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Hi Terrie

Thanks for writing and commenting on my website. There are a few things I would like to know. Why are JW’s so hostile to born again Christians? You must to admit that’s rather odd. You wrote,

>>I would like to know where you got your information from about Jehovah's Witnesses? THE 50's? I do what I believe is right. In case you didn't know most of our beliefs are based on conscience. Some of the belief's you had I had to laugh at cause they were so stupid. I've been a witness since I was 15 (by choice) and I most of the time don't mark my publications cause I work full time and don't have time, no elder has ever come up to me and counselled me on it. People in my congregation have beards actually my boyfriend has a beard everyone calls him 'Ab' cause he looks like Abraham Lincoln with it. I've been on the pill since I was 17 l- and I don't believe its any elders right to know wether im on the pill or not. And I can do what I damn well please in my own bedroom once im married. You were obviously not a Jehovah's Witness (or you were one from the 40's. but the whole world back then was stiff). And I have every intention to go to my aunt's house when I want who is not a Witness.<<

Yes we “laugh”, but they don’t seem “stupid” to all JW’s. The more I learn about JW’s the more I discover the information correct, although it might vary place to place. But if you are correct, it sounds like JW’s are forsaking the “stupid” things they once believed. That’s amazing; could you tell me how many other things are changing? Or perhaps, it's you who are not a good JW? Most JW’s have respectable moral standards and never admit the Watchtower Society is wrong about anything. You're the first (I know) to criticize JW's and yet be apart of them.

The facts on my website have been taught and believed by JW’s in the past (as you admit) and still held in many parts of the world. It comes from respectable authors, from ex-JW’s and JW literature. Eg at the back of the NWT, note concerning Birthdays, Christmas, all ‘celebrations’ and blood transfusions, are clearly forbidden. If your "
elders" would disagree with you regarding "the pill", would they agree with the things you think are right?

But if you’re certain the information is out of date, wear a cross around your neck to the next Kingdom Hall meeting. Or tell everyone you disagree with the society and accepted the trinity doctrine. If they object, tell them you have a free “conscience”. Then please, write back and tell me what happened. You wrote,

>>NEXT TIME GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. Its absolutely endless the things you had wrong. Such as missing conventions - my flatmate was working and missed our last convention nobody counselled her on it. And whoever told you parents have to spend 4 hours per month studying with there children definitely had it wrong. Most of the time I witness 4 hours per month (probably less). And I still play hockey in a Metropolitan team (nobody else in the team are Jehovah's Witness's). My younger brother who is a publisher is a very good soccer player and hopes to make it big. The elders in my congregation are very understanding of course there are elders who grew up 50 years ago and are still used to doing things the way they were taught but nobodies perfect. Maybe its you who has to change to the real world - not us. Regards<<

You have not convinced me the facts are wrong. Any more examples? But I would like your help with the following to see if it's out of date. JW’s also have doctrines you might consider a ‘laugh’ because they are ‘stupid. Regarding doctrine I doubt you are a ‘free thinker’. Have you ever met a JW who is a ‘born again’ Christian? Or who attends the local Baptist Church, sometimes? Or believes that Jesus was “God manifest in the flesh” like the Bible says? (1 Tim.3:16).

I’m really interested, hope you can explain. Do JW’s ‘think outside the circle’ or only believe as the Watchtower society requires? All JW’s hold strange doctrines common to all JW’s. All JW’s believe they alone are God’s people on earth today and no one else. Is that still true? Is there no salvation outside the Watchtower Society? Can they alone, work their way to God if they are obedient enough to the rules, doctrines and practice of the Society?

In fact, what really matters is how are you going to be right with God? How are you going to save yourself? By following JW doctrine? Please tell me. I want to see if you are programmed by JW’s and the Watchtower is controlling your thoughts or the Bible.

Mark Purchase

When Jesus returns, “Every eye will see Him” (Rev.1:7)

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