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Hi Jared,

Thanks for the reply. You wrote,

>>Dear Mark. I'm concerned as again you seem to think I am not aware of all the issues you raise as though I have not studied my own beliefs. I am aware of them, have discussed them with many people many times (mostly with non-Mormons) have considered them and weighed them, compared them to the Bible, and am satisfied with the answers I have received. <<

I only said your beliefs were ‘Mormon beliefs’. I’m sure you’re well taught. But the bible will still NOT support Mormon doctrine. So I think you are brainwashed. “There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” (Pro.14:12) “Take heed to yourselves that your HEART BE NOT DECEIVED …” (Deut.11:16). Been satisfied doesn’t change the facts. Satan goes about “ with all power and signs and LYING wonders ” (2 Thes.2:9).

>>I know what I believe and I don't understand someone telling me, as you are doing, otherwise. You can tell me what I believe is wrong, but telling me what my 'Mormon' doctrine and agenda is, is something entirely different. <<

But you need help. The Mormon agenda is to sound biblical to win converts and avoid its radical and embarrassing teachings. You are troubled because your ‘faith’ is in a religious system – not Jesus the Saviour.

Our eternal destiny depends on what we put our trust in now. Watchout for wrong belief - “ believe not every spirit…because many FALSE PROPHETS have gone out into the world ” (1 Jn.4:1). No amount of nice feelings or sincerity is the test of truth. God does not change His mind concerning matters about which He has already clearly spoken.

He gives tests for prophets and doctrine. Eg. Gal.1:8 “ though an angel from heaven teach any other gospel …” So Mormonism has its origin from AN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN (Moroni) bringing another gospel. Why ignore this?

>>You seem to be confusing 1) explaining Mormon doctrine with 2) making a judgement call on that doctrine. The second part is up to you, the first part however is where your understanding of Mormon doctrine is somewhat lacking. That is where my concern begins and ends, not with your judgement that my beliefs are wrong. <<

You keep saying I don’t “understand ”. So if I am wrong about Mormon doctrine, why neglect opportunities to explain my error? An ‘expert’ with answers could easily expose my ignorance.

>>I also suspect your commentary on Mormon doctrine is based on others commentary on Mormon doctrine, not on actually studying the doctrine itself. That would be like me basing my understanding of the Bible on someone's Cliff notes, without actually ever reading the Bible. <<

True, my 'commentary' is nothing new. It’s all said before. And true, I recommend you put away Mormon commentary on the bible, for the bible alone. The best defence against error is to know the bible. It exposes frauds and enlightens our understanding about what it true.

>>I've read, studied and prayed about the Bible many times. I studied it this morning in fact. I view it as scripture. I do the same with the Book of Mormon, and I find no contradictions between the two. They are both the word and will of God. <<

There are 'contradictions', Alma 7:10 “he shall be born of Mary at Jerusalem…” but the bible says, He was born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2, Mt.2:1)

Did you read ANY of those verses in my last mail? The bible claims to be a work from God (2 Tim.3:16) the Book of Mormon claims to be a work of man – 1 Nephi 1:3, 19:6. 2 Nephi 2:17. Jacob 7:26. Alma 40:20. Jarom 1:1-2. Omni 1:1-4. Mormon 1:1-4, 8:1, 12. 9:31-34. Ether 5:1, 12:23-27. Moroni 10:1. These verses are absolute proof the authors were producing a work of man. They claimed it was their own human opinions according to their own knowledge with their own errors and imperfections.

They even claimed to alter words without God’s help and claim they were criticised by men because of their weakness in writing. So the original so-called authors of the Book of Mormon wrote by their own hand on the plates without the inspiration of God. Their testimony was not according to God’s perfect knowledge. For example -

  • Nephi’s testimony was not according to God’s perfect knowledge (1 Nephi 1:3 19:6).
  • Jacob’s testimony was not according to God’s perfect knowledge (Jacob 1:1-2, 7:26).
  • Moroni’s testimony was not according to God’s perfect knowledge (Ether 5:1 Moroni 10:1).

No wonder we must do all kinds of mental gymnastics to try to make Mormon teachings fit the Bible. If both are the same, why is Mormonism thoroughly anti-Christian? Why does it deny every fundamental doctrine of the Christian religion?

>>But, I've never felt the need to defend my faith, only explain it. That does not seem to be happening in this exchange, as you seem to be claiming to be the expert on my beliefs more than I am, thus I'm not sure what else I can offer in this exchange. Kind Regards, Jared.<<

You appear disingenuous. You ignore problems in Mormonism only to embrace it even more. Your faith in Mormonism is indefensible, you are simply not able to defend or explain it. For you, it must be believed, not questioned. You blindly accept what others would see as absurd.

I have no doubt that your mind is made-up and none can change it. You will be close-minded when others would see the light [2 Cor.3.14]. You will refuse to see while others are willing [2 Cor.4:4]. Those who find security in a false system fail to see the truth. Facts and truth make no difference. But this doesn’t stop me wanting to help. There’s a chance the “Spirit of Truth” will speak to you. You are zealous for the doctrines of a sect than “ the doctrine of Christ ” [1 Jn.9].

I write because God cares about you Jared. He doesn’t want to see you waste your life with this cult. Only with the Christ of the bible can you ever have a real relationship with the true God. This is what you need and what you want.

Kind regards

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