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Hi Nikki.

Thanks for your email, opening your heart and sharing experiences with JWs. You wrote,

>>You have some interesting theories in relation to the beliefs of the Jehovah Witnesses. Firstly, I'd like to ask.. What makes you think that every living Jehovah Witness has an association - bordering on a cult-like obsession - with the Watch Tower?<<

Not sure I said that. But officially it's taught from Brooklyn that JW's must live for the Society, which means going door to door. 'Obsession with a magazine' concerns me, because of it's anti-Christian. You are in danger of been deceived by that magazine from Brooklyn. Already it has you thinking just like a JW.

>>I am eighteen years old, and up until a few weeks ago I had no belief in God at all - nor would I ever want to listen to anything anyone had to say about religion. I was asked by my boyfriends' mothers' friends, who happen to be Jehovah's Witnesses, if I would like to attend a meeting. I thought the idea was totally stupid.. But I went along anyway. The decision to go was entirely mine to make, and they were not interested in forcing me into their religion. They would have been entirely happy to walk away, still an unbeliever, as it would have been my choice. They put no pressure on me to go, nor have they pressured me to continue going.<<

Yes they're very nice at the start. You will find them very careful with a prospective convert. Pressure comes later. Make no mistake, the more you attend Kingdom Hall the more you will be required to obey their doctrine. Although they would say, 'that's 'obeying God'. Many write to me with awful stories of those who depart the sect.

The bible is all about a relationship with God made possible through His Son, - how one can be right with God. True Christianity isn't a religion it's a relationship God wants to have with you. He wants to cleanse from sin and make you His child. The WatchTower Society is all about brainwashing and making slaves for the Society.

'Belief in God' is common sense, and gives a good perspective on life. But surely to know the truth about God - who He is, is important. Many believe in God today but lack a right relationship with Him.

>>The way you talk about Jehovah's Witnesses is very unfair. You seem to hold the view that they have to be wrong, their beliefs are wrong, and that they are all controlled by the Watch Tower publications. Not true. From the meetings I have been to, everything I have learnt so far has been taught/spoken of directly from the Bible. I have recieved a few issues of the Watch Tower, but I am not treating it as the one and only truthful source of information. The Watch Tower magazine merely provides insight to various different scenarios, and offers advice on how you might handle them. It does not say you "must" do this, or you "must" do that. Not in the copies I have recieved, at least.<<

I have no complaint with JW's themselves, but the WatchTower Society teaching. JW's don't need to think, the thinking has been done; they are told what to believe and how to behave. W.T., publications want to control all JW's and mostly they do. You might not be a JW yet, but sounds like you soon will be. Can I respectfully suggest you don't know much about the WTS? How can you argue for them? The bible is not regarded as their final authority. WT publications are given equal or greater authority. My website, has quotations from the WT showing that. The WT certainly does say 'you must do this' or 'do that', it gives the orders.

>>I don't know much of the Bible, I'll admit that. However.. How are you to know that a Catholic bible that you might pick up has not been tampered with or edited in any shape or form throughout the years? It is impossible to tell, don't you think? .. Unless you wrote it yourself. Therefore I think it highly amusing that you should accuse the Jehovah's Witnesses of changing the bible to match their prophecies, or whatnot.<<

Those who don't know 'much of the bible', are easily fooled by JW's. The scriptures we have today have years of rigorous research. Ancient texts, manuscripts and versions have been studied by experts who have been looking for any sign of tampering. To the extent that versions (ie the NIV for eg) are the end product of centuries of study and the most recent discoveries. The New World Translation (NWT) has no scholarly support. No scholar of NT Greek or bible languages support the rendering in the NWT. The NWT is the product of a 18th century secret 'committee' (still nameless) a version only used by JW's.

It doesn't always change the Greek text, but gives a wrong rendering for doctrinal purposes. Ask yourself, why do JW's hold doctrines rejected by all others but them? They reject doctrine of traditional Christianity for those of Charles Russell [1852-1916].

>>Could you please show me some pure, hard, evidence of when the change occured, and what they changed it to? And don't bother showing me something from anything but the absoloute originial scriptures.. Because I know for a fact that you cannot be entirely sure that it isn't the other bibles that have been changed.<<

Never in man's history is there a more authentic book than the bible. Every word, sentence, verse, chapter, book tested over and over. And you're asking me to say nothing, but email an original page? Which you couldn't read anyway? I know for a fact the NWT is the one 'changed'. It’s the only version that supports JW dogma. Yet even that, I find often it contradicts JW doctrine. Isn't it strange that not until Charles Russell [1852-1916] one couldn't know what the bible says? All versions were wrong until he appeared. If you believe that, their magazine has control over you more than you realize.

>>The people I have met so far have been nothing but kind, loving people with high-morals, and a good standard of living. I admit that a few can be pushy about having you join their religion, but like I said.. That is a 'few'. Not every Jehovah's Witness acts in exactly the same manner. These are individual people who are just following what they believe in, just as any other Christian or religious person would do.<<

The same can be said of Mormons, Muslims, any religious group. People can be sincere, but sincerely wrong. The trouble is, JW's trust the doctrines of Russell, an organization. They might appear nice, but according to the bible, the important question is 'are we really God's children'?

>>As for the New World side of things.. Why is it so horrible to hope that there will be a new system? .. I have been told that the entire human civilisation will be judged, and that there will be room for any good person in the new system - not the 144,000 or however many it is that you mentioned earlier. Why is it such a terrible thing to hope that the world will be peaceful, that there will no longer be rape, murder and other crimes being commit around us?<<

The foundation of their 'hope' is sand - Russell's teaching. But don't believe everything they tell you. Read the magazine, its says only those who have done good to JW's will be saved. And read the bible - Jesus said, 'Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God' (Jn.3:3). So indeed it's horrible to have a false hope. JW's refuse to be 'born again' as Jesus commands.

>>Please note, I am not accusing you of being wrong in what you say, nor am I saying that Jehovah is the only right way. I would merely like to understand your theories. When I read your replies to previous contacts, all I see is sarcasm and an obvious disliking to the Jehovah's Witness faith.<<

Yet you have no example of JW doctrine (on my website) which is just my 'theory'. Maybe your next email? I reveal where they're silent from WT publications. You have no example any sarcasm by me either - next time? You over look that it's JW's who hate Christian churches and Christian's personally.

The rules are that a good JW is not allowed to read anything like my website. So any who writes to me break their own rules.

>>All I can say is that Jehovah's Witnesses are kind, amazing people, and the few meetings I have attended of late have already helped me, and broadened my mind. I suffered… (Personal medical records deleted here) Until I finally broke down when arguing with my boyfriend about him becoming a Jehovah's Witness. I was so against him becoming a Witness that I was almost willing to walk out on him.. And then I cried for several hours, as we sat parked on the side of the road. Eventually he asked if I'd like to try going to some meetings, just so I could understand, and to see if it could help me with my emotional problems, as he knew of people that it had helped previously.<<

Sad news. I wish you good health. Be warned, JW's have a high rate of mental illness. Don't join them, join a bible-based evangelical church. In the end, they just want you pushing magazines for the Society. What you need is a personal relationship with Christ. God desires you give your life to Him. He gives life meaning. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man can come to the Father but by Me" (Jn.14:6). When He's your Saviour – you have the Truth and Life. When you learn how one comes to God, then you know the error of the JW sect. Only He can satisfy and give peace within. Belief should be in Someone not something.

>>So I went along to the meetings, and I have to say that it already feels as though it has helped. Jehovah's Witnesses have somehow opened my eyes to the world, made me realise that I can actually help myself, and become a better person at the same time. No - not by 'serving' them, or God, but by realising that I could have something to believe in - such as the new system - whether it is true or not. Are we humans not allowed to hope and dream of better things to come? .Nikki.<<

Follow them, and you will not have better things to come, but blind eyes to the truth. And "meetings" till you are sick of "meetings". They will take your holidays, money and time. And want more – your life commitment to the Society. And you can never be sure of salvation. They will say, serve the Society is serving God, if you stop God will judge you. Run from them, before they fool you as they have others.

I write as a friend, is there a church Pastor I can write to on your behalf? You need a real Christian church for the fellowship your heart desires, not religious friendship. You need the One who is the Truth, not a system 'whether it is true or not'. Sincerity is not all important. "There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end are the ways of death" (Prov.14:12). How can anyone save themself from God's wrath just by thinking all will be well?


Her Reply...

She said my comments were "wholly untrue" and "horrible." She "respectfully declined" any help and "decided to know longer attend Kingdom Hall, or be involved in any Jehovah's Witness studies". She decided she "would no longer be involved with the religion…. because (she) held no belief in God… to put it lightly - not interested".

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