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Hi Jared

Still waiting for your ‘interpretation’ of Galatians 1:8-9.

1:8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

Scarcely could one find a verse so accurately descriptive Mormon door knockers. Look the bible says it again –

1:9 As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

Clearly applicable to Mormonism. You need to explain, this applies to you.

>>Thanks for the response Mark. Again you are discussing doctrine with me, rather than its representation. That is not something I really wish to go into, as I highly doubt if there's much we would agree on so I don't really see the point. I doubt I could even find a room of 'Mainstream' Christians that could agree on such verses from the Bible. <<

Makes me think you are avoiding or hiding something. Compared to ‘Mainstream’ Christianity, Mormonism departs from the bible - hence our disagreement. Yes there are different views in ‘mainstream Christianity’, they are free to think. Unlike Mormon clones holding Joe Smith’s doctrine. Their leaders demand obedience whether they are right or wrong.

>>As for arguing that I don't know my beliefs very well, trust me when I say I do. Other than walking through each and every obscure reference that can be dug up with someone saying this or that, I'll have to leave it at that. And the quotes you mention just show that you don't understand how Mormons view such statements as they relate to scripture. <<

Your ‘beliefs’ are Mormon beliefs not yours. And you didn’t ‘know’ what Mormon apostles taught. Your criticism of my website as “incorrect” was incorrect. And now it’s my fault again, I “don’t understanding”? Isn’t your job defending Mormonism? If I ask ‘how do such statements relate to scripture’ you “don’t really see the point” or “wish to go into” it. Like a ‘secret agenda’?

>>Further, I have been one of those young men knocking on doors, and all the things you say are hidden, as though there is some secret agenda, is false. I was, as are many, many other Mormons I know, quite ready to discuss such things with those that asked. I was not, however, willing to get into arguments or start bashing the bible. No doubt some would think, 'why don't you bring up the relationship between Jesus and Satan when I knock on the door' or any other of the obscure passages? The answer is simple. I don't feel it is very relevant. The main message we had was that Christ is the Saviour, salvation can only come through Him, and God has living prophets once again on the earth. <<

Yes Mormon missionaries want to sound biblical to win converts. That radical and embarrassing teaching they avoid - “don’t feel it is very relevant”. They don’t want to “start bashing the bible’, what will people think? So people research and discover what we are NOT told. Hence the need for my website.

And ‘
Christ is the Saviour’? Which Jesus are you talking about? The Christ of the bible is not the Mormon Jesus - who had many wives and his blood was insufficient for salvation. The One in the bible doesn’t have a brother called Satan. And ‘salvation only through him’? Not according Mormonism!! Not only do you not tell all, but has Mormonism told you everything?

>>We readily taught about temples and why we have them, about the Plan of Salvation (our belief that covers our 'hidden' message that we can become like God), we were often asked about the 'black' issue and the marriage issue. Believe me when I say, these things were never hidden. Most people these days already know about our peculiarities. So, again, my concern is with your portrayal of us as having some hidden agenda. Everyone knows why Mormons knock on their door, and most people these days are quite aware of what separates us from other denominations. I think our 'agenda' is quite obvious. You can spot a Mormon missionary miles away. <<

If no ‘hidden agenda’, what do we think when we discover Joseph Smith was heavily involved in the Occult, Spiritism and Freemasonry when he founded Mormonism? That many things he encouraged are forbidden in the Bible?

What are people to think when its leaders taught there were people on the moon who dressed like Quakers and inhabitants on the sun as well? And that the "heavenly father" is claimed to be an exalted, evolved man who lives on a planet near the imaginary starbase Kolob?

No wonder the New Testament warns there are no more apostles and prophets. Mormonism is not ‘another denomination’ or part of Christianity but a complete departure from it. It bullet proofs people from truth, you assume faith in Mormonism is ‘faith in God’.

>>As for the 'Bible as only authority argument': I don't believe such an argument is biblical. The Bible never refers to itself, only to the Word and to the Gospel, it is men who have supplanted those words with the term 'Bible'. I always found it strange when someone would tell me I must only believe the Bible, and I would ask why, and they would refer back to the Bible in a circular argument. The Bible clearly teaches that God is the source of truth and if we want to know the truth we should go to Him (I include words of Joseph Smith in this, as you seem to think I have placed unqualified faith in him as a prophet). <<

The Bible is the Word of God and is authoritative in every area of life. Read ‘it’s’ argument, 2 Tim. 3:15-17. Jn 5:39. Deut. 13:2-3, 18:21-22. 1 Pet.1:20-21. Rom.16:25-26. Heb.4:12. Jude 3. 1 Thes.5:21. Mal.3:6. Heb.6:17-18. Jn.16:13, 8:31-32. 1 Sam.15:22-23. Ps.119:105. Jer.6:10; 8:8-9; 23:29. Mt.4:4. 1 Cor.4:6. 2 Cor.4:2. Gal.1:8-9. Eph.6:17. 1 Thes.2:13. 2 Thes.3:14. 2 Pet.1:21, 3:16-18. Mormons provide no evidence its untrustworthy and full of errors at the door. Is this unimportant? Yet rejection of God’s Word is the reason for deception.

It’s amazing to read your criticism of it when your own inspired scriptures (Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price & Doctrines & Covenants) all contradict each other as well as the Bible. No Christian group accepts these as authoritative. You might ‘
find no reason to discuss’ but archaeologists still lack evidence the bible has in abundance:-

1. No Book of Mormon cities has been located.
2. No Book of Mormon names has been found in New World inscriptions.
3. No genuine inscriptions have been found in Hebrew in America.
4. No genuine inscriptions have been found in America in Egyptian or anything similar to Egyptian, which could correspond to Joseph Smith's "reformed Egyptian."
5. No ancient copies of Book of Mormon scriptures have been found.
6. No ancient inscriptions of any kind in America which indicate that the ancient inhabitants had Hebrew or Christian beliefs have been found.
7. No mention of Book of Mormon persons, nations, or places have been found.
8. No artefact of any kind which demonstrates the Book of Mormon is true has been found.
9. Rather than finding supportive evidence, Mormon scholars have been forced to retreat from traditional interpretations of Book of Mormon statements.

>>If we're talking historical proof, the history of the Bible as a single document pokes holes all through the argument that it is the only source of God's word. What of the apocrypha? What of the lost gospels of the other apostles? Didn't a bunch of men get together and argue what should be included and omitted? Didn't the scriptures look VERY different for a few hundred years after Christ's death, and during the actual lives of Christ's apostles? The argument that the Bible is 'IT' silences God, and changes His pattern of working with His children for 5000 years.<<

But the bible has the historical evidence of genuineness the Mormon book will never have. The 'apocrypha' and Pseudepigrapha aren’t accepted by much of Christianity for similar reasons the Book of Mormon is not. The 'apocrypha' has some redeeming features but unanswered questions about accuracy and teaching. The other literature is fraudulent. Anyone can study these and the formation and selection of scripture, there’s no secret agenda. You desperately need to.

And no the bible has not evolved, it reads like the originals. There are thousands of manuscripts one can cross-check. Translators have tried to get close as possible to the originals. There's less reason for rejecting the bible than ever before. But the Book of Mormon cannot compare, it has evolved. There are numerous corrections, contradictions, errors, plagiarisms and alterations. Even its so-called 3 witnesses apostatized from the Mormon faith and described it the most unflattering terms.

Since the bible is ‘God’s Word’ that protects the truth and silences the thousands of false prophets and deceivers. Otherwise one wouldn’t know what to believe.

>> I find it strange, when He is an unchangeable God, that now the heavens are closed, man doesn't receive communication from Him, and we only are left with a book to interpret it as best we can (and Christians do not agree on its meaning, and never have, hence the multitude of different brands of Christianity). Even the Israelites with their law and tablets had a prophet walking amongst them to explain the meaning of the Law. The books were always amongst man, but so too were His prophets and apostles. Now we just have the book?<<

I too find it strange because according to your logic, we should also follow the Koran. The fact God has not given new revelation since bible days indicates the bible is complete. That protects us from confusion and every Joe Smith claiming new revelation.

The Holy Spirit interprets scripture. That doesn’t mean Christians know everything, are perfect, or never disagree. But have THE advantage over people like yourself – who don’t have God’s Spirit. The differing views in Christianity are not bible error. Men who follow false prophets and ignore the bible are far more likely to end up confused.

You think Joe Smith gives the meaning for everything. The god of Joe Smith was a man with many wives. But the God of the bible is totally different. So yes I’m glad we have one book, its sufficient and rightfully the worlds biggest seller.

>>As for the cult thing. I could point to many Christians that fit the description you paint. And the definition of cult is not something that departs from your view of Christianity. There is an actual meaning to the term, and it is a very loaded term, and it is not specifically tied to Christianity. The isolationism you reference, sorry I just don't get how that applies to my beliefs anymore than it does yours. <<

The word ‘cult’ means a sect or group. A biblical definition is best. Within Christian denominations one can definitely say there are genuine Christians (as defined by the bible). In a cult however, with a corrupt message it’s unlikely there is one genuine Christian. We call that a cult as the bible defines a real Christian. It’s the ultimate rule and exposes the fake. Isolationism applies to Mormonism because it teaches all other churches are false.

>>Anyway. I digress. No doubt such arguments will not satisfy, nor should they. God is the source of our faith, not rhetoric and debate. To Him we must go, and my faith lies in the belief that He is loving and will reveal the truth to us if we sincerely ask Him for it. <<

Noble words again. Sounds all very well, but in reality a peek stone addict (Joseph Smith) is one you go to. A VERY proud man, he manufactured revelations at will, depending on his desires. Sex was one of his main motivating factors.

Mormonism tries to emulate orthodoxy. It strives with great effort to masquerade as ‘Christian’. But, believe me Jared it has nothing that is biblical. Its ‘god’ is nothing like the God of the bible. So which God do you seek? Mormonism has many God’s. Even God has a God over him. God also has a mother. And God has many wives and is limited. What better reason for Mormon pioneer John D Lee to marry 19 times? And women who disagree with polygamy - go to hell.

>>However, it is your website and you will do with it as you wish. I was just emailing to express my concerns, as I often hear people describing my beliefs in a manner that in no way describes my beliefs. Kind Regards, Jared.<<

And I thank you. You are free to complain if your beliefs are mistreated. But my little old website turns out to be ‘correct’ and not ‘misrepresenting’, it pales into insignificance compared to the anti-bible nature of Mormonism. If I were you, I would not sleep at night until I check all those things listed on my website. Or are you extremely gullible and believe anything? Those who seek God in the bible, will come to know Him and His way of Salvation.

Kind regards

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