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The War

Mr Colin James

Your article (NZ Herald p.A13 Mar.18 2008). Re. “the fifth anniversary of George Bush’s invasion of Iraq.” Did you not know it was a coalition? 48-49 countries supported militarily or verbally the invasion. While 33 provided or assisted with troops afterwards, and 5 involved in the invasion force itself.

You say “
None of the reasons/pretexts for the invasion have been validated” Really? There were many reasons; but our loony left media (like you) kept quiet about them. Have you forgotten?

Saddam Hussein wanted to invade his neighbours and rearm his forces. He used WMD’s (killing almost 200,000 Kurds). He wanted to control the oil in his region, and stay in power infinitely. In fact, to this end, he agreed to disarm from all weapons of mass destruction. Yet for 12 years, he systematically violated that agreement and pursued chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, even while inspectors were in his country.

At one time, the Iraqi military even admitted they had 3.9 tons of VX poison gas in a undisclosed location. France, Germany, Britain, believed it true. The Iraq Survey Group although opposed, did find "hundreds of cases of activities that were prohibited" under UN Security Council resolutions. And said there was "a clandestine network of chemical and biological weapons programs". Did you not know that? Have you also forgotten about Saddam's buzz bombs? He was continually after longer range missiles. And he used them.

No economic sanctions, isolation from the civilized world, or even cruise missile strikes on his military facilities stopped Saddam’s pursuit of weapons that could kill millions.

You say, “
No such weapons were found.” So what did they find? Do you have a short memory or does ‘anti-Americanism’ cloud your mind? In the first hours of the land invasion we saw US troops discover gas-masks used by Iraqi forces.

They also found chemicals 'camouflaged in military bunkers 6 feet under ground' that could be used to produce chemical weapons. Oh, but they 'could be used' for agricultural purposes too, so our loony left news media ignored that.

In Iraq US troops found massive grave yards - over 200. And torture chambers, Sadden had 'death squads' that roamed the country doing his will. He and his sons were weapons of mass destruction and would be still in power today, if you had your way. And what awful war may have come for doing nothing.

So which ‘
reason’ proved false?

You say, “
The war grinds on”. Oh so you agree with Bush terrorism is ‘a war’? Or does that insult the soldiers of a real war like 1914-18?

You say “
Whose ideas have won? Bush’s ideas have not even won at home.” What? Like ideas of freedom and justice? And the right to live in peace without been jailed or shot for writing for a newspaper? Are these ideas you deny others? Yes, you wouldn’t lay down your life for the freedom of others. If you were Bush, Hitler could keep Europe. No wasting “trillions of dollars” by you. No! By the time you were “re-elected” the real cost would be a world holocaust. No “maimed soldiers” or “budget deficit” to worry about then, just a cost “far beyond” any idea.

You say “
the United Nations was sceptical” about WMD. Have you forgotten it was UN Security Council that warned Saddam Hussein to come clean and disarm? Forgotten that the inspectors who numbered 108 were from the UN? Forgotten they were not sent to conduct a scavenger hunt for hidden materials but verify Iraq was clean or disarming. They found munitions capable of delivering chemical agents. On one occasion inspectors turned up 16 of them -- despite Iraq's declaration denying their existence.

Iraqi security personnel were at work hiding documents and materials from the UN inspectors, sanitizing inspection sites and monitoring the inspectors themselves. Iraqi officials accompanied the inspectors in order to intimidate witnesses.

You say, “
democracy” hasn’t flourished in “the Middle East”. You can’t blame freedom loving countries. Yet Iraq is free today Mr James like it or not. But no “wildfire of democracy through the Middle East”? What’s the religion there Mr James? Oh you say “Turkey has become more Islamic… Iraqis still die”. Do you know what Islam means? The word "Islam" means 'submit' or obey. The fundamental "ideas" of Islam are conversion, submission and obedience. Islam doesn’t seek freedom for countries, but submission.

The enemy of freedom is not “Bush”. Don’t blame Bush for the terrorism of Islam. If terrorists become “
nuclear-armed” you did your part to help them Mr James. And after they kill millions, pat yourself on the back as one who criticized and mocked Bush who in his “wild adventure” tried to stop them.

It amazes me why lefties like you are always experts in hind-sight but never have answers to the problems at hand. And “
that ultimately is the real issue”. Only a fool wants dictators ruling the oil with nuclear weapons in their rockets. Or should that be the aim of every “sensible, sane, professional and outward-looking White House tenant”? And to oppose such is “rigid ideology, unprofessional (and at times unconstitutional) conduct”?

You go on about the United States elections by rubbishing Bush, yet you are the “
textbook case”. Careful when you talk to New Zealanders about “the outcome of a war when you start it.” And the “damage to party, country and the world”. Americans paid a high price for their freedom and elections and for OUR freedom and elections as well.

I applaud America's effort (at cost to themselves) to bring peace and freedom to others. And peace and freedom to Iraq, when they laid down their lives for the freedom of others. And applaud their impressive efforts to restore/rebuild Iraq for the Iraqi people. For what thanks? None from people like yourself who enjoy peace and freedom and elections in New Zealand.

I see that kind of unthankfulness the ‘legacy’ of the loony left who wouldn't lift a finger to help anyone in bondage. They don't care about the death of US troops, but display a 'non-judgmental' almost devilish attitude toward terrorism.

Regards, Mark Purchase. mpp@xtra.co.nz

His reply

Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 4:24 AM
Subject: Re: NZ Herald p.A13 Mar.18 2008

Dear Dr Purchse
I value reasoned feedback. You class me as "loony left" so I suppose there is no basis for a discussion. But thank you for writing.
Colin James

So with Colin James we have two facts. (1) Just as Nth Korea never got over 'their war', the media need to get over Iraq. The end result of the Western crack-pot "loony left", is not democracy but brutal dictators. (ie Saddam Hussein). (2) Make no mistake, this murderous killer would still be in power today, if the liberal left of the Western world had their way.