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"The first to plead his case seems just, until another comes and examines him" Proverbs 18:17

Dialog with these people (subjects above) allows them to defend their belief and reply. Write, if you wish on these subjects or similar issues, not all replies are public. Answers.net is so simple it won't crash your PC. No one after your money so read and copy. No passwords, registration, or secret files infect your PC. No 'smoke and minor' links, restricted pages, or comment boxes with spam codes. And no 'trackers' so you can read anything without been noticed. You are welcome to comment mpp@xtra.co.nz - no bad language or attachments.

Answers.net does not recognize the absurd fiction of “gay marriage” in any legal, business, or social sense. And no matter what society says, "2 Billion Christians Believe in Traditional Marriage And So Do We". Various topics below:-

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Islam. [1] "Make no mistake they will kill for Allah". [2] Bob. Islam "a religion of peace"? [3-5] Amal runs a Islamic website. [6] NZ Herald - journalist Colin James [2008] believes the USA, not Islam is the problem in Iraq. [7] Osama runs a anti-Christian website.

(To the Muslim who researched my location and schedule. I was not intimated by your strange threat and warning which occurred on my driveway 24/3/2009. 5'oclock. If you disagree with my comments, why not write and say why?)

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[1-2] Scammers who steal.     [3] VIEWS -- On Alcohol [4] On Gambling. [5] Disappearing Standards [6-7] Television, NZ Herald, National Radio. [7] Political mistakes.

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[1] Some Roman Catholics follow the Jesus of Sr Faustina. [2-3] Pat (Head of Divine Mercy Publ. NZ)  [4] Phillip, a Christian who follows conspiracy theories & The Illuminati. (popular)

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Sex pages. [1-2] A transvestite. Ex-Christian? [3] A 'Christian' website promoting "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender 'Interests" [4] A new anti-Christian movement (popular) [5] Homosexual politician [6] Nicholas, NY Times journalist. [7] Finlay, journalist with Sunday Star Times. Why are they so anti-Christian? [8] Sexy Angels [9] UFO's. [10] 'Gay' Marriage NZ. To Chair of Rainbow Labour. [11] Submission: Marriage Redefinition Bill. [12] LGBT, are anti-Christian, anti-children & anti-human. They will change society.

Amazing this website has lots of enemies who hack these 'sex pages'. My ISP (xtra.co.nz) has stopped me sending emails, my webhost (KiwiHost) seems to want to close this site down, I suspect because of these pages.
Read while you can.

Abortion The 'perfect crime' and the deepest, darkest paganism - a superstition that sacrificing babies pleases the gods and make life better. Why our population is ageing. Kills more than roads, cancer and heart disease, 90% are unlawful.

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[1] This MP (afterwards) requested his name was withheld. [2] A poor reply, no substance. [3] Prime Minister's response.

Women, young ladies struggling with a crisis pregnancy? Who to turn to? For support, encouragement and help contact www.fli.org.nz email info@fli.org.nz - info@pregnancycenters.org

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Open Brethren Assemblies supporting feminism? [1] Should women preach in church? [2] Adrian responds. [3] A review of the CBRF Journal which influenced many Assemblies. [4] Reply to Chuck Missler.

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Personal [1] Dad. Died from Cancer. “Of all the dad’s we could have had in the world - God gave us the best". [2] Mum - remarkable lady. [3] Only for skeptics [4-5] Grand father's WW1 experience, (popular) [6] History 1914-16. [7] MP Jim Anderton (Leader of the Progressive Party). Animosity toward Israel.

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