Want Some Answers ???


David is chair of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc

Hi David,

>>Hello Mark, Who is dogmatically stating that a god does not exist? There have been over 3,000 gods and 34,000 religions. All atheists are saying is, give us some proof for one, some or all of these gods and religions. Very simple stuff.<<

So you can't dogmatically state "God does not existĒ. Yes at best all you can say is, 'I donít know'. Atheism then is not a proven belief but a belief there's no God. Another Ďreligioní based on blind faith. It takes faith to be one. You believe thereís no God without any evidence the universe was uncreated. Surely to remain an atheist one must refute, deny or ignore evidence for a creator God.

And we agree about those many Ďgodsí. Evidence for them isn't good. Itís really the Ďoneí creator God that troubles an atheist. Yet he doesn't really deny the God of the bible, but an idol of his imagination.

>>Well, if there is heaps of evidence for your particular god in accredited scientific journals, I would love to see it.<<

Didn't say there was
'heaps of evidence' in 'journals'. Editors stop anything published contrary to the beloved theory of evolution. Its you that can offer no evidence for your belief but you merely imagine thereís no God, because God is outside your frame of thinking.

But believing in a creator God is not contrary to good science. Modern science is founded on many scientists who were creationists.

>> It was an appallingly ignorant little sentence about bringing evidence to Atheists and they wonít think about it. That is rubbish and nonsensical. If you supply the evidence, we will look at itÖ. If you could point to the science proving your particular god, that would be good.<<

But atheists donít think. Evidence can be obvious but ignored. Like a fish denying the ocean exists. One atheist wrote, ĎIf the Christian proved his God to us we should be even less able to believe himí.

What has ever constituted as evidence for an atheist? Nothing. Thereís huge debate as to what is legitimate evidence. Science can test some things but not others. Since the nature and existence of God is unlike any other issue one must approach Godís existence axiomatically. If God is the basic ground for reality the issue is not on the same grounds as things like humans or houses etc. Take the nature of air. Debating the existence of God is like debating the existence of air while breathing. If God is the creator then he is the necessary pre-condition for all reality. Heís the essential element for all existence.

There are good arguments pointing to evidence of Godís existence. Would you like those next time?

>>Yes, Atheists state emphatically that there are things about life that are unknown. No mystery there. It is only the death fearing, hell phobic religious people that state they know and you know what, they donít have any evidence at all. Such is the power of the fear of annihilation and indoctrination. Funny how the geographical location dictates the god in whom people believe.<<

Yes atheists simply donít know or have answers. All they can say is everything is a mystery and truth is uncertain and unknowable [a crazy position to defend].

Is it possible of what you donít know and outside the knowledge you possess that God exists? The answer is logically yes. You put your trust in a belief there is no God. No one lives in a vacuum. Everyone believes in something.

Donít let uncertain answers from religious people keep you in the dark. Some scientists have weird ideas, that donít stop me believing what is scientifically true.

And geographical location? Apply that argument to atheism and it refutes atheism as well. If you advocate that you must be prepared to be judged by the same principle. If beliefs are conditioned then the unbeliever is also conditioned.

>>I have explained what debate means. The gullible understand that winning a debate is science, but as a Doctor, so you say, you would realise this isnít so. Using the argument of ad populum about the number of scientist who Ďbelieveí in creationism is so stupid for a Doctor to say I will make out you didnít say it. The Academy of Science in the USA has only 7 percent who believe in a god. The number of those who are sucked into believing a creationism is infinitesimally smaller.<<

But significant numbers of qualified professional scientists for scientific reasons do believe in a creator God, not evolution. For them belief in a creator God is not stupid. Itís estimated there are up-wards of 10,000 professional scientists in the USA alone who are 'biblical creationists'.

Re. NAS. Yes that's the strongly anti-creationist organization who publish books written by Darwinian atheists refuting belief in a creator God. Fact is, belief in God is still generally accepted more than what NAS would like. All scientists who believe in God are really creationists, by default.

>>Atheism is not about proving there is no god. It is about the damage done to humanity by people who do and pointing those inadequacies out to a wider public.<<

What? 'Not about proving there is no Godí? Atheists write books to disprove God (ie Dawkins). And try to explain and define Him out of existence.

And '
damage to humanity'? For one who believes life has no meaning and value, a strange comment. Besides how can an atheist know anything for certain, if everything is just opinion? How can anything be really wrong, if thereís no God? All belief is just opinion. So how can wrong belief exist? Perhaps another 'mystery', can you explain?

You are not a person without beliefs, but one who upholds a variety of beliefs. Yet the faults of others govern your life.

>>I agree, if religion disappeared from the planet, so would Atheism. But until it does, we will be on your case as you are an unnecessary blight on humanity. Best wishes, David<<

Thanks David I appreciate your time. We differ in belief but itís good to have open exchange on the reasons why.

If people like me are ď
an unnecessary blight on humanityĒ why not shut down all the church social services? The Salvation Army care centres, Adventist hospitals, Presbyterian support services, Feed the Hungry, Tear fund, People Aid, Catholic hospices, counselling centres, schools, etc. etc.

And while doing that, stop people believing what isnít proven scientifically. Educate them in the ways of Darwinian atheistic evolution. For life to evolve, it needs more suffering, death, mutations and struggle. That will get rid of that old bible mythology - ĎLove thy neighbour as thyselfí, show justice, forgiveness, truth, kindness to all men.

Kind regards,