Want Some Answers ???


Hi Trevor

We met briefly at the Greenlane Presbyterian Church (Sunday 28 June). You handed me a flyer “The logic behind the Love” with your email address. Thanks for that. I would have loved to chat but time escaped us.

I’m impressed by your defence of the faith. Having a Th.D and a PhD in Christian apologetics myself. When I get time, I visit various churches with Adrian Bates in support.

I’ve had an interest in the study of cults and researched the Creation-evolution issue. One thing is for certain, Darwinian evolutionists need very long ages for their theory of chance to seem plausible. I’m convinced naturalism and its billions of years are not a scientific fact. Plenty of books by scientific experts present plenty of good scientific evidence refuting it. Just a few -

(1) "Thousand… Not Millions" (Dr D DeYoung –Physics Professor)
(2) "Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth" (Dr L Vardiman Dr. A Snelling Dr E.F. Chaffin)
(3) "The Great Divide - Christianity or Evolution"
(G Berghoff L.Dekoster. A scriptural study showing the of millions of years to be unscriptural)
(4) "It’s a Young World After All – Exciting Evidences for Recent Creation"
(Dr P.D Ackerman)
(5) "15 Reasons to Take Genesis as History"
(Dr D. Batten Dr J. Sarfati.)
(6) "The Origin of the Universe"
(Dr. H.S Slusher)
(7) "Age of the Cosmos"
(Dr. H.S Slusher)
(8) "Star Light and Time"
(Dr R. Humphreys. Else where he mentions there are as much as 200 scientific evidences for a young earth)
(9) "Dismantling the Big Bang"
(A Williams Dr. J Hartnett)
(10) "Refuting Compromise"
(Dr. J Sarfati).
(11) "The Answers Book"
('Creation Ministries' scientists)
(12) "In the Minds of Men"
(Dr. I T Taylor)
(13) "Flood Geology"
(Dr. J Woodmorappe)
(14) "The Young Earth"
(Dr J.D. Morris)
(15) "The Annals of The World"
(J. Ussher)

In fact, today there is far more scientific evidence than ever before that the world was created as Genesis describes. At least a “200 processes” point to a young earth (R Humphreys, PhD - physics).

When we realize evidence for Noah's flood explains what we see better than the suggested billions of years, it's easy to understand why scientific evidence favours a young earth. ie

(1) The continents are eroding too quickly.
(2) Not enough helium in the atmosphere.
(3) Many fossils indicate that they must have formed quickly,
(4) Many processes, which we have been told take millions of years, don't need such time-spans.
(5) Galaxies wind themselves up too fast.
(6) Comets disintegrate too quickly.
(7) Not enough mud on the sea floor.
(8) Not enough sodium in the sea.
(9) The earth's magnetic field is decaying too fast.
(10) Many strata are too tightly bent.
(11) Injected sandstone shortens geologic "ages."
(12) Fossil radioactivity shortens geologic "ages" to a few years.
(13) Helium in the wrong places.
(14) Not enough stone-age skeletons.
(15) Agriculture is too recent.
(16) History is too short.

Why not go with good science?

Geisler was wrong when he wrote, “There is no necessary conflict between Genesis and the belief that the universe is millions or even billions of years old” (N L. Geisler, Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, Baker, Grand Rapids p.272). Why would God take billions of years creating a universe before slowly getting around to creating man? Out go the six-days and the Creation record becomes fiction. The billions of years belief destroys the gospel. If death and bloodshed were normal and existed before Adam’s Fall (and we date the fossils before that) then death and bloodshed become something God used to create. We undermine the Gospel and the very reason Christ came – to reverse the effects of the Curse. Christ’s death and suffering mean nothing in a world where death and bloodshed are normal and God’s will. And why would God restore the world to more death and bloodshed as at the start?

This philosophy then blames God for evil and this ugly world, [not man's sin]. For Jesus Christ created a world of death, sufferings, cruelties, extinctions, and catastrophes. Death then is NOT the wages of sin, and sinful behaviour comes from animal ancestry. And God isn't good, perfect, loving, or all-powerful.

Even more, abandoning Genesis as true history leads to heresy and apostasy. The 'millions of years' myth has caused many to toss the bible, the Saviour and trash Christianity totally - Lloyd Geering, C.Templeton J.S.Spong R.W.Funk, R.Dawkins, D.Attenborough, etc., to name a few. Some become our worst enemies.

The philosophy also trashes the authority of God’s Word to embrace man's authority. It undermines the whole biblical message at the start. The law becomes mythical, for all things were NOT created in 6 days. (Ex.20:11)

The philosophy also over-throws the doctrine of biblical truth. If truth does not start in Genesis where does it start? The bible cannot be trusted. But would God lie to us? No! So why not accept what the bible plainly says? Anyone can see the contradiction between evolution’s millions of years and the biblical record.

In churches we have visited we have found Christians over-joyed to know God’s word can be trusted. To discover about Dinos, carbon / radio dating, Noah’s Food etc. They are excited & built-up in the faith. They are delighted to discover how the bible better explains the origins of mankind than the assumptions of naturalism.

So it was great to visit Greenlane Presbyterian. Kind regards, Mark Purchase,