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Hi Jessie,

Thanks for your mail. You wrote,

>>Well, I understand why you feel that way and I respect your thoughts on it. I didn't write to you expecting to change your mind. I just felt the need to express myself on some of your statements. So, to each his own.<<

I appreciate your concern, for the updated info. Please understand I change my mind when confronted by the truth. Do you? When I recommend a mainstream church you said,

>>Are you saying that JWs aren't good because they aren't mainstream? I mean, c'mon, that's basically why people think we're a cult anyway. Because people don't bother to look into it and understand the religion. Many people I've come into contact with have never even met a Witness. They think we're all crazy and then once they get to know me they realize that we're normal. That's pretty scary to me.<<

They are so far from the truth and most know it. And not even remotely 'Christian'. The bible has a different message from WTS. They need a special bible version to support their doctrines – that's "pretty scary". See how they blind people? There's a difference between 'religion' & true Christianity.

>>And I have to say, it's probably from websites like yours that they get their misinformation.<<

"Misinformation"? Ever read the WatchTower?

was "definitely" the beginning of the end.
1874 Christ would return, but didn't, was it invisible?
1878 God's kingdom on earth began. JW's raptured away.
1814 The end of the world – Christ's body glorified.
1915 Armageddon finished, earth's ruler ship over thrown.
1918 The Destroyed Church. Satan's organization over thrown.
1920 End of the world.
1925 God's kingdom "definitely" set up. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob's visible resurrection. End of the world.
1929 The second presences of Christ.
1940 End of the world.
1975 The Millennium begins. End of the world. Armageddon finished.
Not to mention 1980, 1984, 1986. Say no more?

>>But as I said, if that's the way you feel then that's the way you feel. However, I dont' feel my problems will be solved by going to a "mainstream" church. Baptists have their problems along with Catholics, mormons, etc. I belive there is one true religion in the world. If I'm not in it, fine. I'll find it then. But I don't believe any of the other religions I've come into contact with so far have it either. Thank you for your time. I will read your references on your site when you put them up. Sincerely, Jessie<<

But God does have the 'answer' to your 'problem'. You need a new kind of relationship with God, impossible by works, rules or religion. Jesus described a new birth, a conversion not to a 'church', or 'religion' but a Person. As my last email said. You need God's help; not a system of rules, only He heals the blind.

Now your email on the WatchTower rules on my website. You accept and reject some. You had me wondering if they changed the rules 'without notice'. But the WatchTower says the "disfellowshipped" are 'deceived' and 'rebellious' so that had me wondering about you. Who to believe?

>>I don't know if you'll use any of this or think it over. But you should at least think about what I and others have written. Remember, this isn't coming from some "perfect witness" who goes out in service all the time and pioneers. I'm not bogged down in the place. I've had some time to step away from it. And though there are some things I disagree with it's only because of human imperfection in the organization. I still believe Jehovah is god and I do want to be reinstated someday. But I'm not going to jump through hoops to do it. I'm just going to live my life morally clean and see what happens from there. Anyway, best of luck to you. You really should watch that blood transfusion video. Or pick up some research on blood transfusions that has nothing to do with JWs. You'd probably learn some interesting stuff.<<

And I appreciate you writing. The least I can do, is share what I've found when reading the WatchTower. Regarding benefits. I didn't say 'you can collect if you don't need them' but "You can if you wish". So then one can go 'door-to-door' with the Society's magazines. And wedding confetti?

>>True. But do you know the reasons behind any of those three things? It goes back to pagan traditions.<<

Can't say I need to worry about it. You might if you want back in to the group. Not a big issue with me. It says more about the control freaks at Brooklyn, than pagan tradition. They have a system of rules that all add up for a salvation by works. Contrary to grace. There must be a hundred innocent sayings and human behaviors that also might be traced to a 'pagan' past. Certainly hundreds of rules and regulations from Brooklyn.

Every cult has their particular rules required to please God to earn salvation. In the end if your trust is in the WatchTower organization, you are trusting them for salvation, not God. I do worry that the Bible doesn't have the same authority and Brooklyn claims their books are "better".

>>No one has claimed, in my presence, that the other books are better. The Bible is the top place to get information from since it's written by God. If someone said directly to you, first hand account, that our other books are "better" then that's fine and they were wrong. But you can't take the actions or sayings of a few and say that is the standard for a group of people. Are all Germans Nazi's? No. So it stands to reason that not all JWs would be so dumb as to say the bible isn't as good as our other books.<<

The claim is their books alone provide a perfect understanding of Jehovah, and only they have the truth about the bible. You need to read WatchTower publications to learn truth, to correctly understand the bible. If you don't, and just read the bible, you will drift into deception and misunderstanding. Prove me wrong! Try ignoring WatchTower publications (they will throw you out).

WatchTower 1910 9/15 Studies in the Scriptures -
People cannot see the divine plan by studying the bible itself. We find also that if anyone lays the scripture studies aside, even after he has become familiar with them, if he lays them aside and ignores them and goes to the bible alone our experience shows that within two years he goes into darkness. On the other hand, if he has merely read the scripture studies with their references, and has not read a page of the bible as such, he would be in the light at the end of two years…"

WatchTower 1994 1/15 p17 Shepherds and Sheep in a Theocracy
Since theocracy is God rule, effective elders are thoroughly familiar with God’s will…..Elders too need to study and consult the Scriptures regularly and to be thoroughly familiar with Bible literature published by the faithful and discreet slave. This includes the Watchtower and Awake! magazines and other publications that show how Bible principles apply to specific situations. …..it is important for an elder to know and to follow guidelines published in the Watch Tower Society’s literature,…. he will then be in a position to apply Scriptural guidelines with understanding.

WatchTower 1977 11/1 p651 Reading the Bible with Your Family
By using the Watch Tower Publications…. it may be possible to find answers to these Bible questions. Also, the book Aid to Bible Understanding can be consulted, family members looking under appropriate headings for discussions of matters of special interest…..

They even have their own NWT to keep you from the truth about God and the Good News. And large gatherings frowned on unless organized by the Society for studies?

>>As for the gathering part, I have always gone to large gatherings that had nothing to do with bible study/watchtower study/etc. And no, that is not why I got disfellowshipped.<<

Well, JW's certainly have a message that appeals to large crowds and the sinful natural heart - death – nonexistence, and 'hell' – only the grave. That's good news for a crowd of sinners. So what are the rules? -

WatchTower 1992 8/15 p17 Social Entertainment-Enjoy the Benefits
, Avoid the Snares
These include counsel to keep social entertainment in its place as to time and quantity. It also warns us about pitfalls that have been all too common with large social gatherings. p19 Watch Tower Society writes: “Counsel relative to limiting the size of social gatherings has been understood by a few elders to mean that large gatherings at wedding receptions are in violation of the counsel. They have concluded that if we are counseled to keep our social gatherings to a small, manageable size, it would be wrong to have 200 or 300 people at a wedding reception.”

WatchTower 1999 9/1 p15 Youths-Train Your Perceptive Powers!
Well, use your perceptive powers. First, get the facts. How large will this gathering be? Who will be there? When will it begin? When will it end? What activities are planned? How will it be supervised? Next, do some research, looking up “Social Gatherings,” and “Entertainment” in the Watch Tower Publications Index.

Brooklyn wants obedience and have you thinking to disobey them, you disobey God. And associating socially with anyone not a Witness, except for a Bible (book) study? You say -

>>I guess that is sometimes enforced. But it really depends on the family you are dealing with. Every family makes their own rules about such things. While some children may be home schooled because their parents are paranoid about "bad association" others are free to associate with anyone who is a good person. Not by religious standards, but by simple moral standards that anyone of any religion would follow.<<

Sure, but my website doesn't mention 'family' rules. Anyone may indeed "make their own rules about" many things. But Brooklyn requires obedience to their rules, not what seems right to us. Official regulations define everything.

WatchTower 1956 4/15 p242 Activity and Life versus Inactivity and Death
"You must know the rules before you can obey them. How can you qualify (for salvation) unless you know what the rules are? They are easy for all to know….. Jehovah’s organization makes it easy for you to know the rules by publishing theocratic aids. The rules may be learned at congregation meetings….."

WatchTower defines what a "good person" is, who to 'associate' with, when and where. Your 'good person' must be identical to theirs, you must obey every theocratic rule, in every detail.

WatchTower 1957 3/1 p149-50 'Stay Awake, Stand Firm, Grow Mighty'

Selfishly and stubbornly some make a serious mistake with regard to companions whom they seek out. Making friendships socially with people of the world and associating with them is not conducive to standing firm as a Christian. ….do not be misled and excuse your clinging to such friends because they are personally more desirable, socially more acceptable or financially more advantageous to you than brothers. If the companionship of such ones is more desirable to you, then it is time to examine yourself. Do not foolishly think you are personally so strong that you can risk weakening or compromising…."

WatchTower 1979 6/1 p13-14 Go On Walking as Children of Light
‘Empty talkers’ could be a bad influence on others. With regard to persons who persist in walking disorderly….if anyone is not obedient to our word, keep this one marked, stop associating with him, that he may become ashamed.…. stop associating with him socially on his terms. Perhaps he may get the point that he needs to readjust his thinking.

WatchTower 1979 5/1 p4 When Others Care
Christians can show that they care about others by associating with them socially. These occasions are made memorable by relating fine experiences enjoyed in God’s service, or by encouraging one another through…group Bible reading or Scriptural discussion.

And door-to-door selling of the Society's literature on contribution basis? With monthly reports filled in (Jehovah will apparently consult these to see if you are worthy to survive Armageddon).

>>We don't sell anything. As you said, it's contributions. We don't demand money for anything. You could receive books and magazines for years and we'll never charge you money for them. Your sentence in parentheses made me laugh though. : ) The 10 hours is probably right. I usually got about eight so I never really worried about it.<<

Yes but since books are "offered for donation" not sold, this allows JW's to hawk them door to door without a license. And as a religious charitable organization the sales are not taxable. In some countries there has been trouble - courts, etc., so they do sell. And Brooklyn is paranoid JW's shouldn't feel they are selling -

Our Kingdom Ministry 4/82 p4 Should We Give Away Literature?

"…that we must bear all of the costs for the literature we place with persons in the field. Compared with the expensive popular magazines and books of today, our literature is still available for a reasonable contribution……. There is no reason for anyone to feel he is selling literature just because he asks for a small contribution to cover printing and distribution costs.

Door-knocking to 'survive Armageddon' makes me 'laugh' too, there's always a threat of punishment for disobeying WatchTower literature. Russell claimed JW's would fight at Armageddon and everyone else wiped out except for JW's who enter paradise. So JW's were told not to join the military so they wouldn't fight each other :) Russell was always selling things, like his miracle wheat. And Rutherford also, (with his luxury home) before he was arrested and sentenced for 25 years.

Attending meetings and selling literature on public holidays -

>>True. I never did that (the going out in service, that is) and I think a lot of other people didn't do it out of respect for other people's holidays and religions as well. Once again, it looks like you are taking the actions of a few and putting them on the group. You do have to attend meetings though. Why wouldn't you? Don't Catholics go to church on Christmas, and that's THEIR holiday. So why wouldn't we go to our meetings when it's not even a holiday for us?<<

Yes and I can't take your 'actions' and label the group. I'm not saying what you can do on your holiday, the WatchTower organization does that. I have freedom to go to church on Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus, while the JW keeps working. The organization says, 'give your holiday to Jehovah', go door to door on Christmas –

KingdomMinistry 12/74 p2 Your Service Meetings

Holiday Witnessing…..special problems in witnessing at world’s holiday time….. We need brief presentation when circumstances require it so as not to irritate householders. Be discerning and adapt to circumstances met at each door with view to leaving householder in good frame of mind insofar as it depends on you. When they are busy you might say: “Since you are busy, I would just like to mention that we are offering this …..help that really answers the question ‘Is This Life All There Is?’ on a contribution of $1.25.” When persons wish you “Merry Christmas” or the like…"

And you must not read literature published by Christian churches or other religious organizations. These are claimed to be from Satan. You say,

>>I've never heard this covered. I know that we don't believe other literature is "from Satan"<<

WatchTower 1961 7/1 p401 Watch Your Associations in the Time of the End
They plant seeds of doubt…. leaving you without faith and hope. Such literature is the product of Satan’s system of things and has as its objective the cutting of you loose…."

What they are really concerned about is that you might read something that exposes the WatchTower Society as a fraud. It might expose their misapplications and misinterpretations. Jesus said 'the truth shall make you free', their literature sets-out to enslave you.

>>It's just that if you don't follow the beliefs of that religion why would you want to read its literature? You could read history books and backgrounds on that religion if you're interested, but maybe it's not the best choice to read literature right from the people in it.<<

Not a matter of 'best choice' but a rule to blind JW's from the truth. The Society considers an 'apostate' and enemy any bible reader who is not a JW.

WatchTower 1986 3/15 p13 'Do Not Be Quickly Shaken From Your Reason'

If, out of curiosity, we were to read the literature of a known apostate, would that not be the same as inviting this enemy of true worship right into our home to sit down with us and relate his apostate ideas?

WatchTower 1984 5/1 p31 Questions From Readers
God’s Word warns …..it would be foolhardy, as well as a waste of valuable time, for Jehovah’s Witnesses to accept and expose themselves to false religious literature that is designed to deceive."

Yes it might open their eyes. Denying the Cross is a Christian symbol, regarding it as pagan.

>>It's true we don't believe in the cross. We believe Jesus was killed on a stake. Hence why he said, "Pick up your torture stake and walk with me." Not your torture cross.<<

In the ruins of a church at Laodicea were found engravings of two Latin Crosses and the distinctive shape of a Greek cross. The shapes are in a cross not a stake. To be "hung up by their hands" (Lam.5:12) may refer to a crossbeam. Stakes were eventually fitted with crossbeams for humiliation and torture. All the evidence points to a Latin Cross. Drawings of a man suffering crucifixion have been found in a cave in Jerusalem, dating from the 1st century, again clearly a Latin cross. The Apostolic Church Fathers mention the "cross" (not stake). "The Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians". Ch.7 (AD 65-100-155) "…and whoever does not confess the testimony of the cross, is of the devil…" And the Bible? Paul said: “For Christ sent me NOT to baptize, but to preach the gospel: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect, For preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but to us which are saved it (the cross) is the power of God.” (1 Cor.1:17-18.)

And bedroom, birth-control rules, beards, conventions, etc. It's all about control. Control over every detail of your life, actions and thinking. To defy the WatchTower, is to defy God. So God's judgment is threatened for disobedience. Yet even Russell was far less of a moral man than the WatchTower demands of its followers. And having little to do with even family members that are not JW's? You say,

>>False. My mother and I were the only JWs and we saw the rest of the family all the time.<<

You don't appear to be the standard JW. All the rules about avoiding clubs, big gatherings, parties, military, social gatherings, etc., are all official unchanged doctrine. But they still expect you to win converts. So they want you to have 'little to do with relatives' compared with JWs. And its a "test of loyalty".

What About Relatives?

God certainly realizes that carrying out his righteous laws about cutting off wrongdoers often involves and affects relatives. As mentioned above, when an Israelite wrongdoer was executed, no more family association was possible…..You can appreciate that this would not have been easy for them. Imagine, too, how the wrongdoer’s brothers, sisters, or grandparents felt. Yet, their putting loyalty to their righteous God before family affection could be lifesaving for them. .. Relatives who would not accept God’s warning died with the rebels…..Understandably, this may be difficult because of emotions and family ties, such as grandparents’ love for their grandchildren. Yet, this is a test of loyalty to God..."

And all meetings attended and if you don't attend you must have good reason. Sickness is NOT always a good reason. You say,

>>Sickness is a fine reason. The rest is True.<<

This says sickness is not always a good reason -

WatchTower 1971 3/1 p149 Serving Jehovah with a Complete Heart

It is normal for a person to be sick occasionally, and the sickness sometimes may be serious enough to keep him at home. Too, it is not unusual at times for a person simply to feel tired and have little energy for meetings or field service…. Thus, discipline is necessary in order to avoid going along with the selfish desires of the heart and the fallen flesh….Suppose this is the night to go to the Kingdom Hall for Bible instruction, and as the time approaches a brother finds that he is just physically unable to go…. He is just too sick. But where is his heart?...... His heart tells him subtly, ‘It would be quite nice to stay home tonight.’….. But there has to be some kind of reason for staying home from the meetings. So, the heart motivates the mind to go to work on this, and almost before he knows it, up come several good-sounding reasons for staying home. If he is not very careful, he will not make it to the Kingdom Hall that night. Now, the same thing could happen with respect to any of our Christian activities. The point is: Where is our heart? If it wants to, desires to, loves to, it will usually find a way.

And viewing all people who are not JW's as 'worldly' and part of Satan's organization. They perish at Armageddon and only JW's will be saved. You say,

>>This is probably my biggest issue with all the false info you are putting out here. Not only JWs will be saved. We don't believe that AT ALL. Not even all JWs will be saved. Only God can judge who will survive by their heart condition. Humans cannot read others hearts so we don't know who will survive. It's true we do view others as worldly, in that they are not part of that religion.<<

The WatchTower disagrees. According to them those saved were dead and then raised. The saved are only those (1) baptized by JW's, (2) those who live like JW's, (3) those spread the JW message, (4) those who associate with JW's -

WatchTower 1995 1/15 p28 Assembling With Those Who Fear God

However, is it not logical that those who die in our day would be resurrected early in order to share with the great crowd of Armageddon survivors in the immense educational work that is to take place throughout Judgment Day? Yes, indeed!” Will there be survivors?

WatchTower 1992 5/1 p15 Who Will Escape the "Time of Distress"?
How do these survivors call on the name of Jehovah? …..As with the anointed remnant who led the way, those who hope to be of the great crowd of Armageddon survivors must act decisively. If you hope to survive, you must drink deeply from Jehovah’s purifying Word and apply his righteous standards in your life. You must be decisive in dedicating your life to Jehovah, symbolizing this by water baptism. Your calling on Jehovah in faith also includes witnessing for him.

WatchTower 1992 11/15 p6 Why Some Are Born Again
Besides these, ‘a great crowd out of all nations have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb’. They respond favorably to the Kingdom-preaching work now…., therefore, millions will be saved, though they are not born again to rule with Christ in the heavens…..Will you be among those who inherit life on a paradise earth? You can be if you exercise faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and become actively associated with the true Christian congregation.

The fact you can't be sure of salvation, proves the JW system is wrong. And if you attend a Christian church for any reason (including family weddings, funerals, etc.) you will be automatically disfellowshipped. You say,

>>As for going to church for any reason – not true. You will not be automatically df'd. You will not even be in trouble. That is totally false and I'd love to know where you heard that from. It's things that like that are so frustrating to JWs. All the lies about us that can so easily be found by an impressionable person online. You would never be dfd for going to a funeral or wedding in a church. That's ludicrous.<<

I could list 10 contradictions from WatchTower literature, but won't mention them Why? I would scare JW's away from attending a real church. That could be the only place they hear the truth, learn about real Christians and hear the Good News. The hatred the Society has for evangelical churches and the disfellowshipped is outrageous. And not worth repeating.

And never disagree with the Society it's disagreeing with God? Your will must become the same as their will. The Society makes almost all your decisions. You say,

>>False. You always have free will. There are just guidelines that you are given.<<

WatchTower1983 1/15 p98 Avoid independent thinking.... How is such independent thinking manifested? A common way is by questioning the counsel that is provided by God's visible organization…"

WatchTower 1982 9/1 p13 "Look! Jehovah Came With His Holy Myriads"
Yes, woe is sure to befall any pursuing a course of rebellion against Jehovah and his organizational arrangements..."

WatchTower 1958 4/1 p217 Avoid Rebellious Tendencies
A murmuring campaign against Jehovah or any part of his organization would not be tolerated..."

UnitedWorship1983 10 p1 Unity in Worship-What Should It Mean for You?
We must avoid divisive influences. One of the foremost among these is the spirit of independence. Jehovah helps us to avoid it by unmasking its originator, Satan the Devil. ….deceived Eve into thinking that it would be to her advantage to ignore what God had said and to make her own decisions…. so it should not surprise us if we need to curb that spirit in ourselves…. by counsel through his organization…"

And no blood transfusions?

>>True. But do you know the reasons behind it? Have you bothered to look it up? Oftentimes doctors are so anxious to give a transfusion they don't even know if it would really help. I know a couple who had three children. One needed a BT very badly, it was said. They went to court over it and the parents won. The kid is 14 years old now and just fine. I would suggest watching the JW video tape on blood transfusions. It has some interesting insights from doctors and nurses working in the field today. And no, they are not Jehovah's Witnesses.<<

The WatchTower (1945 7/1) said 'the reason' was because it violated Jehovah's covenant, to transfuse human blood, even if life is at risk. If it was based on the bible I would agree, but it is not. The Awake 1951 5/22 p3 refers to Gen.9:4. (As quoted) – "Flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat". In context this verse has nothing to do with human blood, much less transfusions. God tells Noah He is speaking of animal flesh - their blood. (Gen.9:3-4).

And the other verses (Lev.3:17 7:27 17:10-14) The context is always overlooked, but these refer to sacrifices and offerings and animal blood, not human blood being transfused. A transfusion is not a sacrifice of life or eating forbidden blood but a transfusion of life from one to another. A gift of strength offered in the spirit of mercy and charity. The percentage of infection or death is small, compared to a life saved that's no comparison. No wonder the medical people object, they know life is in jeopardy.

Awake 1951 5/22 p4"
So, whether one eats congealed blood in unbled meat, or drinks it at slaughterhouse, or takes it by intravenous feeding at a hospital, it is still a violation of divine restriction that forbids taking blood into the system"

This is one of the many dogmatic assertions that they are an authority on the bible. Yet they will not in scholastic debate answer criticism on this issue. How sad when a mother will abandon her child to death simply because they say its Jehovah's law.

And you must not pray for the disfellowshipped who are dead in God's eyes.

>>So false it's not even funny. You can pray for whomever you wish. They are not dead in God's eyes. God cares about EVERYONE on the face of this earth. Including disfellowshipped ones. Where on earth did you get this disgustingly wrong information? You said in your previous email to me that you would post scriptures and watchtower and awake quotes. Do you have one for that? Because I'd love to see it. I know everyone in my old Kingdom Hall is praying for me, elders and others included.<<

Correct, not even funny. But if they redefine bible words and verses, they can make the bible say anything they want. And they do. A wife should not pray with a "disfellowshipped" husband -

WatchTower 1983 1/1 p31 Questions From Readers.

"But human emotions and attachments can have a powerful effect, making it difficult for people to act in accord with the disfellowshipping decree if a relative is involved…… Eg., a faithful Christian wife realizes that her husband’s being disfellowshipped means that the spiritual ties that formerly existed have been severed. He has, by his conduct and its results, broken a spiritual bond between himself and true Christians. His wife will continue to show love and respect for him as husband and family head, even as do wives whose husbands never were believers….. But it will not be possible to have spiritual fellowship with him, sharing in Bible discussions and prayer with him as she once did….. She certainly will feel this loss".

And JW's should not pray for the 'disfellowshipped' -

WatchTower 1979 10/15 p31 Questions from Readers.

Would it ever be in order to pray regarding someone who has been disfellowshiped from the Christian congregation? In the past it has been held that such prayers would not be proper. And there are good Scriptural reasons for restraint…….“If any one sees his brother committing a sin that is not deadly, he must ask and God will give him life for those who are committing sin that is not deadly. There is sin that is deadly. I do not say that he should pray in behalf of that.. .... Jesus explained that a person could carry sin to the point of sinning against the holy spirit, for which there is no forgiveness…. Paul showed that if one who knew God’s truth practiced sin willfully, repentance and forgiveness would no longer be possible…. John tells us not to pray for one who committed such “deadly” sin ..... we can appreciate from John’s inspired words that we should not pray in behalf of a person who gives evidence of practicing sin deliberately. ..... Prayers in their behalf would be offensive to God.

And Elders can tell lies.

>>I have no idea where you would get his from. Lying is not okay. For anyone. Unfortunately humans are imperfect and child abuse and such does happen. But no one in their right mind would cover it up.<<

This is now public knowledge. It comes from a public television documentary in Australia about a Kingdom Hall where an Elder was under police investigation for child sex abuse. It was discovered that the policy from 'Zone Servants' allowed the elders to lie to those not entitled to know the truth. And this was the main point of the enquiry a remarkable but shocking story.

That covers the main point of your emails. Every point where you said 'they don't teach that' has been shown to be false.

Mark Purchase

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