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Hi Lisa,

>>hi there, after the information above your website about different religions, all what you wrote about these religious groups was said by members of these groups. then i'm wondering if jehova's witnesses are different from country to country.<<

As far as I know Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) are consistent worldwide. They all must follow instructions and teaching from the WatchTower. Some JW's don’t know Watchtower teaching, some object when they find out, but many JW's don't have the power within to live up to the standard.

>>i'm not a witness but my friend is one of them and i like to attend their meetings. i just know very little of them but i know e.g. that they changed their mind about celebrating birthdays. actually, they are allowed to celebrate birthdays if they wish to.<<

In the New World Translation (NWT) which most JW's obey, it mentions about “Holidays, Birthdays”. It says “true worshipers” don’t observe these and “celebration” is “improper”. There are many days the Watchtower considers “improper” - Father’s and Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas, National Days, in fact, any day the Watchtower says. It would be ironic they are now allowed to celebrate birthdays but not that of Jesus.

The NWT says, “Jesus’ death day” alone is to be “commemorated”. But JW’s don’t obey Jesus’ command to celebrate the communion feast (Mt.16:26:29 Mk.14:22-26 Lk.22:19-21). True disciples of the New Covenant were to ‘eat the bread and drink of the cup’ in obedience to His command, and in remembrance of Him.

>>i haven't yet read all of the points you wrote about them, but some of them are right after my knowledge. at least they live their lifes in the way they tell other people to do it in their right way (sorry, my english is not that good, hope you understand what i wanted to say).<<

Your English is good. I encourage you to read the rest. And the letters on my website before following JW's. Many today are sincere in what they believe, but sincerely wrong. Unfortunately, JW’s are deceived by the Watchtower Society in Brooklyn. Today the Society has nothing but scorn and venom for Christianity and continual criticism. They follow the teachings of the founder - Charles Russell. He rejected practically every major doctrine of the Christian faith – from the Trinity, deity of Christ to the bodily resurrection from the grave and the visible second advent of Christ. He started the Watchtower magazine.

>>another point: they are allowed to hang around with non-witnesses, you see, i'm not a witness. but actually, i'm starting to like what they tell and do. i like the family of my witness-friend very much, and i think i've never seen before such a peaceful family! best regards, lisa<<

There's only one reason JW's are allowed to “hang around with non-witnesses”, that is to make them a JW. They are successful so far, you are accepting their teachings and practice. Ultimately you become a clone and slave to the Watchtower Society. But generally, "You must view all people who are not J.W's as 'worldly’ and part of Satan's organization. They will all perish at Armageddon and only JW's will be saved, so why bother associating with them?".

Be careful of the outward appearance of false ‘religions’. They substitute a religious system for the Gospel. They tell you your feelings of sin and guilt before God can only be answered by serving the Watchtower Society. And that you can only be saved, have peace and know God if you follow the Watchtower Society.

While JW’s might give a ‘peaceful’ impression, in reality, they follow a demanding system of strict rules and regimental discipline. How can any slave be ‘
peaceful’? Real peace only comes from the right relationship with God, not my human effort. If they fail after 40 years of labour, the Watchtower Society has told them they're lost forever.

Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again...you must be born again" (Jn.3:3,6-7). After years of door knocking for the Watchtower they won’t “see the kingdom of God”. Or have the truth, God's Spirit or God's peace (Jn.1:17 16:33 14:17, 15:26, 16:13). These come from knowing Christ as personal Savour, not from a religious organization.

I pray you are open to seek the truth. Many ex-JW’s have left the organization because they went directly to God’s Word as their source of authority and enlightenment. So watch out for the Watchtower Society, its more deceptive than you realize. If I can help further, write.


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