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Hi Sabrina

You wrote,

>>I dont believe in a God, but if your going to say crap about something or someone get the facts straight <<

Unusual for an atheist to defend the WatchTower Society (WTS). But they have a few things in common with atheism - both hate Christians. But how can you instruct anyone about WatchTower doctrine? Its not what you, your ' partner', or even JW's say. Its what the WTS says, they define their own doctrines. They are the authority (not you) in all matters of their doctrine and practice through their publications. If you want to instruct others, you need to know their publications before jumping to conclusions.

>>Hey my partner has been studying to become a JW for the past 12 months, he's going to their Church for the first time this Sunday. They are really not that bad, they go door to door because they follow Jesus's ways of preaching. they dont accept blood transfusions but accept nonblood medical alternative.<<

Tell your 'partner' he doesn't need 'months' of 'study' before becoming a Christian. Jesus said, “no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again" (Jn.3:3). So after 50 years of study/door knocking for the Watchtower, he won’t even “see the kingdom of God”, just 'kingdom hall'. WTS will brainwash him into becoming a slave, to go 'door to door' (for hours/days, as you will discover).

Atheists don't care about the sanctity of life or if people die. That's why you 'believe' they are "
not that bad". But because the WTS forbid blood transfusions, infants and children have been in jeopardy and died. That's not Christianity!! They steal away toddles from doctors, in effect - killing them. You might not care, but they are a 'killer cult' (a). There is no bible law forbidding transfusions. Read what Jesus said - Mk.7:14-15, Jn.15:13. (b)

>>They don't believe they are the only ones to be saved.<<

So why can't 'they' have personal 'beliefs'? Belief in the trinity, heaven, the cross, etc? Why so strict on belief/practice? The WTS warn converts not to read anything contrary to WTS doctrine. The disfellowshipped are said to be 'lost'. The WTS say the 'saved' are only those who are (1) baptized by JW's, (2) live like JW's, (3) spread the WTS message & (4) those who associate with WTS (WT 1995 1/15 p28 WT 1992 5/1 p15 WT 1992 11/15 p6). In their doctrine one can never be sure of salvation until after death. Then all are 'damned' unless they obeyed the WTS rules and doctrine perfectly.

>>It's not true that they cannot associate with those who arent JW because I am not and my partner wouldnt be with me then.<<

JW's can ONLY 'associate' with those the WTS allow. They can 'associate' with some people in the hope of their conversion. The further into WTS doctrine, the more demanding the rules become. So far, you know VERY little about their teaching. "Socializing with worldly persons ….. places of employment ….. If you are going to school … how do you view others who show no interest in serving Jehovah God? …. Is your faith so strong that you can continue to associate with such ones and not be affected? …. Will you give in to temptation and indulge as an “experiment” just to see what it is like? ….. If you are so inclined, beware! Give heed to the Bible’s advice to “flee from the desires incidental to youth …. by resisting any urge or inclination toward bad association" (WT 1983 8/15 p28). Husband and wife can't even pray together if one is not a JW.

>>Who cares if you cant throw rice or confetti at a wedding, i'm sure theres something more special you can come up with to make your wedding unique and special. So intermarriage is acceptable and both have to respect and tolerate each others beliefs, and children are encouraged to be taught from both parents, when the child is older, he or she can decide for himself.<<

Yes 'who cares' about 'confetti'? They do! Because they are into mind control and obedience. They have plenty of strange rules. 'Intermarriage' with atheists might be acceptable but certainly not with born again Christians. So there's no 'tolerance' of 'others beliefs'. The WTS demand a life long obedience. "Avoid independent thinking....How is such independent thinking manifested? A common way is by questioning the counsel that is provided by God's visible organization" (WT 1983 1/15 p98). When a loved one first starts to get involved with JW's you must AVOID DELAY. But unless you are totally versed on the WTS and a trained debater, the JW's will shoot you down on every point.

>>JW is a form of Christianity, they dont really consider other Christian Churches evil, they just follow a different structure of belief thta of JW's.<<

No, not at all. The WTS are NOT 'Christians' they are hostile to Christianity. They redefine words with new meanings, they say one thing, and mean another. They teach all "Christian Churches" are evil. And born again Christians are weeds to be burnt. “Weeds after having bound them up, Jesus added: “They will pitch them into the fiery furnace. There is where their weeping and the gnashing of their teeth will be" (WT 1981 8/1 p24). The JW "certainly cannot associate with Christendom or with this system of things" (WT 1958 1/1 p12).

>>If you do rebel against them, they don't hate you and think your evil, thats the opposite, they live in love, and they will help you get back on track.<<

Yes they want you 'back on track' door to door. There are numerous records of broken relationships, families, marriages, and people who did not escape until too late. I suspect you will won't believe me and learn a painful lesson. They are far more cleverer than any atheist.

>>Dont forget in every religion you get fanatics who probably do everything you said, but its not all true, i'm not a JW and not going to be, I dont believe in a God, but if your going to say crap about something or someone get the facts straight....take care :)<<

And if you are going to say what the WTS teach 'get the facts straight' :) The whole sect is 'fanatic' & converts become so brainwashed no reason, logic, or truth can change their mind. Kingdom Hall is easy to get into, & hard to get out. I'm writing to you because I have 'the facts straight' already and I care. Too late to tell you 'take care', they have fooled you and have you defending their religion already.


a/ WTS believes those who transfer blood should be put to death (AID to Bible Understanding p.244. JW & the Question of Blood p.91)

b/ No law in the bible forbidding blood transfusion so 'where there is no law there is no transgression' (Rom.4:15) Jesus appeared to set-aside the Sabbath to save life. JW's would be happy to let your children die.

c/ "...that remaining one right religion is that of Jehovah's Witnesses. It is not conceited for us to say that..." (p.124 WT Feb. 15 4 1955) If you do not believe C.T. Russell is the one "faithful and wise servant" you are out side salvation.

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