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Hi Terrie,

You wrote,

>>All that matters to me is that when I meet people at the doors I listen to what they have to say. If you have met witnesses that do not, why take that out on me? <<

I’m not taking it out on you. You were complaining, saying; get your “facts straight”, etc. What you write isn’t correct – ie Beards are NOT encouraged for JW's, Watchtower 1975 8/15 p501, Watchtower 1968 p287. Sports and sports clubs are NOY encouraged for JW's, Watchtower 1999 p11,13, Watchtower 1997 p16, Watchtower 1996 p25. And ignoring 'conventions' (something you would never do) is a very serious matter - Watchtower 1999 p.5-6,9,15,20. Watchtower 1989 p8. You wrote,

>>In case you didn't realise my only email address is at work so therefore I cannot have a discussion, all the time I spend typing to you I take out of my lunch hour. (This might be amazing but I am honest to my employer - the bible taught me that) And I do not have an email address at home. I am also in another country so I am not going to ring you to have a 'discussion'. As I said before I go door to door every Saturday or Sunday depending on the days I don't work - and I meet plenty of BA's at the doors who I have discussions with.<<

If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about work, holidays, discussion, going door to door, or even eating, until you have obeyed what Jesus commanded. He said, "What I am telling you so earnestly is this: Unless one is born again, you can never get into the Kingdom of God" (Jn.3:5 LB). Stilling trusting the Watchtower Society and ignoring the Bible? You wrote,

>>I only got back to you today because I have been on holidays - oh but hold on a minute you probably don't even think Jehovah's Witnesses are 'allowed' to go on holidays, do you think that is against my religion too.<<

Don’t worry about what I think of having holidays. Be more concerned what the Watchtower Society think about holidays. You might need “to laugh (because it sounds) "so stupid" but they have some very strict rules regarding holidays. Awake 1993 pg8 "We Are Not Deprived!" “Every holiday is celebrating something false and is focused on false things…. Something that I have that is better than holidays is the wonderful organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Instead of lasting one day, like a holiday
that lasts forever”. In fact, this article in the Awake associates ‘holidays’ with “Halloween”. The Watchtower, “As the children get older it is well not to leave them idle. Gradually encourage them to give their own testimonies at the doors or on the streets or to have their own home Bible studies. Suggest that they become vacation pioneers during their summer holidays. Perhaps the desire to become a foreign missionary can be instilled in their hearts in the course of the years” . And the Watchtower 1997 p12 said, “How true Paul’s words proved to be! …..Christianity ….gobbled up by pagan corruption. And nowhere was this contamination more apparent than in the celebration of holidays.” And “1995 Knowledge” p127 said, “When other kids ask why I don’t celebrate holidays, I tell them that I celebrate every day”. There's a long list of forbidden days "against" your “religion” Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas, National Days, Birthdays, etc. In fact, any day the Watchtower say you are not 'allowed' to keep. You wrote,

>>Do you actually believe that all this is about free thinking. Do you think I should 'think freely of Jesus beliefs'. Because if so then you are not a free thinker either.<<

Only by knowing Christ personally, as your Saviour, can you be “free indeed” (Jn.8:36 Gal.5:1). Christians are ‘free thinkers’ with doctrinal differences. A freedom within Christianity not found with the JW ‘Society’. The Watchtower says, "Avoid independent thinking....How is such independent thinking manifested? A common way is by questioning the counsel that is provided by God's visible organization" (Watchtower p98 Jan.15 1983). My question to you is, ‘who has the authority’, the Bible or the Watchtower Society? They tell you what the Bible says and what to believe, how to think and what to do. The thinking has been done for you. They say, unless you follow them, you "will not progress along the road to life no matter how much Bible reading you do" (p.27 The Watchtower Jan.12th 1981). The Watchtower demands you work for them to earn salvation by doing what they say (religion). But the Bible says salvation is by grace - a free gift (God’s way). You wrote,

>>Why do you like to demeanour people? - that is why I am not emailing you anymore and why Witnesses would not like to talk to you at the doors because you do not insult there religion you are insulting them personally.<<

Yes you keeping saying you are not going to email me “anymore” but do anyway (that’s fine). But I say to JW’s at my door exactly what I say to you: 'the Watchtower is the false prophet'. They try to deceive both of us. How many false prophecies does it take before one is considered a false prophet? Those in Brooklyn have written many in the Watchtower over the years and covered them up. I haven’t insulted you (or JW’s) ‘personally’ at any time. You wrote,

>>I abide by the bible far more than you do in that respect. Didn't Jesus go door to door preaching love and respect for all mankind even people of different races and religions it was while Jesus was on the earth that Gentiles were encouraged to become Christians. I believe you compare far more closely to the Scribes and Pharisees, who Jesus Abhorred. (take that as a hint).<<

Call me what you like, but if you “abide by the Bible” you haven’t obeyed what Jesus has said (Jn.3:3). He doesn’t ‘encourage’ you to be been born again He demands it (you “MUST be born again”). Until you do, you’re not His child (Jn.1:12 1 Jn.2:28-29). I don’t hold this against you, it’s the JW religion - a false religion, founded by one who hated Christians and Christianity. Unfortunately for JW’s they're told their President has the supreme authority of God on earth, so whatever he says becomes God’s “instructions” (1943 Yearbook pg.229-227) Sounds like the Pope.

But Jesus didn’t preach “
love and respect” for “religions”. He insisted He alone was the way to the Father (Jn.14:6). The reason Jesus (God in the flesh 1 Tim.3:16) opposed the “Scribes and Pharisees" was because their religion resulted in no one “entering into the Kingdom of God” (Mt.23:13). It was based on works and their ‘high standard’ and hostile to those who were really were God’s people. Yes, just like the Watchtower Society, they would not honour the Son as the Father, so they didn't really believe on Him, or were His (Jn.5:23-24).


P.S. Until we settle the question of what is our final authority we can never settle our differences.

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