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Hi Jared,

>>Thanks for the response and the cordial tone. It is appreciated. I agree with you (including your quote from Galatians, though my interpretation would differ).<<

Interesting…. What is your ‘private interpretation? Gal.1:8-9 warns against accepting any message from an angel bringing another gospel. We are told to reject it, but you are not?

>>However, I guess my concern is not whether we agree on the doctrine, which I would guess we probably don't. My concern lies in a misrepresentation of another's beliefs and the way we portray them, especially if I am providing a resource for others to judge that belief system off.<<

My website is not a 'misrepresentation'. All ‘facts’ are backed-up by Mormon leaders, things Mormons don't say when door knocking. But I understand your concern having put your faith in Mormonism. According to Gal.1:8-9 that is a false religious system.

>> If I were to write on another's faith, regardless of whether I accept it as absolute truth, I would hope that I would be considerate enough to take it on it's own terms. Only 'they' can tell me what 'they' believe, as they are the believer, not me. Whether I accept that belief or not is a different story. I can say I disagree, I can say they are flat out wrong, but I cannot say they believe this when they don't. <<

And what if 'they' are hoodwinked and follow a system that blinds them to truth? Someone should warn, but not you? You find the comments of Mormons embarrassing, me too, if I put my faith in Mormonism. If something is true it can stand the test, if not it needs to be questioned.

>>Further, I would hope I would compare 'bests with bests' rather than 'worst with best'. Most religions have obscure 'mysteries' that would not be fed to babes, but to set these mysteries down as the basic tenets of a faith could be seen as disingenuous. I feel my faith system is strong enough to stand on its own without me having to misrepresent another's beliefs. I would assume you feel the same way about yours. <<

So you admit Mormonism portrays itself as reasonable. But dig deeper and there's much disingenuous. Like ‘obscure mysteries’ you would not want anyone to know. The reason you feel concerned is because your faith system is challenged. But you haven’t mentioned one ‘misrepresentation’ yet that I’m guilty of.

>>If you say Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers - fine - Perhaps better would be to say why we believe it. "Mormons will not tell you" is a somewhat slanted way to portray my belief system and sets up some sinister hidden agenda that I find somewhat disturbing and more akin to scare tactics than proselyting. <<

But I do say WHY Mormons ‘believe it’ (go read again). It’s more 'sinister' when door knocker ‘will not tell you’ many things, with a 'hidden agenda' to make converts. Most people who know the bible find Mormonism disturbing and fraudulent.

>>(FYI - Saying that Mormons believe Mary was not a virgin - incorrect - there is no doctrine to explain how Mary conceived God's Divine Son, Christ, except that she was overshadowed by the Holy Ghost. What exactly that means and the technicalities of it, I doubt any living man knows and as far as I'm aware God has not chosen to enlighten us on the matter. It is a divine mystery.)<<

You know less about Mormonism than you realise. Orson Pratt taught Mary and God were married and Jesus the offspring. (The Seer pg.158). And Joseph was another husband of Mary (Brigham Young Journal of Discourses 11:268). Jesus “was not begotten of the Holy Ghost…” wrote B. Young. So who do I believe? You, or Mormon apostles [who say ‘don’t believe the bible’], or the bible which contradicts you people ? (Isa.7:13-14 Lk.1:34-35. Mt.1:18-25).

>>Thus, as I began, my concern is not in the disagreement with another's faith, it is the incorrect portrayal of another's faith. <<

But your faith is misdirected with an 'incorrect portrayal' of Mormonism.

>>As for the 'cult' status applied so liberally to the Church and my faith, doctrinal disagreement does not equal cult. Cults are evidenced by certain sociological behaviour, and anything applied to 'Mormonism' outside of these sociological behaviours could equally be applied to any religious group, including 'mainstream' Christianity. <<

Mormonism has all the signs a cult –

  • Antagonism (intolerant of other belief, hostile to mainstream Christianity).
  • Isolationism (closed mindedness ‘we alone are right’)
  • Propagandism (to win converts – discredit others)
  • Perfectionism (feelings of superiority, a perverted sense regarding sin)
  • An Extra-source of Authority. (Their literature and leaders which dictate belief. The bible is not the final authority).
  • Bible Doctrine Denied (the Gospel flavoured with the doctrine of the sect)
  • Exclusive Community (They alone God’s chosen. Last defenders of true doctrine)
  • Distinctive Terminology (double meaning of words and terms, its own gobbledegook)

These describe Mormonism. You don’t know the meaning of the word ‘church’ or ‘faith’. Mormonism re-defines words to mean something different to the bible. The bible (not ‘faith’, ‘church’ or even ‘mainstream Christianity’) should be the source of truth.

>>Finally, how do we find truth? I agree, the Bible is a good start. My feeling, however, is that a better place would be to go to the Author, the source of all Truth, even God. He wrote The Book, so who better than to teach me the meaning of The Book, rather than leaving things up to 'private interpretation'. Such things can only be revealed by Him to me, through the working of the Holy Spirit. No man can prove such things, nor should he try. We can only invite others to read God's word, hear God's word, and then take the matter to God. Rely on God, not man. He will reveal the truth to sincere individuals, as He has throughout history, and as the Bible so teaches. Kind Regards, Jared.<<

Noble words for a Mormon. Firstly, don’t play off God’s Word against the ‘Author’ as if they differ. You reply on Joseph Smith for ‘all truth’ and place your faith in him. You are not a Christian but a 'Mormon'. Secondly, God, the Gospel, Holy Spirit and ‘truth’ are words that have different meanings for us. You must come to God on His terms, not those of a religion. Until then all you have is an hallucination. Thirdly, the book of Mormon is fiction. Cling to Mormonism, and you will never know the meaning of the word ‘truth’.

Kind regards

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