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Hi Bronte

You wrote,

>>Mark, Thank you for allowing me to put my point on my position as an atheist. Many years ago I decided that I could not accept the existence of a god. I decicded that as religions cannot prove the existence of a god and atheists cannot prove that there isn't a god, then if I was to call myself a genuine astheist I would have to prove that god does exist. With this thought in the back of my mind I continued on with my life. The best way to explain what happened next is to ask you to read what I have on my website.<<

Yes I read your website. Here's mine. You think if you deny God exists in your head then He does not exist at all. Mind games are not very challenging or persuasive that He doesn’t exist, simply because belief in God is a reasonable, plausible, common sense explanation for life. Atheism cannot exist apart from the belief in God's existence because it asks us to believe in nothing in relation to something.

If there’s no place for God, there’s no place for man, no place for beauty, for morals, or love. When you come to this place you have a sea without a shore. Everything is dead. You wrote,

>>because if you accept my reasoning then no relion is based on truth.<<

Yes, if I accept your ‘reasoning’ there is no God, then nothing is 'based on truth'. Nothing can be absolutely true. So how do I really know anything you said was true? Your whole base for understanding is destroyed by the fact ‘if there is no God’ then there is no way of knowing anything you believe is knowable or true. It wouldn’t matter what anyone believed because nothing would make sense.

All your atheistic ideas only exist in your head. Knowing a person you have never met, must come from without, not within. The only thing atheism believes is that truth and meaning do not exist. It’s a belief or religion that requires a blind faith, that we must understand that all the complexity of the universe on the bases of time and chance.

If you are correct, then you have no value as a person and neither does anyone have any value. This treats us as inhuman, as machines. It’s not surprising Christians know the value of humans. If we are created in ‘God’s image’ all men derive value from that origin. You say,

>>Intuitive answers are built on experience and instruction which probably explains the use of the term in the bible 'go forth and spread the word'. People do not know of the existence of God until they are told which explains the need for missionaries and evangelism. This is also a condition of knowing of your intuition. There are so many similarities between the two I can now rest easy by knowing, not believing, I am a genuine atheis.<<

Well people often accept the existence of a Supreme Being without being taught as they look at the wonders of nature - they see a design which means a designer – a plan so there is a Planner. I was cutting into an onion the other day and as I did, I saw in that humble vegetable such a clever series of circle all held together at the base and forming a globe shape covered by a light skin - great plan and design. Sir Isaac Newton perhaps the world's greatest scientist said that when he looks at and considers the design of his thumb and its efficiency, he has got to believe in God. You wrote,

>>I am now writing another explanation which claims that god does exist in human mind and that it is in fact the process of intuition.<<

Intuition is nearer feelings than intelligence, so I hope you don't expect too much. Feelings can change like the weather so aren't reliable.

Intuition is an understanding and knowledge without even the process of reasoning. Not dependant upon I.Q. Man knows intuitively there’s a God. He’s born with the knowledge, part of his nature. It makes men worship something or someone to satisfy their intuitiveness. If the deity doesn’t have Personality, Power and Perfection we are unsatisfied. When we live in denial of our intuitive knowledge we are forever trying to satisfy the spiritual vacuum in our lives. We know intuitively there’s a God particularly on the death-bed.

The fact the universe is there, rather than not there, is something atheism can’t ignore. As Plato said, “A finite point has no meaning unless it has an infinite reference point”. If the heavens and the earth have no God overall, then all things have no meaning. There must be a relationship to something which gives it meaning or all things become zero.

There is too much evidence that there is a God. In this world billions insist they have found God. They have thought through the subject (like me) day after day. Their conclusions are final, you can cannot tell them ‘there’s no God’. Because they know Him, and He TALKS and walks through life with them. Just because God is dead to you and you feel dead to Him, doesn’t mean He’s not there.

>>It was during a session of putting a problem into my mind that I suddenly realised I was actually praying.<<

A good test for God’s existence is to read His Word. If really serious in you quest to examine this subject why not really “pray” as the Bible describes ‘prayer’. If He’s out there, ask Him to reveal Himself in some way you know it’s Him. “If…you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul” (Deut 4:29).

Nothing on your webpage explains why there’s evil in the world. Why bad things? There’s something evil in men. If no God, then nothings really ultimately right or wrong. Yet we all know there is. To say there’s no right or wrong denies truth and means you can commit a crime and it’s not wrong. Worth considering? Thanks for writing.


"Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom” (Isa.40:28).