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Hi James,

Thanks for your comments – appreciated. I’d like to respond. My name is Mark, and what a great ‘Christian’ name you have. ‘James’ is biblical. He lived in the time of Christ, the half-brother of Jesus. But it wasn’t until after the resurrection when Jesus appeared to him he became a believer. Eusebius (200AD) writes about him and Josephus records his martyrdom in AD.62.

He gave good advice, “come near to God and He will come near to you” (4:8). Hence the difference between one who hasn’t met God and one who has - one doesn’t know and the other does know Him. You wrote,

>>Hi Mark, I have written this in reply to you're website. "The atheist or agnostic And before the Cosmic Egg is more uncertainty. This is a non-answer because we know from nothing, comes nothing." Just because we can't explain something doesn't mean God did it. There was a time when almost everything we are able to explain was unexplained, but lo and behold, we managed to explain it and without saying 'God did it'.<<

I agree, but the argument is not ‘just because we can’t explain something God did it’. Its ‘the existence of an effect indicates the existence of a cause’. So the argument proceeds, ‘if the universe began to exist at some time, it’s reasonable to assume something caused it's beginning’. Your wrote,

>>In the past people didn't have enough knowledge to explain how things worked, so they made up answers instead, like explaining lightning as the weapon of Zeus.<<

Yes I agree. But we shouldn’t allow the dark minds of men to determine truth. There are always those who ‘don’t know’ or ‘have enough knowledge’ so ‘make-up’ hypothetical stories about things. But if you bring all the arguments together there’s a plausible explanation based on what we know.

Greek myth-making, folktales and imaginary stories are a weak ‘explanation’ for what we know. You wrote,

>>Your answer is just less creative: "God did it. " Sometimes you might even add "...through natural processes."<<

The imagination might be more ‘creative’ but saying ‘someone created’ is an answer that encourages research and enquiry. I wouldn’t add ‘… through Natural processes’. Life or things didn’t make themselves over billions of years by trial and error. That’s contrary to the 1st and 2nd laws (good science). You wrote,

>>Anyway, we are beginning to explain how the universe could have originated. Even though the first cause is unknown, it doesn't mean it will remain unknown.<<

But for you the best answer is unacceptable. So all things remain 'unexplainable’. You, “don’t know, but maybe one day will”. That’s not true for others. Is it possible that God can exist as part of your ‘unknown’ in what you ‘don’t know’? The answer is logically yes. Unless you wilfully block out logic, truth and evidence.

Others will say, look at the design, order and information in life forms. We also see meaning, beauty, love, purpose, truth, freedom etc. You wrote,

>>At the moment all we have are hypothetical causes that can not yet be proven true or false. These hypotheticals however are more likely causes than the supernatural.<<

At the moment all you have is “hypothetical causes not yet proven true or false” to you. By default, you will not accept any evidence for God’s existence. Yet nothing can be accepted as ultimately “true or false” in your belief or argument. You ‘don’t know’, but there millions who do.

Atheism is a ‘religion’ based on blind faith. It takes much faith to believe what you do. To believe there’s no God without any evidence the universe was uncreated. Surely to remain an atheist one must refute, deny or ignore all evidence for a creator God. You wrote,

>>This is because A: nothing supernatural has ever been proven to exist B: the universe looks and acts the way we would expect it to if supernatural beings/phenomena didn't exist C: the only evidence for the supernatural are testimonies, and D: every phenomenon people have tried to explain with supernatural causes has been shown to occur without supernatural intervention. What makes the cause of the universe any different? Either supernatural beings ACT as though they don't exist or they DON'T exist.<<

How can you be “100% exactly certain” your “observation is correct”? This is a personal belief based on what you ‘don’t know’. There are plenty of things once thought ‘supernatural’, impossible or non-existent yet have proven otherwise. Plenty that still remain in the realms defying our abilities to understand yet they exist. Not to mention thousands of things unseen yet existing. It seems your list of absolutes changes to suit. You wrote,

>>If scientists found proof that God created the universe atheists would become theists. But it isn't going to happen.<<

Plenty of scientists reject atheism, for scientific reasons, and insist God did create the universe. Professional Scientists, and experts in every field of study –


The reason for unbelief is not lack of evidence, it’s spiritual. One atheist wrote, ‘If the Christian proved his God to us we should be even less able to believe him’. What has ever constituted as evidence for an atheist? Nothing! They can’t even agree as to what is legitimate evidence. By default they MUST deny all evidence and insist nobody knows.

>>No-one denies that the universe had a cause, but it is nonsense to claim that a supernatural being is the only one possible, in the same way that saying "my sleeping bag exists, therefore God made it" is nonsense. Where did God from? If you say "God existed forever " then it is equally valid for the irreligious to say "this 'something' existed forever. " God doesn't have a monopoly on forever and saying he does is a logical fallacy called "special pleading ".<<

Yes the ‘first cause’ argument is undeniable, it’s the atheist that doesn’t exist. Claiming there’s a God isn’t ‘nonsense’, for from ‘nothing comes nothing’. The universe having all its qualities and characteristics is nonsense without a ‘supernatural being’. As its nonsense to insist your ‘sleeping bag’ wasn’t made.

God has the monopoly on eternal, if we have a correct understanding of time, motion and matter. The universe we know is not eternal, while God [outside time matter and motion] has all the qualifications to be eternal. His eternal nature is seen in what He has made, man’s nature in what he creates. God has spoken in time and revealed Himself. It is He who you rebel against.

The universe was produced by one with intelligence and information. Why? Because that’s what one must have in order to produce something orderly and intelligent [ie life, the human brain]. Information for life needs to exist before life. God’s existence is the key that fits the lock, and answers the questions. Atheism answers nothing.

>>If an atheist says "nothing is certain " he is wrong. Anything that can be proved a priori, e.g. 2+2=4 is certain. Anything requiring an observation can be proved with virtually 100% certainty, but never 100% exactly (absolute certainty) because there is no way of being sure the observation is correct. You cannot even be sure whether or not living in the matrix. And yes, you're right - the existence of God cannot be disproven. -James<<

Are you 100% absolutely sure there are no ‘
absolutes’? Is nothing absolutely right or wrong just opinion? Nothing can be absolutely wrong if God doesn’t exist. Atheistic belief doesn’t know anything ‘certain’ so can’t say anything for sure. So logically nothing you said is certain and absolutely true. I can’t base my life on that, morals and sanctity become lost.

Unless you begin with God as the Infinite Reference Point which gives meaning to all the particulars of life, it is impossible to have any absolutes. Like an ultimate truth.

Thankfully we have a free-will to agree or disagree. Free will is another reason God exists. Atheists deny it exists but we know they are wrong about that too.

Kind regards