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Question: Are UFO's (or aliens) Satan's Angels?

There is no end to the numbers of Christians these days who contribute to the devil things they have little understanding about. If we only had a dollar for every weird story labeled 'of devil'. Stories that rival Hollywood and about almost anything, from fire-walkers, witch-doctors who its said, control weather, to anything spooky on a windy night. One of the latest fads today is that demonic angels are the explanation for UFOs.

A well known exponent of this is creationist and 'alien researcher' (Gary Bates of Creation Ministries). He believes the 'sons of God' of Gen.6:2 were 'angels' who married humans and their offspring were giants. And so we are told, "just as it was in the days of Noah" the UFO stories are "a manifestation of what Jesus foretold" (Lk.17:26). But the fact is, Jesus was referring to the people of Noah's day who were oblivious 'until Noah entered the ark' and were not ready. Jesus was not referring to 'sons of God' (ie Satan's angels) coming to earth (see Mt.24:36-43). In his book "Alien Intrusion" we read how they abduct humans for sex. Creation Ministries website claims these angels not only appear as men, but also women. Some Christians not only believe this, but that half human/angel's will visit earth terrorizing during the 'Great Tribulation' period. Alien-researchers on their websites have (quote) 'reliable' pictures drawn by abductees of these so called 'sons of God'. They are all little green men with slanted eyes!!!

I'm surprised 'creationists', who deny hominid creatures existed, insist half human/angel creatures exist. The evolutionist S.J. Gould would be amused, its simply his punctuated equilibrium theory. The offspring of these so called angel-human unions in Gen.6 must be transmutations. If NOT an advanced new species, WHAT are they? Think of all the miracles required for such creatures to be possible. The increase of information added to the DNA at conception. Theistic evolution!! for God must be involved.

A better explanation of Gen.6:2 exists here - http://answers.net.nz/RCC/sons.God.htm

Mr Bates claims the so-called 'alien abductions' are "extremely similar to demonic possession". His book quotes numerous experiences of those claiming their weird and bizarre stories as 'real'. People "defy the very laws of physics". The Answers Book by Creation Ministries claims "credible witnesses sometimes recount tales of seeing strange objects the even resemble metallic crafts" that "perform supernatural feats that defy the laws of physics" (p.147 2009 edition.). Demons flying UFO's can break the laws of physics, but not the Big Bang? The book then quotes 2 Thes.2:9 but out of context which will not allow an demonic-UFO interpretation. It clearly refers to the coming "lawless one" (vs.8) who will "display" power to "deceive" (vs.9-10). Why do creationists who don't allow evolutionists to interpret the bible for them, allow 'alien researchers' to reinterpret the bible for us? (eg the non-Christian paranormal researcher John Keel quoted that "demons manifest themselves... just as the UFO's" (p36 Creation vol.35 n.3 2013 Aug. CMI).

On board the 'metallic crafts' its claimed people have "probes inserted into them" ... “eggs and sperm are routinely removed from victims” ... “captives are forced to have sex with each other” and “with their alien captors”. Apparently aliens (or more correctly 'angels' we are told) “usually undress” their human prisoners and there’s “sexual intercourse”. Human abductees suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, bruises etc., Bates quotes medical reports as proof.

Creation Ministries website (creation.com) reject the 'space aliens' explanation but says these “real experiences are very similar to real spiritual ones"..."people are having real experiences at the hands of deceptive fallen angels and demons
." Angels "manifest physically in our realm" and so also spirit-mediums have real powers originating from "fallen angels" who "masquerade as dead people speaking" false messages. And who "regularly" tell lies about "salvation" (Creation Magazine 34 (2) 2012 p.12-14).

What to make of all this?


God does not expect me to believe the weird experiences and strange stories of men but He does expect me to believe His Word. We should NOT base doctrine on stories but the bible, nor should we formulate doctrine on claimed experiences. Because they are not the test of genuineness and can deceive. And surely a Christian must stand with scripture, NOT man’s interpretation of strange events. Scripture is our safe guide because it's not subject to trickery (Ps.119:130 119:105 2 Tim.2:15 2 Pe.1:20). For Christians the bible should have the ultimate authority for practice and belief not human experiences. We don't base belief on the claims of men. And we don't need to try and prove biblical truth by miracle mongering. The miracles in the bible prove it true. Whether miracle-claims or bizarre UFO's there is a two fold danger in claiming that they are "real" -

(1) A Misapprehension of the Claim or Experience itself, its Content and Divine Origin.

(2) A Faulty Conclusion to the Doctrinal Meaning of the Experience or Story.

Just because we don’t have a ready explanation why must we credit so-called 'angels' for unexplained events? Why must we be obligated to find a biblical explanation for every unusual thing or lie we are told? God does not expect us to account for every weird claim. Plus the fact more than often what was claimed to be a UFO turns out to be a fraud. Or a far better explanation is given. And trickery, fraud and deception always seem to play a major part. And like the spook in the night, whose interpretation of the account do we follow? Four people can have four different interpretations. And something can feel or sound right or true, but be wrong or a lie.

The Bible:

The biblical Christian finds his guide to belief and practice in the Epistles to the churches. They provided detailed and careful instructions on every possible danger to the faith and the realm of spiritual warfare. The apostles don't keep back anything of profit, warning or help. (Acts 20:20, 2 Pe.1:3)

The life and teachings of Christ and the OT are expounded. The aimis to establish every believer sound in the faith. So we may know all the ways of the enemy Satan and his objectives. In the Gospels (Mathew-John) we have the teaching of Christ, in the Epistles (Romans-Revelation) we have the explanation. Biblical Christians follow the Apostles doctrine for practice and belief (Acts 2:42). If we don't follow this principle, we don't rightly divide the Word of Truth (2 Tim.2:14). In the Epistles we are warned all about Satan's works and his temptations and "we are not ignorant of his devices" (2 Cor.2:11). But surprise, we discover there is nothing in the Epistles on how to perform an exorcism. Demon possession is not mentioned. The ‘discerner of spirits’ (or doctrines) (1 Cor.12:10) is not an exorcist but one who discerns truth (1 Jn.4:1-6). There is no praised or famous exorcist or angel buster, in any NT church or any elder, deacon or preacher who made this his practice.

Demonic Materialization:

One 'Christian' alien-researcher says the “UFO’s are the ‘powers and principalities’ stated in the New Testament”. But what does abducting humans and sexual exploration by angels have to do with this verse? It says,

"Then God would use the church to show the powers and authorities in the spiritual world that He has many different kinds of wisdom". (Eph.3:10 CEV)

Another misquoted verse is Eph.6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood...." However the "we" here are Christians, and has nothing to do with so-called angel-abductions. Another misquoted verse is 2 Thes.2:9-11 (p143 The Answers Book CMI). 'The Answers Book' links UFO's to angels (p.144 in the 2006 edt). But in context (see vs.8) this verse refers to the "signs and false wonders" of the coming anti-Christ, not so-called abductions. Its equally crazy to apply Mt.24:24 to UFO's. Or that the 'wonders and miracles' shown by "false Christ's" or the anti-Christ to 'deceive the elect' are UFOs.

The Christian is daily involved in a spiritual warfare, and it is not in the interest of forces of darkness to reveal or manifest their plans or actions (Mt.24:5,11,24. Eph.4:14 5:6. 2 Jn.1:7 Rev.12:9). In fact, Satan doesn't want anybody to believe he exists. He works in camouflage not by show and performance. Spiritual forces move in the unseen realm and deceive spiritually, not by physical manifestations. He turns people against people, he uses lying, lust, deceit, bitterness, envy, hatred, murder etc - these are the tools of his arsenal. He works under-cover hiding his plans. "We are apt to forget that the enemy is unseen and that he is supernatural" (Oswald Chambers). Hence 'spiritual warfare' (biblically defined) is not physical (1 Cor.2:10-14 Eph.6:12-17).

In the bible, yes some angels did take on human form, but those that sinned cannot, they have lost freedom and privileges. Although in rebellion against God they are still under control and can do nothing without permission (Jb.1:6-12 2:1-6. 1 Cor.5:4,5. 2 Cor.12:7-10). Their bodies are not physical, nor can they take on physical bodies, but they are spirit and don't perform sexual acts on people nor entice with sexual acts. Sexual desires (good or bad) come from human nature - not angels (Mt.5:28 Mk.7:20-21 Gal.5:19 1 Cor.6:18).

The Kingdom and Church:

It is important to distinguish between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Church. There is no case of demon possession found in the church epistles Romans to Jude. Why? It was not until Jesus offered the kingdom to Israel that demon activity is mentioned (Mt.4:17, 23, 9:35 10:5-15).

Satan strongly opposed this Kingdom. If Israel accepted Christ as king, Satan would be judged and his company cast into the lake of fire. The Kingdom now has been postponed (Acts 1:6-7 Rom.11) but up until Mt.17:18 Mk.9:25-26 Lk.11:24-26 Jesus had not yet gone to the cross to “triumph over principalities and powers and … through death that He might destroy (neutralize the power of) him that had the power of death, that is the Devil” (Col.2:15 also 1 Pe.3:22). A change took place from which we benefit (His 'triumph'). So while Satan controls the minds of the degenerate, he now opposes the church. We put on God's amour. Satan changed his strategy from the time of Jesus in the gospels to the church. We now talk of Satanic influence deception or temptation (Acts 5:1-4. 26:18 2 Cor.2:10-11 4:4 1 Cor.7:5 Eph.4:26-27. This has nothing to do with possession, mediums, UFO's or the many weird, deceitful stories today.

Physical or Spiritual Warfare?

If its angels that do what (some) alien researchers claim, this changes the nature of spiritual warfare to physical encounters (1 Cor.2:10-14 Eph.6:12-17). Yet Satan masquerades as an 'angel of light' deceitfully and does not physically transform into a visible being. He goes about like a roaring lion but does not devour physically.(2 Cor.11:14. 1 Pe.5:8). Forces of darkness use the minds of men against the church. The evil one separates men from God, men from men, causing discord, bitterness and fighting. He's at war with mankind with an intense prolonged hatred. He worked in Cain to kill his brother, in murdering the babies of Bethlehem. He attacks Christians to destroy their witnesses and relationship with their Lord and each other. No where do I find in the New Testament anything like the claims of modern day alien researchers.

Why Just UFO's?

If we believe UFO’s are Satan's physical manifestations, we must consider other numerous claims. Abductees claim new powers they insist are 'real'. Powers of magic enchantments, astrology, sorcery, horoscopes, fortune-telling, extrasensory perception, good-luck charms, telepathy, telekinesis, hypnosis, levitation, etc. If you believe these things you will believe anything. You find yourself swimming in a realm of delusion and deception. All turns to confusion and uncertainty, you become incredibly superstitious. These all have their 'sincere researchers' and bogus claims. So if you believe half the stories why not believe the rest?


If aliens are angels, surely the 'casting out of spirits' MUST be a church practice. And the 'gifts' of healings, tongues and miracles are for today (Mk.16:17-18). We must decide who is or isn’t possessed and accept any bizarre story as very likely true. Christian warfare moves into the physical realm and Christianity becomes superstitious in character, nature and doctrine. Some claim to be possessed after abductions. Perhaps a 'groaning demon', or 'fainting', or 'jerking', or 'coughing', or 'eerie laughter' demon. You name it. An angel that makes them ‘bite their finger-nails’ or ‘gluttony demon' or a ‘lazy demon'. Or perhaps a ‘sex demon' or ‘chronic asthma demon’. These and dozens more all fit into the realm of UFO belief and are claimed to be 'real' - ‘Deliver Us from Evil’. Rev D. Bashan (Compton Printing Lon. 1972).

An exposition on 1 Cor.13:8-14 refutes this doctrinal error regarding miracle 'gifts' –

Who are the 'Sons of God' Gen.6.