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Hi Sandy

Thanks for your e-Newsletter. I read your article and as always agreed with much. I couldn't help notice one part I would like to comment on. I realize you're busy so I'm not expecting a reply. I'll condense your letter to make my point -

>>Subject: Volume 8, Issue 1 - "DECEPTION IN THE CHURCH" e-Newsletter......
In running a web site called Deception In The Church with over 900+ articles, thousands of hits per month from all over the world, and hundreds of e-mails per week, I have come to realize with time that there is a terrible problem in Christendom today......
Signs and wonders are a dime a dozen today and have just as many evidences in the occult as they do in true Christianity. If you are going claim you have seen or experienced a miracle from God, then any miracle must be held up to the biblical criteria to prove it is a biblical Divine healing as opposed to many other forms of healing......
Test all prophesies to see if they are biblical and if the predictions of a prophet all come true. We are also commanded of the Lord to test every spirit because many false prophets have gone out.
We are to test prophesy to see if it comes true and also to see if it is biblical. A true prophet is 100% accurate because he is telling the truth and what he says is what the Lord says. We must reject false prophets and remove them from the Church. False prophets are often those who claim they had a dream or a vision of the Lord or from the Lord. False prophets are actually using divination and the delusion of their own minds instead of communicating with God.

With all due respect, there is no way to test prophesy, tongues, healing etc once you have accepted these same gifts are given today. Why? The moment one accepts the gift of prophecy is operative today in the Church, is the moment ‘deception in the Church’ can occur far more easily. In fact, it opens the door to deception and confusion.

Prophecy is a claim of revelation from God. Virtually every cult and false teaching ever spawned was begun on the premise that its leader(s) were prophets and with true divine revelation. Don't abandon the principle of Sola Scriptura. The Charismatic acceptance of modern ‘prophecy’ represents a turn down a perilous road.

The Charismatic problem is that everyone is free to do and say and teach whatever this weeks personal prophecy supposedly reveals. Scholarly and careful study is swept aside in favour of private messages from God.

The uniqueness of God’s Word is at sake. The Bibles own claim for itself is being challenged. I would urge you not to seek energy for the spiritual walk in the empty ‘prophecies’ of someone’s imagination, but from God’s Word alone.

Deception begins when we accept the authority from modern day 'prophets' who fool people into thinking they speak from God. The Bible is the primary witness to the events associated with the supreme revelation of God - in Christ. And the apostolic witness is the final word of objective revelation. When redemption reached it's climax, special revelation reached it's climax. With the end of the events of redemption came the end of special revelation. The NT as written by the apostles is the delegated authority of the Lord Jesus, no one has that authority today [Eph.2:20].

The Bible indicates the sign gifts of the early church ceased. The gift of tongues, healing, miracles and prophecy "vanished away" when the purpose for which they were given ended [1 Cor.13:8f]. You may not like that fact, but it will be the one contradiction in your book on how to "discern and test by biblical standards".

Kind regards
Mark Purchase

P.S. Read- "The Toronto Blessing and Slaying in the Spirit the telling wonder". Author & Publisher Nader Mikhaiel. (USA. David N Bubar PO Box 130 Delmar NY 12054 ph. 518 439 3544 fax 518 439 0105 or ph. 1 800 578 6060) And "Charismatic Chaos". John F MacArthur Jr. (Zondervan Publ. 1992) You will find these interesting.

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