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State of our Nation, New Zealand

Television news, NZ Herald, National Radio.

Political Correctness.

Much of the New Zealand news media are so politically left its impossible for them to be unbiased. See also this. And this.

(1) They specialize in half sentence news items.

(2) They don't provide all the news, at times half a story or a make-up story!

(3) There's questions they won't ask, comments superficially dressed with a loaded agenda and on moral issues, one almost certainly can't believe anything said. There are stories they will NEVER broadcast.

(4) We always hear a one sided reports on moral issues because all 'lefty-media' are morally corrupt. They don't do balance, they do one side, this is a universal principle, and cannot change.

Hence a serious problem in this country, if you want to know the truth about a particular story, you won't get it. The media are corrupt. They publish headlines giving the wrong impression and constantly publish stories missing vital information, at times one sentence, or a secondary report from elsewhere exposes their news item as a sham.

Some people drink too much & want to throw up I listen to National Radio (National Radio blog) & want to throw up.

After selectively reporting, what THEY regard 'news' (in THEIR opinion) its re-interpreted without balance. At times so distorted its dishonest. When presenting news, the commentators & reports are always selected from the SAME far left-field people with silly patsy questions. Our media gravitate to interviewing the political left. Who are always armchair experts in hind-sight and over-simplification. And NEVER have an ANSWER to the worlds problems yet are given plenty of free air time. So all commentators have the same wire loose or they wouldn't be allowed to speak. Anyone with different views won't be interviewed. This astounding fact is evident across the whole media. Its not only what they feel MUST be promoted, but what they think is information that MUST never be uttered. It's what makes the left, 'the loony left'.

It's become impossible for the news media to function properly. Because they can't understand or acknowledge anything contrary to what they think is now popular, acceptable, or 'right'. Also, the list of news items that cannot be reported on has doubled over the last ten years. So today, if you cling to old beliefs you can whisper your thoughts privately, but if you repeat them publicly, you risk being labelled a bigot and treated as such by the government, employers, schools and the news media.

Interesting in 2014 the "most complained" about TV programs in New Zealand were news and current affairs, on the main channels (TV.1. TV.3, Prime, & Maori TV). The most complained were One News, Seven Sharp & Campbell Live. Mainly for lack of "accuracy, balance and fairness" (said TVNZ Spokesman Megan Richards). The media considers itself having the job promoting gambling, gender-confusion, abortion, homosexualism, etc. We are told a small "percentage of complaints" are "upheld" (M. Lennings Head of news - MediaWorks). When a news presenter was contacted about his rudeness he replied, "To be honest, I couldn't care less... I'm now on holiday" (p.17 Sunday Herald NZ Dec. 28. 2014).

Our news media won't embarrass some but can't careless for others. They never embarrassed Labour's transvestite politician calling him (pretending to be a female) a "transvestite" and never once used that word. They also NEVER use the word "homosexual" for politicians, its ALWAYS 'gay'. The word 'gay' is a lie. It should be "homosexual", such people are not necessarily 'happy', why not use correct language? Don't be fooled by quaint slang. Slang words deceive. Some claim happiness, but certainly not all. This is a crime against nature and anti-human. If they live long enough, some carry a life long persecution complex. Abused as kids they can't hide their mental and psychological shame. As adults they will sue anyone - Priest, Pastor, Church as they grieve over past events and their hurt. And yet if Priests, teachers etc they will continue their abuse. So the word 'gay' is a lie. The media selectively apply words like "victim" and trumpet stories about 'discrimination' but in comparison Christians murdered for their belief are ignored.

The NZ Herald is run by the morally bankrupt.
What was once legal in NZ before 1986 nor considered acceptable the Herald BOASTED how they "urged Parliament to" change the law in 1986 to "decriminalise homosexual acts" ('150 Years of Great New Zealanders', Fran Wilde, 13 Nov. 2013 p.F89). Did they realise it would open floodgates of 'homosexual acts' with kids and child porn today - pedophilia. Even the Auckland City Council now promote, fund (use tax payers dollars) and encourage people to get involved (kids too) in lurid crass homosexual parades.

In just 28 years things changed that much. At this rate NOTHING consider immoral or disgraceful today could be embraced tomorrow.

The Herald promote and sell prostitution. In their month of free issues (“celebrating 150 years” of publication) they published articles on –

  • Halloween.
  • Free Islamic Promotion.
  • Supporting Feminism.
  • Free endorsement of Darwinian Evolution and Atheism (Darkin’s book)
  • Promoting Sex Education for year 1.
  • Promoting Gambling, Melbourne Cup.
  • Free promotion of political parties (only some parties).
  • Married Couple Dinner Parties should be Banned (Nov.4)
  • Free Rock and Roll promotion.
  • Pushing Homosexual Marriage.
  • How much you can Drink and Drive and get away with it.
  • Adversary edition: Boasting they told parliament to legalise 'homosexual acts'.
  • Promoting vineyards and Wine.

    The Herald gave another free subscription 2016. Nothing changed, their 'news' was so mad after a few days I GAVE UP keeping track -

    27/Oct. 2016 - pg 1 Lady Gaga promotion. A10 Article supporting euthanasia.
    28/Oct 2016 – free Halloween promotion ‘Live it up- day of dead'.
    29/Oct 2016 – The Editor pg.22 supports euthanasia.
    31/Oct 2016 – A7, B5, A3, A32 free Melbourne cup, Halloween promotion.
    Free gaming promotion pg.1 A7 A14-15. Free transvestite promotion pg1. Halloween p.A5 A25.
    2/Nov 2016 A5 free promotion gambling and fashion, euthanasia.
    Articles Promotion euthanasia (never a bad word). Attacking/mocking Pastor Brian Tamaki (not allow his views, or freedom of speech because he not 'gay' friendly)
    More articles promoting transsexualism, how we must change society, encourage it, get men into the women’s toilets etc
    More articles supporting Euthanasia, more articles mocking Pastor Brian Tamaki because he’s not gay friendly (relentless). Full page one sided bias Sat. Nov 2016.

    Such propaganda and activism would cost a fortune, the Herald does it for free - Please God -

    ... close-down the Herald newspaper. Turn their offices into skeletons. They ignore your laws and standards. They hate your Word; your ways and your people. They don’t believe you exist. For all the good they have done, its time they go. Amen".

    In fact, why is it acceptable to offend Christians? Our national news media, TV & radio, have NEVER allowed ridicule of Islam or Maori, only Christians. They're naturally silent about Christians unless to insult. The impression is that only Christians sexually abuse children because they focus on that. The stats reveal who the real abusers are. In fact, the news media TV1 and TV3 [Tweedle One and Tweedle Three] and newspapers gathered publicly to apologize to Muslim's if offended when covering the Muhammad Cartoon Story (6.00 TV3 News 8/2/06) They would NEVER apologize to Christians for offending them at ANY time, for ANY reason, about ANY thing.

    I hereby give notice, if there is ANY person on TV or radio show, program, movie, news-writer, documentary, news reporter, which openly declared to be homosexual or transvestite, I will NOT watch or read that show, program, story, report, or documentary.

    It puzzles me. Why can't the media use the correct word "Allah" when reporting Islamic terrorism, instead of "God"? The Islamic terrorist insist 'ALLAH is the one true god and Muhammad is his prophet 'and "There is no god but Allah". The terror is in Allah's name, NOT the Jewish or Christian God.

    (1) State FUNDED Owned TV1 Nov.3 2005 7.00 'Close Up'. Exclusive: TV.1 (TV ONE blog.) They hid a camera crew outside a church and set-up a homosexual protestor (with a hidden microphone) to provoke those going to church. He was seeking an argument, calling-out - "hypocrites... narrow minded" etc. Church Ushers came out to move him aside from the church DOOR. The TV.1 camera crew jumped out of their hiding place, ran over with their camera rolling trying to embarrass, and criticize - "the church had no right to remove him". A TV ONE ambush calculated and contrived, the intention to publicly embarrass Christians who differ from TV ONE's sick view of morality. So pleased with TVNZ Labour gave it "$80 million" of tax payers money to help it grow (12/06).

    (2) TV.3 Election Night 17/9/05 9:25-30 (TV3 blog) broadcaster ridiculed "the gospel", "Jesus Christ", "God" & "Christians in politics" in a calculated and blatant 2-3 minute broadcast item (made & produced by TV3) intended to make people like me a joke and scorn. That was their views on their channel. The most blatant mock of Christians I have ever seen on TV. Oh yes they hate people like me. With my views I'm an enemy of the State.

    (3) TV One News 1/1/2010:
    New Year’s celebration report… Last night 100’s arrested… alcohol problems but police are ‘happy’. News item: Helen Clark awarded 'The Order of New Zealand'... TV One gushing with praise showing historical footage of her student activism and protest years. Video showed her helping woman by speaking up for abortion rights, and 20 seconds later suggested NZ is now a much safer place for all... (but not the unborn?) By the way, she was also seen publicly spiting at our troops returning home from Vietnam (this has not shown on TV for years). News item: A problem gambling news item… followed by a lotto add. News item: International… Those poor misunderstood Palestinians bombed again by those nasty Israeli's. News item: Sports… NZ's leading sports mystic makes his predictions for 2010.

    (4) TV3 'Campbell Live' (1st, 2nd, 3rd /4/3/2010 6.30) broadcast exclusive reports on 'Destiny Church' Australia (experiencing division). TV3's primary complaint? Destiny and its leaders are money hungry. Yes true. Some churches are rich and others beg. But 'Campbell Live' is inconsistent. The Waitakere City Council open their buildings and our pockets by funding and promoting homosexual orientation events with rate payers money (6th Mar. in Council buildings & parks). The Western Leader (local newspaper) provides them free publicity (pg.3 25/2/2010). Its a free choice to attend church and donate. But not when YOUR local body Council decide to take YOUR rates to encourage sexual perversion in YOUR community. In fact, our local Councils have spent over $20.000 of our rates to run 'Porn Parades' as if they're community events. Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development will spend $100,000 of Auckland City ratepayers money for a homosexual street parade in Feb.2013. Plus organise a whole series of events over two weeks. This is for 2% of the population.

    (5) National Hypocrisy this is displayed right across the news media in New Zealand. They will report on a news item (front page, main story, headlines, by all). A man in court for sexually offending young boys. Condemnation on him by all, the media go into great detail. But shock and surprise they never mention the fact he is a homosexual (a word they never use anymore). Why never mention their favourite word "gay"? Not a whisper, not a mutter, not a mumble. And after their huge national promotion and continual support of what they call "gay marriage." Only two words describe this - Massive Hypocrisy.

    TV3 briefly took on a new role as guardians of moral purity condemning Pastors who have 'extravagant' holidays. What a joke!! In this short role and revealing their support for Labour's transvestite, they utilized her(?) hatred of Christians to broadcast their "Exclusive" criticism of a church Pastor (TV3 6.00 News & TV3 News 10.00. 9/3/06).

    In reality, it's the broadcaster TV.3 who are the immoral hypocrites and continually dish-up never ending sickly TV programs. Both TV1 & TV3 have gone to court to show sex scenes. If there is any indecent and filthy program, they will find it, buy, advertise, promote, praise and re-run. In fact, some of the most vocal homosexual activists today have become TV.1, TV.2 and TV.3. They run a relentless campaign of programs telling us it's normal and natural. But have no evidence or proof. They refuse to broadcast anything to the contrary. Those who 'come out' touted as newsworthy but those who leave the lifestyle are never heard. Biggest kept secret in New Zealand is that 94-5% of NIV cases are from what they promote.

    National Radio support and promote prostitution with free air time (National Radio 1/2/2011 10:10am. 35 minutes). The NZ Herald also by arguing its time to 'put moral values' aside. How "farcical" of "the Christian Right" to influence the 2003 law (pA7 "Don't turn the clock back on prostitution" 31/1/2011). The NZ Herald supported it saying restricting "any manifestation of the sex industry from anywhere" is "draconian" (Brian Rudman). Rudman is a nutcase, the 'Christian right' didn't influence the law at all an ANY WAY whatever. But strange the Green Party leader (Russel Norman) also supports it emailing me saying he's pleased with the new law, calls it "Christian". The Auckland City Council won't support it. They say it's out of control and Auckland Mayor Len Brown says it "enjoys unrestricted use of public space" with "no constraints". Anyone else selling on the street require permits, but not these people. And if you own a shop in the area, "We quite literally deal with human waste every day".

    No legal status alters the fact it's a form of slavery - a crime against the human body. It promotes crime, exploitation, disease, broken marriages, abortions, child abuse, drugs, gangs and ruins lives. The old slave-trade with a new face. Only morally bankrupt equate the sale of genitals with the sale of labour. No wonder New Zealand "leads the world in cases of Syphilis" (Radio NZ National 2 8/9/04 'News at 12'). Women come out worst in all this and suffer the most. It works against them. With sexual infection their chances of cancer rise 40% and the virus, who knows if its gone or dormant? They re-activate. Girls pay an awful price for this madness. Today there's dozens of diseases to worry about. While children of prostitutes don't have fathers, likely to live isolated, shunned lives, laughed at or stigmatized. ALL THEIR LIFE. Our media and Governments want more children like this. So the government donates significant financial support from taxpayers to the Prostitute's Collective.

    Our media encourage anything dishonouring traditional marriage and families. They support and attend homosexual parades promoting indecent and obscene behaviour. And gave them free promotion calling them "Hero Parades". Sexual-perverts called 'Heroes' honoured by our media who were disgusted that our troops might serve in Iraq for the freedom of others. These days the Herald newspaper normally have a page on "Adult Entertainment", all about promoting prostitution, etc. Something not done a few years back.