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The 'expert' John W. Loftus ( johnwloftus@verizon.net ) founder, author Web-Master of the website “Debunking Christianity”. http://debunkingchristianity.blogspot.com/

John claims “a near equivalent of a Ph.D”... “earned a Th.M degree” (bible school). And insists he and his website contributors are "experts". So this should be exciting -

Hi John

I've just been reading your website again. Wow, I'm still the total opposite to you. I'm amazed someone can spend so much time and effort against "Christians". There's a couple of facts which undermine your whole belief.

(1) There is a God the Creator. There is no doubt about this. The evidence is convincing. While you and a few 'self-professed' atheists might put up smoke and mirrors, this point sinks your website. Think for a moment; if there is a God, your website nonsense. And there are many reasons for that.

(2) The Bible is true. There are many intelligent, expert scientists who ague the creation model is better than Darwinian evolution. The bible is true in what it records and the genuine article. This makes your website nonsense.

(3) And the Christian ethic is far better. Human life becomes valuable and meaningful. There are standards of right and wrong. Nothing can alter this fact. Your website has no explanation to life's big questions and neither can it. It's better to promote those old Christian values of honesty, truth, justice, and freedom than rubbish "Christianity".

So unlike you, I haven't found any reason for throwing away what I know is true to embrace what I know is not true. This might seem strange; post it on your website, or to the 'team members'. If they disagree, they can say why mpp@xtra.co.nz But the fact is, people don't ignore or reject God because science or reason requires it, but because they want to. "They did not like to retain God in their knowledge..." (see Rom.1:19-28)

Kind regards,

While vocal [on his website] the 'expert' is reserved answering emails. After posting the above twice, he replied –

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So I replied,

thank you John.

John replies -

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So I replied -

thank you John

John replies -

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What a sham the "Debunking Christianity" website is!!!

When 'experts' can't defend what they believe, then it's not worth believing.