Want Some Answers ???

Jehovah's Witnesses

Sorry not much to read here. Jehovah's Witness at my door for 5 minutes.  Came while busy, not really much time for them.

Knock knock

Oh hello its Jehovah's Witnessís, weíre Christians here....

Oh so are we.

No your not... your Jehovah's Witnessís following an organization....
No we read the bible, just like you.

No you donít... you read the Watchtower bible.
No we donít, its just like your bible,.

No itís the bible from the Watch Tower organization. Open the front cover, (holding in his hand) whatís on the first page? What does it say? Ö. (looks at cover, no opening, no comment)

Iím born again following Jesus, Jehovah's Witnessís are not.
Yes we are.

No your not... your following an organization When were your born again? When did that happen in your life?
(admissionÖ  ok its not our doctrine, we came to share with you.

Yes but you need to be born again, (interruption Ö..)
Alright well,  we wonít waste any more of your time.. (walking away..)

Ok well,  its sad to see you following an organization, you need to follow JesusÖ.. (gone)

End of talk.

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