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Hi Claus,

>>I don't know where you get your info. from. But your mistaken in many points.If you want to, I'll tell you how it works.<<

Perhaps I'll tell you "how it works" then you can correct me. 'How it works' is that JW's get there orders from the WatchTower magazine. The WT claims to be 'God's prophet' on earth today. (WT 15/3/72 p186-190 Wanted A Messenger. WT 1/4/72 p197-200 They Shall Know that Prophet). So JW's get all their info on how to live, what to believe and what's right or wrong. All the thinking has been done. JW's mustn't believe any differently than what the prophet in Brooklyn USA teaches.

It's not uncommon for JW's to not know this. They think what comes from Brooklyn is from God. To obey them, is to obey God. It's not uncommon for some JW's to be amazed and shocked when they find out what "the prophet" from Brooklyn really does teach.

>>I was a Jehovah's Witness once... But I don't belive on god now a days... Still you should not make a site with wrong info. Best regards Claus<<

You are welcome to correct any 'wrong info'. But then you will need to explain why the WatchTower said it. If you don't, I'll assume you discovered it was right after all.

JW's like to give the impression that they are 'Christians' who just follow and believe the bible. Their teachings are contrary to the bible, dishonoring to God, will make you a slave to Brooklyn and give you a lost eternity.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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