26 + 9/15 p10-15. WT1958 1/1 p13)

26. If you join and ever decide to leave, all your new 'friends' will shun you, even if you are not "disfellowshipped". You might get frequent calls of “encouragement” (which may be viewed as harassment) if you attend a Christian church for any reason (including family weddings, funerals, etc.) you will be automatically disfellowshipped. (Wt1988 4/15 p26 WT1986 3/15 p18)

27. You must NEVER disagree with the Society or it will be said that you are disagreeing with God, because the Watchtower Society claims to be the ONLY organization on earth that has been chosen by Him to guide his people. The Society president have claimed more power to speak for God than the Pope. (WT1983 1/15 p.98 WT1986 3/15 p18 United Worship1983 p11 WT1955 6/1 p351 Proclaimers1993 28 p628)

28. You will not have the free choice of conscience. You give up that right when you become a Witness. The Society will make almost all decisions for you. (WT1983 1/15 p.98 WT1994 7/1 p23 WT1858 4/1 p217 United Worship1983 p10 YearBook1988 p127)

29. You will be forbidden to give or take a blood transfusion or blood products. You must not even store your own blood for a transfusion, it's said that belongs to God. If your child requires a transfusion, your duty is to try to prevent doctors from transfusing, even if stealing the child from hospital to die.(WT1998 12/1 p14 WT1970 9/12 p.249)

30. You may not partake of the bread and the wine during communion (or Eucharist), unless you are one of the 144,000 who are the only ones who may go to heaven. (WT1998 2/15 p20 WT1997 1/1 p10)

31. All above rules are subject to change without notice and without recourse. Be in constant expectation of "New light" which could reverse everything. There was about 148 changes to official WT doctrine from 1917 to 1928. (WT1964 5/1 p278 WT1955 5/15 p313 WT1954 9/15 p552). How do you know what's declared true today won't be denied tomorrow?

32. If you disobey any of the above rules, and refuse to turn around from your rebellious course, you will be disfellowshipped, and an announcement will be made to the whole congregation. All members worldwide will shun you even family members, so expect no invitations to family weddings, funerals or reunions etc. (WT1956 4/15 p242 WT1988 4/15 p26 WT1986 3/15 p18 Awake1987 8/12 p13)

33. If you wish to be reinstated, you must do as the elders say: attend all meetings, coming in after the opening song and prayer, sitting at the back of the hall talk to no one, have no participation, leave before the final song and prayer and have no contact with other members. You may have no part in field ministry until reinstated. Depending on your offence the time of punishment may last up to a year or more. (WT1998 10/1 p17-18 WT1991 4/15 p23)

34. You must not pray for disfellowshipped ones. They are dead in God's eyes. (WT1983 1/1 p.31 WT1979 10/15 p.31)

35. The WatchTower Society can tell lies. It's acceptable to lie to those who are not entitled to know the truth. Elder's of the local Kingdom Hall and the hierarchy of the 'Society' will lie to the police about child sexual abuse to protect an elder who committed abuse. It's called "justified lying". The 'Society' can also lie to members. (WT1960 6/1 p.352. WT1997 1/1 p29. See also "Dates")

So if you join this religion, expect to be busy in activities for the Watchtower Society. If you can't keep up, expect to be plagued by guilt for failing the Society. In fact, several medical research studies over the past 30 years in Europe and USA show that serious mental and emotional problems among Jehovah’s Witnesses are between 10 and 16 times above the population averages. (Article by Dr. Havor Montague. Social Compass. 1977. Also British Journal of Psychiatry 1975 p.126, 556-7)

Conclusion: The Society is easy to get into and no honorable way out! Don't commit yourself to this organization. If you are a Jehovah’s Witness, know this: A sincere faith misdirected away from the God of the Bible will not save you. Become a seeker of the truth about the real Jesus. Don't be fooled by a false prophet. Look at all those 'DATES' the Watchtower Society was so certain about, yet totally wrong.

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