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Background: A Skeptic website denied my qualifications (insisting Christians are 'stupid and dishonest'). Their problem is they don't ask and avoid this. Hence this page. Graduation 1993 without "student loan" or 'Government assistance'. This student in those days had no computer, internet, websites & email. Email for 1993 school details.

Below: contacts and studies.

New Covenant International University
7255 South Military Trail
Lake Worth, FL 33463 USA. General information

TCI Campus;
Catalog; http://www.newcovenantinternational.squarespace.com/catalog/
Fax/Voicemail: +1 (954) 252-4004
Tel. + 1 (561) 965-3132

Kevin Dyson.
Master of Religious Ed.. D.D (Restoration Church History). PhD Biblical Counseling from Evangelical Theological Seminary, MO, USA. Fellow of the International Academy of Educators.

Dr. Tom C. Peters,
Vice-President. Degrees in Business Management Jones College Fl. B.th FL, USA. D.Min. NCITS.
Dr. Richard Bau Woon Ing
, Vice-President D.Min. Juris Doctor, M.Phil. B.Sci.

Russell A. Naisbitt A.C.A. (N.Z.); M.Ph.

Rev. David W. Briggs. B.Th.
Ian P. Butterworth M.Div.; B. Rel. Ed; B.A.; Dip. Tchg


Abramson, Dr Robert (Bob)
B.A. (Th.) Southeastern, Lakeland, FL, USA
M.A.R. Liberty Univ., Lynchburg, VA, USA
D.Min. Erskine Theological Seminary, Due West, SC, USA

Allen, Dr Edward B.
B.S. Browne Univ., Rhode Is, USA
M.S. Univ., of Pennsylvania, PA, USA
Ph.D. Florida Atlantic Univ., FL, USA

Anderson, Dr. Allan,
Dip Med (Pathology)
M.Phil, NCITS, Honolulu, USA.
Ph.D. (Biblical Counseling), NCITS, FL, USA

Briggs, Rev David W.
B.A (Theology) NCITS, FL, USA.

Butterworth, Ian P.
Dip Teaching, Auckland Teacherís Training College, NZ
B.A. (English & Foreign Languages), Auckland Univ., NZ
M. Divinity Evangelical Theol. Seminary, MO, USA

Collins, Dr David S. T.
B.A. (Theology) NCITS, FL, USA

Dyson, Joy
B.Rel.Ed. Jubilee Intíl Bible College, Qld, Australia
M.Bib.Counseling Evangelical Theological Seminary, MO, USA

Dyson, Dr Kevin
B.A. (B.Th.): Jubilee Intíl Bible College, Qld, Australia
M.Rel.Ed. Jubilee Intíl Bible Institute, CA, USA
Ph.D. (Bib. Counseling): Evangelical Theol. Seminary, MO, USA
F.I.A.E.: Intíl Academy of Educators, Ontario, Canada

Ford, Rev L. Glenn
B.Bus.Sc. Clemson Univ., FL, USA
M.Phil. (Miss.) NCITS, FL, USA

Franz, Dr Andreas,
Th.D (Tubigen)

Hawf, Rev Patricia
B.S. (C.S.M.): NCTS, FL, USA

Johnson, Dr Linda C.
B.Th. International Seminary, FL, USA
M.A. (Church History) International Seminary, FL, USA
Ed.D.C. Carolina University of Theology, NC, USA
Ph.D. International Seminary, FL, USA

Kirkpatrick, Dr John W.
L.Th. Melbourne College of Divinity, VIC, Australia
M.A. (Leadership) Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA, USA
D. Miss. Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA, USA

Michael, Rev William C.
B.S. University of Florida, USA
M.Phil. (I.C.S) NCITS, FL, USA

MuŮoz, Dr Nahum
B.Th. Nazarene Bible College, TX, USA
M.Theol. Logos Bible College, FL, USA
D.Min. Logos Bible College & Graduate School, NY, USA
Th.D. Logos Bible College & Graduate School, Mexico City

Peters, Dr Tom C.
B.S. (Mgt.): Jones College, FL, USA
B.Th. International Seminary, FL, USA

Richter, Rev Marty
B.S.: NY State Univ., NY, USA.

Stephenson, Dr Alan K.
Dip Teaching, Auckland Teacherís College, N.Z.
B.A (Ed); Auckland Univ., NZ.
M.Rel.Ed, NCITS, Honolulu, USA.
Th.D., NCIU, Florida, USA.

Walters, Professor Terry
LL.B; LL.M, Sheffield Univ., UK


All serve as non-resident faculty with other suitably qualified specialist persons and Adjunct Professors & Tutors

Burrell, Rev Arden, M.Th. B.A (B.Th.) Australia
Chu Dr Chick Sum, Th.D.; M.Div.; B.A. (B.Th.) Taiwan
Chung, Dr Tai Rai, Ph.D.; D.Rel.Ed; Th.D.; M.Theol. South Korea
Creighton, Dr FredC., D. Min., Phil.M. B.A. (B.Th) New Zealand
Eu, Dr Hong-SengPh.D; M.Min.; C.P.A. Franz, Andreas, Th.D. Malaysia
Hultgren, Dr Frank, D.Min.; M.Div. USA
Kong, Dr Hee, Th.D.; M.Div.; B.A. (B.Th.); B.Sc. Singapore
Kumar, Dr Steve Ph.D.; M.Div. New Zealand
Kurulo, Rev Suliasi, Ph.M.; B.A. (Th.); B.Sc Fiji
Norman Eu, Dr H. Lesley, D. Min., M.Phil. United Kingdom
MuŮoz, Dr Nahum, Th.D.; D.Min. USA
McDonald, Rev Bruce, B.A. (B.Th.); Dip.Tchg. New Zealand
Patterson, Dr S. Neal, Th.D.; M.Rel.Ed. B.A.(B.Th.) New Zealand
Teague, Dr Dennis,Th.D.; M.Div.; B.A. (B.Th.); Dip.Tesol. USA

New Covenant International, Inc (also known as New Covenant International University & Theological Seminary) is registered as a private, non-profit, educational organization and is incorporated in the State of Florida, USA. New Covenant International Incorporated is recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as organized for religious and educational purposes and is therefore exempt from taxation, pursuant to IRC Section 501(c)(3).

New Covenant International, Inc. is a non-profit institution founded for religious, educational, vocational purposes offering religious academic awards, degrees and vocational qualifications and is authorized to operate by the State Board - Commission for Independent Education under Florida Statute (s1005.06.(1)(f)F.S.

New Covenant International University and Theological Seminary is also a member of the Florida Council of Private Colleges, USA. [Authorized pursuant s246-041(1) (f) F.S. Queries concerning legal clarification of NCI programs and awards should contact: Florida Council of Private Colleges www.fcpc-edu.org

DOCTORAL DEGREES (credits 256)

(1) Doctorate in Theology Th.D Thesis 65,198 words. Conferred Honolulu Hawaii.

Mentor Ė DR COLEGROVE. Richard Selwyn - B.Th. M.A., D.D. L.R.S.M; L.C.T.L. -
a former graduate of NCIBC - Richard has previously been a teacher of Greek and Hebrew, as well as Music. Richard has completed his doctoral studies with research work and theses in the realm of Understanding the Nature of Regeneration. His theses have been received by Evangelical Theological Seminary, Missouri, USA with distinction, thus earning a Doctorate in Philosophy.

(2) Doctorate in Philosophy Ph.D Thesis 150,243 words (completed 5 Nov 1993). Conferred Honolulu Hawaii.

Mentor - Dr. KUMAR. Steve - (info) "A leading New Zealand Christian apologist and a lecturer, author and international speaker. He has lectured for the past 19 years at more than 75 theological colleges, universities and high schools in the US, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Dr. Kumar trained at the Faith Theological Seminary, Winbrenner Theological Seminary and Wittenburg University and gained his PhD at California Graduate School of Theology. (He) is considered to be the best apologetic teacher in New Zealand". The Thesis follows the 'Guide to the Presentation of Theses' obtainable from the University of Auckland Library. And was bound by Uniprint, Orakei NZ.

Cross-credits earned. From 3 Units from Bible College NZ (now Laidlaw College) and studies with Wheaton College. Helpful tutors - "Over View of Theology" - Dr William W Wells. PhD from Syracuse Univ. NY B.D cum laude from Trinity Evangelical School Illinois. B.A from Wheaton."Hermeneutics" - Dr J Julius Scott. Prof in Biblical and Historical Studies Wheaton B.D from Columbia Theological Seminary Georgia. PhD Univ. Manchester England. (Still retain lecture notes. Doctrinal tags? - Conservative, Evangelical, Creationist, Calvinist and Dispensational).

Other schools -
Emmaus Bible School (NZ) 1985
Searchlight Bible School (SDA) 1988
Christadelphian Correspondence School (NZ)
Worldwide Church of God Correspondence School.

Other studies -

Reviews (1) (2)


The Doctoral Degree Program is open only to graduates who have completed both Bachelor's and Master's degree courses or who have attained the necessary commencement credit level by earned or transferable credits. The Doctoral Program available is designed to assist students who wish to gain higher academic benefit and provided in two stages.

Stage One - Doctoral Program.

    Doctor of Theology.. Traditional theological subjects, including Missiology

     Doctor of Ministry..   Church Ministries

     Doctor of Religious..  Christian and Religious Education Education

Entrance Requirements:

     a) All students must have a minimum entry level of 192 credits.
     b) All students must attain a 256 credit level to graduate.
     c) All applicants for Stage One - Doctoral Program must have completed either three years pastoral ministry or equivalent service roles within the Christian church, or demonstrate exceptional academic grades granting early admission. Further information as to eligibility is obtainable by contacting the Registrar.

Candidates are requested to ensure that they are able to satisfy the entrance requirements as stated on page A13, item 7.03 of the general prospectus.


The college appoints to each qualifying candidate a "mentor" who serves as Adjunct-Tutor and guides through the program. Each candidate is expected to maintain a professional approach in the designated study and research program undertaken, and accordingly must meet stringent guidelines in submission of textual critiques and theses. All textual critiques undertaken shall be no less than 10,000 word minimum to earn 4 credits. The critique shall be submitted as per the standard Textual Analysis Format available from the college.

Candidates undertaking thesis work shall adhere to the following criteria:

Step 1 A Thesis proposal shall first be submitted to the Adjunct-tutor, containing:
(a) a description of the purpose and goals of the thesis.
(b) a list of research materials that will be used in developing the thesis. The college reserves the right to recommend other research material to be included in the project or that may be considered important to the study, that the student may not be familiar with.
(c) a thorough outline of the proposed thesis. Developing this outline is one of the best ways of developing your thought logically. Remember: the dictionary definition of a thesis is that a proposition is laid down as a theme to be discussed and proved, or it may be a dissertation to maintain and prove a particular viewpoint.

Step 2 Once approval has been given to proceed, the candidate is requested to prepare the thesis in consultation with the Adjunct-tutor.

Step 3 Presentation Format:
(a) The finished thesis should be presented in the format laid down in "A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses and Dissertations" by Kate L. Turabian (University of Chicago Press, revised and expanded edn 1987) - commonly referred to as the Turabiari format. This does not have to be followed slavishly, but gives valuable guidance to the various factors of presentation, particularly the numbering of paragraphs, and the use of quotes from references.

(b) The thesis must be presented in typed or printed form, on standard 8 1/2" x 11" or A4 paper, with wide margins on all sides (at least 20mm, but wider on left margin to allow for binding). The text should be single spaced, but allow space between paragraphs. Where a word-processor facility is available, the right hand margin can be justified. The thesis should have a Title page, Contents page(s), setting out chapters and page numbers etc., finishing with a conclusion, and a Bibliography, which should include the name of publisher and date of publication. Two hardbound copies of the thesis should be submitted.

(c) No thesis maybe submitted to NCITS if it has been accepted or is going to be accepted for academic credit elsewhere.

(d) Grammar, spelling and appearance will be considered in the grading of the thesis. All quotations must be clearly identified and the sources acknowledged. When your final thesis is presented, a grading committee of no less than two suitably qualified persons will be appointed as examiners. Their individual grading will be averaged and become the final grade given.

Diploma's are divided into 3 Trimesters with basic core units. Bachelor Degrees are divided into 'Courses/Elective Texts/Research/Thesis' (128cr). Master Degrees are divided into 'Courses/Elective Texts/Research/Thesis' (192cr). Doctoral Degrees are divided into 'Elective Texts/Research/Thesis' (256/286cr).

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[1] So far only Trevor Mander takes exception to the above.