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Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for writing,

>>I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I am happy, fulfilled, and emotionally stable. I make most of my meeting and have never been told when ill that I should attend anyway.<<

Yes but going to the meetings is vital, to miss them you must have good reason and sickness is NOT always acceptable as the WatchTower says - Watchtower 1998 10/1 p.30. Watchtower 1995 1/1 p.8,17 Watchtower 1993 iv p.292 18 "The vital importance of this work has been strongly emphasized: “It is just as essential to participate in the service of the Lord as it is to attend a meeting”. ”We may be elderly or sick but we can certainly maintain the quality of our sacrifice of praise to Jehovah" Watchtower 1998 6/15 p21. Meetings are an extremely important so the Society can control you.

How can anyone be ‘
happy and fulfilled’ as a slave to the Society? Real happiness and fulfilment only comes from the right relationship with God. JW’s are insecure regarding their salvation. They have no way of knowing whether they are saved or not, but just a vague ‘hope’. Their relationship with God is unstable and based on the teachings of the Society which demands work and obedience or you are eternally lost.

>>I sell nothing I witness about the kingdom and God's promises for the future. Only the word of Jehovah God and the teachings of his son rule my heart or my head. The society's books aid to my own personal bible study.<<

The message you ‘witness about’ comes from the WatchTower Society. They ‘rule’ your ‘heart’ and their ‘books’ control your ‘head’ until ultimately you become a clone and slave, void of independent thinking. "Avoid independent thinking....How is such independent thinking manifested? A common way is by questioning the counsel that is provided by God's visible organization". Watchtower 1983 Jan.15 p98

>>I love belonging to a faith that admit mistakes in understanding and is progressive. Moving ever forward toward a clearer understanding of the purpose of our heavenly father.<<

Your idea of ‘faith’ is to commit yourself to the WatchTower Society and serve them. Sure the WatchTower ‘admits’ to ‘mistakes’ but it hides others, you follow an earthly ‘organization’ with its contradictions.

It claims to be God’s prophet on earth today, yet has made many false prophecies. Any prophet who gives false prophecies means God did not send them (Jer.14:14). So it’s a false prophet. But it’s never moved ‘
forward toward a clearer understanding’, for God has never required membership in an earthly organization for salvation, He requires membership of His heavenly family, via the new birth (Jn.3:3 Lk.12:33 Ac.26:19 2 Cor.5:1 Eph.1:3 2:19 Heb.3:1 11:16).

>>All men lie, I am sorry to be the one to tell you, " All fall short of the glory of God." I personally try not to practice any sin though I know I am a sinner. I do have someone to plead my sad case a righteous one Jesus Christ my king and redeemer.<<

If ‘all men lie’ why commit yourself to the men of WatchTower Society? They have lied many times. In contrast Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again" (Jn.3:3). After years of door knocking for the Watchtower you won’t even “see the kingdom of God” without this spiritual rebirth. Jesus said, “That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit…. You must be born again” (Jn 3:6-7). Without this rebirth, you are a ‘sad case’, ‘fallen short’ and without sin forgiven.

>>We just went to a family reunion 2 weekends ago (our family does not share our faith.)<<

JW’s are allowed family reunions, but “if family members are not J.W.'s you must have little to do with them” (Watchtower 1995 7/15 p27 Watchtower 1998 9/15 p25). And “those expelled, you must have NOTHING to do with them or you will be shunned too” Watchtower 1988 4/15 p29.

The Watchtower discourages family reunions with non-JW’s. “Jehovah’s witnesses (are) tied together with a bond stronger than blood relationship….whoever leaves fleshly brothers and sisters for the sake of his name would gain many times more (The unbelieving family have) no love for God and no respect for his laws and purposes (So JW’s have) no part of the world (and) nothing in common with the world (unbelievers have) every imagination and thought of their hearts is only evil (so) a person who is at an assembly of Jehovah’s people (and gives up such reunions) Their joy will exceed that of any family reunion.” (Watchtower 1958. 2/15 p.126) You wrote,

>>And my daughter is in the multicultural club at school. <<

There’s a long list of reasons JW’s are not to associate with clubs. According to the WatchTower avoid them - Watchtower 1997 6/1 p.4. Watchtower 1992 8/15 p18. Watchtower 1979 1/1 p31. Watchtower 1973 2/1 p73 Watchtower 1966 7/15 p421. You “must shun…associations that can lead to worldly involvements and the loose, unprincipled way of life that we see in the world.” (Watchtower 1992 12/15 p16).

I’m amazed the beliefs of the Witnesses do not influence their daily lives. Even though they give 30% of their income, ten hours a week in service, it’s amazing how their personal lives are unaffected by their doctrine. They tell people at the door how to live their lives yet ignore many things in their own life.

>>I don't know your personal boggle but if your share information please make sure it is as true as possible.<<

My ‘personal boggle’ is that the Bible differs radically to what the Society teaches in almost every doctrine. I suppose you accept everything the Society says ‘as true’, ‘mistakes’ and all. It doesn’t matter how clear the ‘information’ I share, if its contrary to Society doctrine, JW’s respond with an unbelieving close-mindedness. Even when they hear the truth, they are impervious to it.

>>I thought I'd share with you today. You can talk tome personally if you like. Suzanne<<

The Society is concerned if you read or listen to anyone but them (Watchtower 1996 2/1 p24). The last JW’s that came door knocking, first denied they were JW’s. Then denied what they believed. But then, admitted they were JW’s and what they believed. Why do they do that? Then, they were jumping from one verse to another, avoiding verses that questioned the Society. Many ex-JW’s can testify having come free from the organization because of ‘going directly to God’s Word’ as their source of authority and enlightenment. Try it, I have and its better than following men that can lie.


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