Want Some Answers ???


Thanks for your email "Escape From Satan's Web".

I suppose you don't mind if I comment. I believe Jesus can (and does) deliver people from the occult and its good to read of someone helping others to escape Satan's bondage, regardless of church affiliation. But your email had its sad points.

>>...She had given her life to Christ, had been baptized in the Holy Spirit<<

The bible never commands Christians to seek such a 'baptism'. All Christians have the baptism when placed into the body of Christ when becoming Christians. This takes place at conversion - the 'new birth'. The bible nowhere distinguishes between Christians who have or haven't a Spirit 'baptism'.

>>"It drove me bananas to wake up and hear them praying in tongues," Harshbarger says. Furious, he decided to sever all ties with God, throw away his Bible and delve deeper into the paranormal.<<

Yet those in the occult and non-Christian religions speak 'in tongues'. But among Christians it causes division. Why? Because a bible study indicates that the real 'gift of tongues' was for given by God for a particular purpose and people - unbelieving Israel (Isa.28.11-12 1 Cor.14.21-22) and ceased (1 Cor.13.8). All tongue speaking today is gibberish and merely a human or Satanic deception.

>>The Richardsons prayed with Harshbarger, took him to a meeting where he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit<<

I hope they don't think that by going 'to a meeting' (for a 'tongues' experience) is the way to become a Christian. One can fall-over in church and speak gibberish and yet not be born again. The new birth makes one a child of God (Jn1.12-13 3.3, 5-8 1 Pe.1.23). Concerning if you have such a misguided view because most Pentecostal churches have their own version of a 'baptism' experience.

>>"I'm looking for someone from a good solid church in St. Cloud, Minnesota…<<

Any Christian fellowship is better than none, but some churches have little regard for Scripture. They emphasize experiences and 'prophets' next to God's Word. A good solid church is one where the scriptures are the foundation, not experiences.

Thanks for the email.

Mark Purchase